POPSUGAR Must Have Box: July 2016.

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With the month of July wrapping up and a crazy weekend ahead of me (the ‘Walker Stalker’ convention and one of my favorite bands- The Last Shadow Puppets- are both rolling through town this coming Saturday and Sunday!) I wanted to take some time to share what I received in my one and only true love of a subscription service- my POPSUGAR ‘Must Have’ Box- before I shared the rest of my monthly favorites in my usual ‘Hits List!’ post a little later on this week prior to diving head first into my plans and preparing for the month of August!


I had already received notice of the words/inspirations for July’s theme well in advance, but had made it a point to try and remain as spoiler-free as possible until the actual box arrived at my door so I could be surprised as I opened it. I was pretty excited to see what POPSUGAR had curated based on their choice of inspirations for this month, though: SUNNY, RETRO, FUN, VINTAGE, PLAYFUL, CHEEKY (ooh!) and WARM.

As usual, they did not disappoint.



Now that I’m starting to feel like my old self again, I’ve been finally getting around to RSVPing to those backyard BBQs, pool parties and bonfires that I’ve been putting off while I worked through some stuff and started the healing process. I’ve even contemplated throwing a party of my own before the Summer ends- and I thought this set of cloth emoji napkins from House of Pom would come in handy when I’m playing bartender and whipping up drinks for everyone.


The heat and the humidity has been brutal these past couple of weeks- moreso on my hair than anything else- and I’ve resorted to just pulling it back or tying it up in the morning after my shower to save myself a ton of unnecessary aggravation throughout the day. I’ve been loving this silky black and white scarf from Michael Stars since it arrived in July’s ‘Must Have’ box. It keeps my curls off of my face while still looking chic and in-season- and I know that once Fall rolls in and the cooler weather comes with it, it’ll make a comfortable wrap for my neck, too!



The very first item from July’s ‘Must Have’ Box to get some serious use was this ADORABLE inflatable swan drink holder from SUNNYLIFE. I brought this guy to the beach with some friends and I over this past weekend to assist with keeping our water, iced teas (and hard ciders- ahem…) secure and close by whether we were on the sand or splashing in the waves.

I browsed SUNNYLIFE’s website and I have fallen head over heels in love with their gigantic rafts- particularly the ice cream cone and watermelon slice floats. They are way too cute- and I feel I could definitely use one for when I’m lounging in the pool during the final weeks of Summer.


I love subtle details- and I try to incorporate them with my ensembles. Pops of color? Unexpected patterns? A little bling? I’m all about it- and I’m all about this pineapple pin from PINTRILL, too. I’ve been fastening this thing to my shirts and headbands in recent days and even though it’s small- a lot of people have noticed it!

PINTRILL has such a huge assortment of other pins available for purchase, too- so I’m sure I’ll be picking up a few more for future use.


Hi. My eyebrows are currently staging a mutiny against my face (I’m due to get them taken care of tonight after work, but still)– and this multi-purpose illuminator from European Wax Center couldn’t have arrived at a more convenient time. I’ve been using this lightweight crayon to detract attention away from my wayward brows and give myself a more glowing, shimmery complexion along my cheekbones, my lips, and the inner corners of my eyes. This thing works wonders- and I’m going to keep it around for the next time I wait a little too long for a waxing/tweezers to stage an intervention for me.


Also on the agenda tonight when I’m getting my brows re-shaped? Touching up my hair. The sun and stress has taken a toll on my strands (say that five times fast) lately- and my roots are in desperate need of some TLC. Fortunately, this non-sticky and non-greasy color protecting ‘Hair in the Sun’ styling cream from SACHAJUAN has played a crucial role in keeping my curls from turning straight-up pink (or as orange as it’s tube) since I received it in this month’s ‘Must Have’ box.

I’ve been using this cream hand-in-hand with a leave-in conditioner- and it’s kept my frizz manageable and the remaining red in my hair as strong and as vibrant as ever between salon visits.


I will never, ever say no to any food that POPSUGAR sends me. It’s always so good. I don’t know what “retro” potato chips are supposed to taste like- but I look forward to finding out during my lunch break today since I’m packing these kettle crisps from Joe Tea in my bag to take with me when I go to tackle the day!


Apart from an advertisement for the European Wax Center’s beauty line- July’s ‘Must Have’ Box also included a $20 gift card from TROVE– a customizable jewelry shop. Their stuff looks a little pricey at first glance (but very pretty!)– so having the $20 credit is a nice thing. I’m in the market for a new ring to add to my collection- and some of the ones I’m seeing on their website are pretty tempting!

POPSUGAR can consider this month’s ‘Must Have’ box another success. I really enjoyed everything I received- and I thought each item fit very well into July’s theme/inspirations.

Since August is the sort of “unofficial” end to the Summer- I’m really excited to see what they have in store next month to send off the season!


POPSUGAR Must Have Box: June 2016.

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I have to say, it’s pretty nice limiting myself to one subscription box review per month. There’s more space in my bedroom, I have more time to write different types of posts about other subjects outside what I’ve received in my mailbox- and I’ve been saving a bit of money, too. The only box I will be receiving this June is my POPSUGAR ‘Must Have’ Box– which has been, by far, my favorite service. Although it’s a little pricier than some of the other subscription boxes/bags I’ve tried over the years- the value of the items inside always surpasses what I actually spend- and that’s not including the coupons/codes/discounts that are typically tucked away inside each box, too.


One of the things I love most about POPSUGAR’s ‘Must Have’ Box is that each item selected and included always goes hand-in-hand with their monthly theme/inspirations perfectly. This month’s collection, geared more towards Summertime- was inspired by SUNSHINE, CHEERS, JOY, TOGETHERNESS, OUTDOORS and FESTIVITIES. Although the size of the box was much smaller than other recent ones I’ve received- it was packed to the brim with stuff.

Let’s take a look at what I got!


I’m actually doing the unthinkable this coming weekend and heading out to buy my first two-piece bikini in what feels like ages. With my workout regimen going as well as it has been, and the results being noticeable to more than just myself- I figured it was time to take the plunge and find something I feel comfortable parading around the beach in.

Of course, I’m always looking for a decent cover-up, too- so I was pretty excited to receive this cotton sarong from Hat Attack to tie around myself when I’m not in the ocean or am just browsing the boardwalk during my next visit to Old Orchard Beach. I love how soft the material is, and the pattern is really beautiful, too!


Guys, I am seriously in love with Sisters of Los Angeles. Their glassware is adorable, their apparel is simple and cute- and even things like this gold plated bottle opener with “CHEERS” printed on it is just so chic. I typically give things like this away to friends who I know would get more use out of it than me- but I just like this so much and I can’t bring myself to part with it. It’s found a home in my kitchen and I don’t intend on moving it any time soon.


My family and I are pretty big on games- especially at gatherings/functions and particularly with trivia. Any game where we can assess our superiority over one another and then mercilessly mock each other are typically hits. I was really excited to receive this “Who Am I?” quiz game (one of my favorites to play!) designed by Ridley’s in this month’s ‘Must Have’ box. I think my family’s next big get together is going to be around the Fourth of July- so I plan on bringing this along with me so we can all continue our mean competitive streak.


Speaking of the Fourth of July- how pretty is this sparkly red, white and blue nail polish from ncLA? Although these types of polishes- loaded with glitter but fairly translucent- don’t show up really well by themselves, they usually look stunning over other nail polish colors when they’re used as a top coat. I have a beautiful navy blue base color I plan on pairing this with in a couple of weeks when it comes time for me to freshen up my mani/pedi combo and I’m really excited to see how it looks!


Kudos to POPSUGAR for including a couple of smaller, purse-friendly items in this month’s ‘Must Have’ box. This bright, durable compact mirror (one side is regular, and the other is magnified) from Knock Knock has already found a home in my bag for when I need to touch up on-the-go- which is already infinitely easier than my go-to method of creepily staring at my reflection in storefront windows to make sure my lipstick still looks on point.


The second on-the-go, purse-friendly item in this month’s assortment of products are these deodorant wipes from Pacifica– a brand I’m familiar with and trust. Packaged similar to makeup removal wipes, these cloths are cool, refreshing, and actually work at keeping my underarms soft and dry which is a Godsend in the unpredictable, but often humid New England Summertime weather. Like the compact from Knock Knock- these wipes have been stored away in my bag for convenience.


POPSUGAR always sends the best food/snacks. Whoever is in charge of that deserves a raise- because I’ve rarely been disappointed with anything edible I’ve received from the company. Although I haven’t tried this sriracha-flavored pretzel chips from PRESSELS yet- all of the reviews I’ve seen have described them as satisfying and tasty- so I’m looking forward to bringing them with me to work later on this week to try out in-between taking calls and checking e-mails.

Although there were no coupons/discount codes in June’s ‘Must Have’ Box- overall I was pretty impressed with everything I received. The value of the products was great, and everything is going to get used to some capacity- so nothing will go to waste.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for July!


Loot Crate: May 2016.

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I have been a subscriber to Loot Crate for close to two years, I believe. A friend had introduced me to the service and I thought it would be a fun way to spice up the two beauty boxes I was receiving every month at the time. While I have, for the most part, been pleased with the company and many of the items I’ve had delivered to me- I think my love affair with Loot Crate has finally started to wane. The most recent boxes I’ve received haven’t been awful by any means- but I just don’t find myself getting excited for their arrival the way I do with my POPSUGAR ‘Must Have’ Box, for example.

Not only that, but Loot Crate’s marketing and promotion has gone a bit off the rails. Since subscribing, I am bombarded on a daily basis with e-mails from the service advertising their upgrade option and the other themed boxes they have available (Loot Anime, Loot Gaming, etc.)– and even the monthly mini-magazine is filled with considerably less content and more advertisements lately- which has become a bit redundant and boring to me.

May’s box, with the theme “POWER” has the distinction of not only being one of my least-favorite boxes I’ve received to date- but also my last one with the service, as I unsubscribed shortly after it’s arrival at my door.

Let’s take a look inside:


Up first were the usual items, the monthly collector’s pin and mini-magazine. Inside this month’s “POWER” edition were the usual item breakdowns and fan-submitted photos, a history of the different variations/versions of The Incredible Hulk, an interview with ‘Warcraft’ star Robert Kazinsky, a chocolate muffin mix inspired by Thanos, and a Q&A with Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund among advertisements and a couple of games/puzzles.

I was admittedly not that enthusiastic about this month’s theme, so the mini-magazine didn’t quite hold my attention like past issues that were more centered around the themes of villains or horror stuff.


I’ve received Q Figurines from QMx in the past- and they’ve always been really detailed and well-made. I know it’s hard to tell by the photo (100% my bad) but this Hulk figurine lives up to their high standards. It’s pretty cute- and although I’m a big Marvel fan- I think I’m going to be gifting this one to a friend of mine who is more into Bruce/The Hulk than I am (I’m more into Captain America, personally) since I know they’d appreciate it and find a nice home for it!


The second Marvel item in this month’s crate (and the funniest) was this Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt by ICUP. Designed to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees, I thought this item was pretty clever and unique- and definitely not something I would have respected.

Although I do my fair share of cooking and baking, I would hate to risk ruining this glove by accident- so I think I’ll keep it in my kitchen as a backup. Just in case.


I don’t know a thing about Dragon Ball Z. Not a thing. For the longest time, I thought it was a spin-off of the Pokemon games (I’m still not entirely sure it’s not) but this dragon key chain thing from Surreal Entertainment– once the hard plastic chain part was removed- has since made a beloved toy for my dog to play fetch with. I think that means my dog is now officially a bigger Dragon Ball Z fan than I will ever be?


Finally, the last item in May’s Loot Crate was their monthly t-shirt. Although I haven’t played ‘Warcraft’ in a very long time (those were dark days, my friends. Dark days.) I actually really like the length and the softness of this cotton tee- and the design on the front of it is subtle enough where I wouldn’t be mortified wearing it out in public (Loot Crate has had some hideous t-shirts in the past, for clarification.)

Overall, I wasn’t really overjoyed with May’s Loot Crate. While the shirt was nice and the oven mitt was a funny touch- nothing in the collection of items I received really jumped out at me or made me want to rave about the box at length.

I would say I’ve had a good run with Loot Crate- and I may re-subscribe in the future someday- but for now, I think we need a break from each other. Just until they re-find their groove and get back to focusing on quality- not quantity.


POPSUGAR Must Have Box: May 2016.

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It’s funny, as I glance over my budgeting and look for ways to save money and cut costs- one of the things I absolutely refuse to give up is my monthly POPSUGAR ‘Must-Have’ Box. It’s legitimately like Christmas comes right to my door every few weeks. Jewelry, books, clothing, food, creative crafts and home decor- I never know what I’m going to get but I’m always left pleased and with plenty to share with family and friends!

So although May is looking like it will be my last hurrah with Loot Crate and GlossyBox- with both of them en route to me as we speak- I thought I’d take the opportunity to review my POPSUGAR box first, not only because it was the first to arrive in the mail- but because I wanted to focus on detailing the pros/cons of the services I plan on canceling for my final reviews of them.

So let’s take a look at what I received!


First things first- can we just take a moment to examine the packaging of this month’s ‘Must Have’ box? Typically POPSUGAR does a really nice job of packing everything up nice and neatly. Everything is in place and sealed up- but the photo above is how the box arrived and was taken a few minutes after I’d first opened it. I’m hoping it was an oversight on the company’s part that won’t happen again- because everything inside the box was pretty much thrown in- including breakable stuff. I wasn’t cool with that. Not one bit.

But I digress- the themes/inspiration for May’s collection were pretty simple: HYDRATION, YOGA, and DEEP BREATHS. Sounds very relaxing, doesn’t it?


The biggest-sized item in MAY’s ‘Must Have’ box was this lightweight blue yoga mat from GAIAM. I’ve been spending my evenings after work outdoors stretching/walking/exercising before the sun sets- so this mat is definitely going to find a home in my car so I can immediately get my downward dog on post-crunch time at the office.


After I work out and head home, my next stop is always the shower so I can rinse off the sweat and ease my tense muscles. I was really excited to see this body buffer (filled with body wash) from Spongellé in this month’s box. The ingredients in the wash are organic and sulfate-free- so I don’t have to worry about my skin drying out or having any kind of bad reaction- even with how exfoliating the buff is!


Having achieved pretty good results with my last usage of BabyFoot Foot Peel- I’m looking forward to a follow-up treatment using these gel-lined booties from KocoStar. Although I’m not 100% sure the exfoliation with this treatment is going to be as extreme as it was with BabyFoot- I’m hoping my heels get softened just a little bit more!


The first product I tried in May’s ‘Must Have’ box was this caffeine-infused flavored water from Hint. Equivalent to a small cup of coffee, I’m sad to report this water was just not that good. It tasted pretty gross, actually- and I only made it a little ways into the bottle before I gave up on my hope that it would eventually taste better. I think I’ll stick to my coffee.


Thankfully, this next food-item was way better than the flavored water. This crispy, sweet & salty snack bar from JimmyBar! was surprisingly good for something that is sweetened using dates instead of sugar! I love that these bars can be ordered in bulk from the company’s website, too- because there’s a few other flavors I’m looking to try/stock up on!


I’m just about out of my current mascara, and was on the fence about what brand to pick up next- so I’m very thankful I received this new volumizing/lenghtening mascara from Revlon. Although I haven’t given this formula and it’s unique square-shaped brush a try just yet (I’m waiting for the weekend just in case it causes any type of irritation to my eyes)– I’m looking forward to seeing if there’s a big difference in my lashes after I use it!


Summer is the season of facial spritz (at least for me, anyway)– and I am in love with this minty concoction from Happy Spritz. It’s such a lightweight, refreshing fragrance that cools my skin and relaxes me while simultaneously perking me up. I’ve been keeping this in my purse for my post-workout cool-down and I’m already eyeing some of the other spritzes that are available through the company!



How adorable are these two stretchy, beaded capri bracelets from Bluma Project? I love the colors of the beads- which immediately gave me a Summertime vibe- and the tassels are a trendy touch, too. POPSUGAR’s info card indicates that these are crafted by Guatemalan artisans- which is fascinating- and a quick glance at Bluma Project’s website showed they have a beautiful selection of necklaces, earrings, and bags, too!


Finally, POPSUGAR included an introductory card to Revlon’s new mascara line in this month’s collection of items- but they also included a $10 gift card to Half Hitch Goods. Prior to receiving the coupon, I wasn’t aware of the online shop’s existence- but they have SO much cute stuff! Some of it is a little pricey, but there’s a ton of great and unique gift ideas on there and I’m eyeing something for the guy I’m seeing as a congratulatory gift for all the hard work he’s been doing.

Overall, once again, I loved this month’s ‘Must Have’ Box! POPSUGAR does a phenomenal job selecting items that properly reflect the theme/inspirations and each item- sans the gross flavored water- is going to be getting plenty of use!

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Summer boxes. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for June!


POPSUGAR Must Have Box: April 2016

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Two posts in one day? #blessed indeed!

Actually, I just wanted to wrap up my monthly subscription box posts before May rolled in- and thought I’d go ahead and share what I received in April’s POPSUGAR ‘Must Have’ box- the last to arrive this month due to a delay in shipping that the company was kind enough to send a notice to subscribers about earlier this month.

I wasn’t upset by any means, especially when the ‘Must Have’ box finally arrived and I saw how HUGE it was compared to past ones I’ve received. My poor mail-lady had quite the time bringing this to my door until I ran out to meet her and take it off of her hands for her.

I knew it was going to be a good one- I just didn’t know how good.


Just in time for Spring, April’s ‘Must Have’ box was inspired by a series of words, specifically: FLORAL-GREEN-NATURAL-SUSTAINABLE-FRESH- and RENEWAL.  I love seeing how POPSUGAR ties their items into their themes every month- because they always think outside the box and surpass expectations in the best way possible. I’ve been really looking forward to receiving some Springtime stuff for a while now- and I knew I’d find it in April’s assortment.


I always get so excited whenever I receive a food item from POPSUGAR because they usually taste incredible- without fail. I was thrilled to find these dark chocolate-covered espresso beans from Next By Nature in April’s box because I LOVE these things! Not only are these made without a bunch of chemicals or preservatives- but they’re such a nicer alternative to an afternoon cup of coffee when I’m in need of a little perk-up to get me through the rest of my workday!


My mom is an avid collector of salt and pepper shakers. I wish I could tell you why or when this obsession began- but her collection is pretty impressive so far. She has SO many, whereas I just have the same old ceramic ones that began gracing my kitchen about ten years ago.

I digress- I’m going to be passing along these glazed shakers from Canvas Home to my mom this coming weekend. They’re so cute!


I wish I could tell you the difference between a tea towel and a regular dish towel- I really could- but I can’t. Instead, I’m just going to say that this multi-purpose and super-absorbent cotton towel from the Noon Design Shop is unexpectedly soft and has the cutest citrus print on it- which automatically brightens up my kitchen counter where it’s currently resting.

I’ve been poking around Noon Design Shop’s website since receiving this towel- and they have some of the coolest looking jewelry, bath and body products and kitchen decor/accessories around! I think it’s time I did a little shopping…



The only item that POPSUGAR told me in advance I’d be receiving this month was this hardcover copy of Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook, “Cravings”- and I was SO excited to check it out! I’m always looking for good recipes and ideas for serving meals- and I think Chrissy is ust so clever and funny.

This book has some really yummy looking stuff- like an insane mac & cheese recipe that I think I may have gasped at when I first saw it- and the photos of Chrissy and John enjoying the food are really, really cute!

My ‘Quick Eats’ posts are going to be so fun this coming month.


Any day I receive a Royal Apothic product in a subscription service is a good day. I love this brand- and I was so pleased when I saw this field poppy hand cream from the company in April’s ‘Must Have’ box. I keep hand cream in my bag, at my desk at work, and in my car (you never know when you’ll need it) and as such- I tend to run out of the stuff fairly quickly- especially on dryer days. This floral-scented and intensely hydrating cream is going to make a great replacement when I’m out of my (nearly empty) current cream that’s in my purse!



I’ve been on the prowl for a new night cream to get me through the Spring- so I was pretty excited when I saw this uniquely packaged firming night cream from Farmacy– which turns into a lightweight oil/gel on contact with the skin. This balm hydrates and replenishes the skin, and gradually reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I can’t wait to incorporate this into my nighttime routine before bed in the coming days!


And finally, POPSUGAR was kind enough to include this $20 gift card to BloomThat– a floral delivery service that seriously has the cutest and brightest bouquets I’ve ever seen. I’m going to be using this to pick out some gorgeous flowers for my mom on Mother’s Day as part of the present I have picked out for her- and I can’t wait to see her face when she gets a look at the tulips and peonies that BloomThat has available!

Once again, POPSUGAR hit it out of the park this month. I adored every item I received in April’s ‘Must Have’ box and I thought they all tied in perfectly with the theme/inspiration the company picked out. I’m so impressed with this service and I’m so excited to see what they have in store for May!


Loot Crate: April 2016.

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Next up on my list of monthly subscription services is my 2nd favorite of the bunch- Loot Crate! April’s collection of items, all based around the theme of ‘QUEST’, arrived at my door a few days after my GlossyBox turned up. With only my POPSUGAR ‘Must-Have’ box still somewhere in the mail, it gave me plenty of time to thoroughly review this one for the blog!

When I think of ‘QUEST’, the first thing that (unfortunately) comes to mind is staying up all hours of the night in my early twenties and playing ‘World of Warcraft’ with my friends as we tried to level our characters up while staying fueled on nothing but Gatorade and Domino’s Cheesy Bread. It was a dark time, indeed- but completing those quests was serious business.

I had sort of expected something WoW-related in this month’s crate- but sure enough- I was pretty surprised by what I received.

Let’s take a look inside!



First up are the usual suspects in every month’s Loot Crate- the mini magazine and collector’s pin. This month’s edition included the standard breakdown of items included in the box and some featured fan photos- but April’s issue did not have any Q&As, interviews, or games/puzzles. Instead, the magazine was chock-full of advertisements for some of Loot Crate’s other subscription options, the beginning of a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story that could be continued online- and a couple of random (non-alcoholic) drink recipes inspired by mystical quests throughout gaming history.

I have to say it, and not to be completely and unnecessarily picky- but the non-stops ads were a bit much. Coupled with the multiple daily e-mails I get from the company for their other services/offers- I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed by it.


The first (and my favorite) item in April’s Loot Crate was this ‘Labyrinth’ t-shirt from Ripple Junction. I’m loving the colors and how soft the fabric of this shirt feels- and of course you can never have enough David Bowie in your wardrobe. I thought this was a fitting and lovely tribute to a talented man, a classic movie, and the ‘QUEST’ theme for this month’s box.


The ‘Labyrinth’ t-shirt wasn’t the only apparel item I received this month. Hyp Hosiery also threw in this pair of Harry Potter socks featuring a print of each of Voldemort’s Horcruxes on them. It’s funny, right before I opened this month’s crate- I was talking about how much I wanted to go to the new ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’- and if this isn’t a sign I should book that trip, I don’t know what is!


Perhaps the most bizarre item I’ve ever received in a Loot Crate, ever- I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this plastic Vikings drinking horn from Chronicle Collectibles. Unique? Definitely. Practical? Not as much. As funny as it would be to roll up to my next house party with this in tow- I think I’m going to be giving this to a friend of mine who I know will enjoy it way more than I ever could.


The same friend who will be getting the Vikings drink horn will also be gifted with this silicone 20-sided die shaped ice mold to add to whatever drinks they plan on using the cup for. Although the exterior of this mold doesn’t really reflect it- the photos inside the mini-mag show that the ice is supposed to come out pretty neat looking. Maybe I’ll try it out to see for myself!


And finally, April’s Loot Crate included this ‘Uncharted 4′ mini-poster from Playstation that I’ll be gifting to a gamer friend of mine who is also a huge Nathan Drake fan- although I gotta’ say the quote on this one is pretty badass. I really like that and will probably use it as a personal mantra someday in the future!

All in all, while I really liked the shirt and the socks in this month’s crate- April’s box was a bit underwhelming to me.  It wasn’t the worst assortment of items I’ve ever received since I first started subscribing to the service- but it definitely wasn’t the best, either. I’m not entirely sure the ‘QUEST’ theme was represented all that well here.

Yesterday, it was revealed that May’s theme would be ‘POWER’- so I’m curious to see what Loot Crate includes in the box to really implement that idea.

‘Til next time!


Loot Crate: March 2016.

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With this week marking the release of the highly-anticipated ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ movie (spoiler alert: Wonder Woman is the only one who matters)– it seemed appropriate that Loot Crate’s theme for the month of March would be “VERSUS”, especially since the theme can span across so many other famous feuds throughout movies, television, comics and gaming.

This month’s Loot Crate was the last of my usual three subscription services that I receive to arrive at my door, and I thought it was a nice way to round out the list!


One of the feuds predominantly featured in March’s “VERSUS” theme was ‘Alien Vs. Predator’ (such a guilty pleasure of mine.) Not only did the box come equipped with an AVP figurine- which I’ll get to shortly- but the monthly collector’s pin also celebrated the feud. Although I don’t typically hang onto the pins every month, I think this is one I’ll keep for myself. It’s kinda’ adorable!

March’s monthly mini-magazine was chock-full of extras- including a Spock version of ‘Where’s Waldo?’, a guide to defeating any opponent ever (and another guide on how to perfect your villain look), a look inside Harley Quinn’s purse- which is eerily similar to what’s in my own purse- and an interview with the artist behind this month’s t-shirt, Juan Ortiz.

The magazine also featured the usual item breakdowns and fan-submitted photos too, of course.


While I’ve typically enjoyed every figurine I’ve received since first subscribing to Loot Crate, the detail of this ‘Alien’ one from Titan Merchandise makes it one of my favorites. It might be hard to see it from the picture, but this glow-in-the-dark toy is actually pretty large in size- and heavy!- and will undoubtedly find a home on one of my shelves or the shelves of my best friend Sean (who is also terrified of anything extra-terrestrial so this will be a lovely addition in his room, I think- especially if I don’t tell him I’m putting it there!)



Not to be a Debbie Downer, but my dislike of all things Jesse Eisenberg has all but ruined any excitement for ‘Batman V. Superman’ for me. I don’t know if Ben Affleck or the appearance of Wonder Woman can coerce me into watching the character of Lex Luthor get butchered by Eisenberg’s overall awfulness- but I’ll do my best to get through it.

Despite that setback, this super-strength wallet from DYNOMIGHTY has a pretty cool design to celebrate the movie- although I’m not sure that this is something I’d carry around with me. I have a feeling my Superman-fanatic friend, Evan, will appreciate this more than me- and I’ll be passing this along to him the next time I see him!


Although I’ve always been more of a Poison Ivy kind of gal (see HERE)– I also know that every Ivy needs her Harley, and for that- I absolutely love this exclusive HQ comic book I received in this month’s Loot Crate! Up until now, I’ve never had the courage to cosplay such a wild and endearing character- but I gotta’ say I’m pretty tempted, now!



My favorite item in March’s Loot Crate has got to be this reversible and really well made Daredevil/Punisher hat from BIOWORLD. I don’t know how many of you have been watching the latest season of the show, but Jon Bernthal (insert heart-eyes emoji here) has been CRUSHING it as Frank Castle. It is the role he was born to play. He’s the perfect mix of brutal and understandable all at once. I highly recommend everyone who hasn’t caught up yet do so immediately!

I’ll definitely be wearing the Punisher side of this thing on a regular basis.


I’m really loving the vintage style/feel of this fitted Star Trek t-shirt in this month’s crate. I’ve worn it a couple of times since I received March’s collection of items- so it’s starting to stretch out a little more the way that I like my shirts to fit. It’s soft and comfortable, and the design is so kick-ass! I’m really loving this whole ‘a shirt in every crate’ goal that Loot Crate has been striving for lately. They’ve all been so much fun!

And there it is, March’s Loot Crate- another great assortment of toys, accessories, and trinkets. The theme reveal for April’s box should be arriving in my e-mail any day now- but I’m hoping that there’s some ‘Captain America: Civil War’ stuff coming up in the future!


POPSUGAR Must Have Box: March 2016

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In between working and re-organizing my wardrobe now that the first day of Spring is right around the corner, I’ve also been fighting off a nasty cold/flu that has been running rampant throughout my office- going from person to person- that no amount if disinfectant or sanitizer can seem to kill. I’ve thankfully only been experiencing the groggy-headache-y portion of aforementioned cold/flu in recent days, and have been doing my best to get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluid, and get as much fresh air as I can before it has the opportunity to go from bearable to worse. I like staying active- and the thought of being bed-ridden with coughing fits and congestion is downright frightening to me. No thank you!

I took a personal day yesterday to keep a migraine and a semi-scratchy throat at bay while catching up on some much-needed sleep- but I also took the opportunity to organize my e-mails and write up a couple of reviews for my monthly subscription boxes- starting with my favorite- POPSUGAR’s Must Have Box!

I’m headed back at work today, but I wanted to share what I received!


I love POPSUGAR’s monthly themes/inspirations- because each and every item in the box almost always matches the words/descriptions perfectly. So much thought goes into each box and it’s neat to see where the ideas for the items came from. March’s box was inspired by FEMININE, REFRESHING, VIBRANT, DAYDREAMING, and ILLUMINATING- all appropriate considering how revitalizing and lovely the weather has been lately. I’m anxiously waiting for the flowers to begin blooming so that I can wear my flowing dresses and skirts again. Spring is a time of rebirth, after all!


I’m not on board the “gluten free” train by any means, but I know a few people who are and I know that buying/ordering things- particularly desserts- can be challenging. Enter these low-fat, low-sugar and gluten-free toffee and chocolate rice cookies from Goodie Girl Cookies. I wasn’t sure what to expect from something that is supposed to be a healthier snacking option (because let’s be real- sometimes healthier snack foods can be a little dry, flavorless or gross)– but I was pleasantly surprised by the crispy, sweet and salty taste to these rice cookies.

They were, to my relief- pretty good!- and I’ve already spread the word to those folks I know who are trying to live that gluten free lifestyle. I hope these help!


One of the things I love most about POPSUGAR is that among all the luxury items or foodie-finds, they occasionally send every day products that are useful, too. Case in point- this tube of vegan whitening toothpaste (in mint flavor!) from Hello Products. I’m running a little low on my baking soda toothpaste and had been preparing to do a bit of shopping this weekend to stock up on toiletries- so receiving a full-sized tube in this month’s ‘Must Have’ box was a nice surprise.

I love that this toothpaste is all natural and can be ordered online through various pharmacies and shops, too. It makes restocking that much easier!



I know that fringe and tassels are a big trend right now, making appearances on jackets and shoes- but up until now I’ve been unsure, and maybe even a little uncomfortable- with trying to incorporate them into my wardrobe and accessories seamlessly. I was worried I’d look like a craft store vomited all over me. That was until I saw this beautiful tassel necklace from Miss Ivy Pearl (I couldn’t find a link to the store/shop online) in this month’s ‘Must Have’ box, anyway. I love how simple, but eye-catching, this necklace is- and it gives me a fun bohemian/beachy vibe with it’s blue-green colors and gold accents.

I’m looking forward to pairing this with one of my fun 70’s-inspired frocks soon!


I like to freshen up my makeup routine/regimen every few months, and with Spring practically here- the simpler, the better- so I was thrilled when I saw this new ‘Book of Beauty’ kit from Pixi in March’s POPSUGAR box. Complete with two highlighters, two cheek tints and four eye shadows- all in subtle and natural looking shades- I have everything I need to give myself the fresh-faced “no effort” look everyone covets and in half of the time and with less than half of the hassle!

I’m going to begin using this palette this week- and I’m thinking of doing a post about a couple of my favorite looks I pull together with it (with swatches!)


I’ve made a conscious effort to drink more water over these past few weeks, and that includes those nights (see: every night) where I wake up parched but don’t want to get out of my comfortable bed or add yet ANOTHER water bottle to my night stand. I’m all about this plastic carafe and water glass set from Govino. I simply fill this with water and pour throughout the night as needed to quench my thirst. It’s lightweight, durable and easy to clean, too-  so making sure I’m getting enough H2O is no longer an issue!


I love watches, although I seldom wear them (my phone has become my go-to for telling time), but I’d like to change that since I feel watches can be a classic and beautiful accessory to any ensemble- however finding one the perfect shape, size and color can be a bit tricky. I was really surprised to see this GORGEOUS rose quartz watch from Nanette Lepore in March’s POPSUGAR box. This watch is the perfect size for me, and the light pink shade of the numbers and the strap are so feminine and beautiful. I can’t wait to start wearing this out and about!


Finally, March’s ‘Must Have’ box included a $10 gift certificate towards LOLA– a feminine hygiene product delivery service that produces 100% cotton tampons without chemicals or synthetic ingredients (ladies- do you really want those kinds of thing anywhere NEAR there? Of course you don’t.) LOLA ships you a customized box- with your preference of the types of tampons- to your door each month. It’s a pretty interesting (and convenient!) service that I may have to check out to make what is unquestionably the lousiest part of every month a teeny, tiny bit easier.

Overall, POPSUGAR once again hit the nail on the head with this month’s selection of items. Everything fit into March’s inspiration/theme- and there was such a unique variety of products/presents that looking through the box was an unexpected treat.

I’ve already received a spoiler for April’s box (quite early, I must say!) and it was so good that I’m very excited to see what else comes to my door next month!


Loot Crate: February 2016.

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Although I’ve enjoyed every one of Loot Crate’s themed assortments these past few months, I nearly hit the roof in excitement when I’d first heard that February’s crate was tailored almost entirely to my interests with a ‘DEAD’ theme (that might sound a little morbid to some, sure-) and as the shipping date grew closer and closer- I actually caught myself routinely checking my e-mail for my tracking code so that I could monitor my crate’s progress in the mail and figure out when exactly it’d arrive at my door.

It’s well documented that I’m one of the biggest ‘Walking Dead’ fans in the history of, well, ever- but I was also really eager to see what kind of ‘Deadpool’ goods I’d get in this month’s crate, too (the movie is fantastic and very fun, by the way- for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. Get out there and watch it! You’re going to love it!)

Loot Crate didn’t get sidetracked. They stuck to the theme this month and they stuck to it well- making February’s crate one of my absolute, all-time favorites since I first subscribed with the service way back when.

Let’s take a look at what I got!


I always like to flip through my mini-magazine each month, since there’s almost always something that catches my eye and keeps me interested/entertained- but February’s edition was particularly fun. Not only did this month’s magazine feature a ‘Deadpool’-inspired taco recipe (which I will be attempting and potentially blogging about shortly,) an introduction to the character of Wade Wilson/’Deadpool’ to help those unfamiliar with the character to catch up, an interview with ‘iZombie’s’ Rahul Kohli, and a “Which ‘Walking Dead’ Character Are You?” quiz (I got Carol!)– but there was also a pretty fun guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse among the pages of item breakdowns and fan photos, too- although now that I have a samurai sword in my home- I think I’m well-equipped for anything.

I also have to say that Loot Crate’s continued efforts to make their monthly collectors pins look actually collectible (and not cheap) is admirable. This month’s pin was pretty cute, since it was a zombie-fied version of the crate itself- and I’m sure my niece will get a kick out of it.


I do apologize for the quality of this photo, since you can’t quite see the figurine properly- but I had a mini-moment of “I can’t take it out of the packaging!” (I know, I know) and had to make do. This exclusive figurine from Quantum Mechanix designed specifically for Loot Crate- that depicts Deadpool atop an explosion/flames- can be set up with a light shining through the translucent base to make the flames look like they’re actually glowing, which is pretty cool. It’s a decently sized figurine, too- nearly taking up half of the crate!

Although I think this would be fun to get set up on one of my bookshelves- light shining in the base and all- I believe I’ll be passing this figurine onto my equally enthusiastic comic book fan-friend. He has an entire section of his room dedicated to things like this. I know he’ll love it!


My second and final ‘Deadpool’-related item in February’s Loot Crate was this t-shirt that speaks to me on a personal level (there are few things in this world that I love more than quality tacos) courtesy of Fifth Sun– and I’ve already sported this out and about since I received it- much to the amusement of people I’ve passed in public who recognize the character (and given the film’s success- who COULDN’T recognize him?)

I’m loving Loot Crate’s promise of a shirt in every month’s crate this year. I can never have too many of these sorts of things. I love them.


I love, love, LOVE McFarlane Toys. Their attention to even the smallest details is something to behold- and this mini, kind of bobble-head-ish and pose-able figurine of Rick Grimes is no exception. Putting this little toy together was simple, and I just can’t get over how spot-on it looks. From the bandaged hand to the wristwatch to perfecting Andrew Lincoln’s glare. This thing is incredible- and I’m really hoping to find the Daryl one somewhere, too!


And finally, one last ‘Walking Dead’ item- and probably my favorite thing in February’s Loot Crate- was this throwback to season 2 in the form of a soap-on-a-rope version of Daryl’s walker ear necklace from A Crowded Coop. I started laughing when I saw this package at the bottom of my crate- and I couldn’t stop. I never, in a million years, would have expected something as brilliant as this- and I love it so much that I don’t ever want to remove it from it’s packaging. It’s just too perfect.

All in all, I absolutely adored February’s Loot Crate. I thought it was the perfect way to celebrate the release of ‘Deadpool’ and the return of ‘The Walking Dead’ without straying too far from the theme and/or including a bunch of knick-knacks that would take away from the quality and unique-ness of the handful of items that were inside the box. I’m so happy with each thing I received!

I haven’t learned March’s theme yet (any day now!) but if it’s half as good as this ‘DEAD’ one- I’ll be happy.


POPSUGAR Must Have Box: February 2016

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I was actually a bit surprised that I received my POPSUGAR ‘Must Have’ box- the first of my three monthly subscription services- a little early this time around. I’m not complaining, since the ‘Must Have’ box has quickly become my favorite of the bunch- but it’s unexpectedly showing up in my postbox over the weekend definitely caught me off guard!

Right away, I noticed that the box’s tissue paper was Valentine’s Day-inspired all on it’s own- with little heart designs printed on both sides. The product description card was pretty and festive, too (and made me hungry for sugar cookies- although I’ll get to that in a few minutes…)


February’s inspiration was exactly what I expected- and the items within the box were based around the themes of ADORING, HEARTS, SEXY, INDULGENT, and CONFIDENT. Although I had received a couple of spoilers from POPSUGAR via e-mail leading up to the box being shipped- the rest was a mystery to me (which is part of the fun of un-boxing everything. It’s like Christmas!)

Let’s take a look at what I received in this Valentine’s Day assortment!


The two items that I knew were coming in advance are top on my review/breakdown of February’s ‘Must Have Box’. The first, a full-sized coconut milk body lotion from Victoria’s Secret– arrived just in time to replace my nearly empty tub of body butter (I’ve been scraping the sides to get as much as I can until I can get back up to Sephora next week!) I’m actually a pretty big fan of VS’s beauty lines. They’re all really good quality, and the perfumes/body lotions and creams smell incredible. This lotion is no exception. I’m already a big fan of how nourishing it is and how soft my skin feels after I use it.

The second item, a $20 reward card for Victoria’s Secret- is also going to be used in the coming days when it comes time for me to pick up some necessities for myself. Considering most VS bras are priced at the $40+ range- it’ll be nice to get a new one fitted for me and only pay half price.


The body lotion and reward card weren’t the only items I received from Victoria’s Secret this month. I also got a pair of these cute little ankle sport socks. Designed for active wear, the fabric of these socks is supposed to keep your feet dry and cool- even when you’re working out- so I’m pretty excited to put these on when I’m jogging/ready to fall over during my next spin class. At least my feet will feel nice while the rest of me is suffering.


When it comes to makeup removal in the winter, I have to be particularly careful as certain soaps/wipes/toners can leave me feeling SUPER dried out. I try to stick to cleansing balms and milks- so I was really happy to see this moisturizing cleansing balm (and cloth towelette!) from BeautyCounter. The retail value of this product is $50, which made me even happier because it saved me some money for the moment and time I would have otherwise spent going out to purchase one- or a similar product- on my own.


I’m always doing some sort of renovation/remodeling project around my home- whether it’s something as simple as moving around the furniture or selecting a new decorative piece to display on the walls to something that requires a little more energy and manpower like re-painting a corner or re-doing tiling. Either way, I always love having something eye-catching to finish up the job with.

I’ve already selected a spot in my soon-to-be-refurbished bathroom for this small, square glass tray from Fringe Studio. It’s gorgeous- and the ‘hello beautiful” message seems perfect to keep by the mirror as a daily reminder/affirmation that myself and anyone who sees it is, indeed, beautiful.


In recent months, I’ve really developed a fondness for jewelry that features arrows in/on it somehow. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been drawn to it- so when I laid eyes on this tiny, jeweled ‘endless arrow’ ring from JewelryStorm– I think I may have briefly wondered of POPSUGAR had been spying on me with drones or something.

This might very well be my favorite item in February’s ‘Must Have’ box- and I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I opened it. It’s small enough to fit comfortably on my pinky finger- which is fun when I want to stack other rings above/under it, too.


February’s ‘Must Have’ box included an unexpected, big-ticket item in the form of this $125 (!!!) silky, heart-printed scarf from Tilo. I LOVE this thing. The color compliments pretty much everything in my wardrobe and it’s so, so soft and lightweight- which means this can carry me through and into that weird halfway/transitional point between Winter and Spring where it’s nice out but not TOO nice out. Like the ring I received in this month’s assortment of items- I haven’t been able to take this scarf off!

I’ve also been poking around Tilo’s website (linked above), and some of the other scarves in the company’s collection are so astoundingly beautiful I can’t believe it. I want them all!


Remember when I said that the product card for this month’s box made me hungry for sugar cookies? Well, POPSUGAR had me covered by including this heart cookie mix by Foodstirs (co-founded by Sarah Michelle Gellar!) which is free of artificial ingredients, GMOs, and preservatives. I haven’t gotten around to making these yet- although I’m hoping to put aside some time this coming weekend to get down to business- because these sound incredible!

Not pictured in this month’s ‘Must Have’ box is the 30% off voucher for my next order at JewelryStorm (I had taken a photo of it, but the file got a little wonky when I tried to get the image to show up on my laptop. Eep!) which I’m sure I’ll be using for a purchase in the immediate future.

Overall, I think February’s ‘Must Have’ box might very well be my most favorite I’ve received to date. I loved the variety of items, the value, and the thought that went into the products. Each one tied into the month’s theme perfectly. I was so impressed and so happy with everything I received! I’m really looking forward to seeing what POPSUGAR comes up with now that warmer weather and Spring is on the horizon!