POPSUGAR Must Have Box: March 2016

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In between working and re-organizing my wardrobe now that the first day of Spring is right around the corner, I’ve also been fighting off a nasty cold/flu that has been running rampant throughout my office- going from person to person- that no amount if disinfectant or sanitizer can seem to kill. I’ve thankfully only been experiencing the groggy-headache-y portion of aforementioned cold/flu in recent days, and have been doing my best to get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluid, and get as much fresh air as I can before it has the opportunity to go from bearable to worse. I like staying active- and the thought of being bed-ridden with coughing fits and congestion is downright frightening to me. No thank you!

I took a personal day yesterday to keep a migraine and a semi-scratchy throat at bay while catching up on some much-needed sleep- but I also took the opportunity to organize my e-mails and write up a couple of reviews for my monthly subscription boxes- starting with my favorite- POPSUGAR’s Must Have Box!

I’m headed back at work today, but I wanted to share what I received!


I love POPSUGAR’s monthly themes/inspirations- because each and every item in the box almost always matches the words/descriptions perfectly. So much thought goes into each box and it’s neat to see where the ideas for the items came from. March’s box was inspired by FEMININE, REFRESHING, VIBRANT, DAYDREAMING, and ILLUMINATING- all appropriate considering how revitalizing and lovely the weather has been lately. I’m anxiously waiting for the flowers to begin blooming so that I can wear my flowing dresses and skirts again. Spring is a time of rebirth, after all!


I’m not on board the “gluten free” train by any means, but I know a few people who are and I know that buying/ordering things- particularly desserts- can be challenging. Enter these low-fat, low-sugar and gluten-free toffee and chocolate rice cookies from Goodie Girl Cookies. I wasn’t sure what to expect from something that is supposed to be a healthier snacking option (because let’s be real- sometimes healthier snack foods can be a little dry, flavorless or gross)– but I was pleasantly surprised by the crispy, sweet and salty taste to these rice cookies.

They were, to my relief- pretty good!- and I’ve already spread the word to those folks I know who are trying to live that gluten free lifestyle. I hope these help!


One of the things I love most about POPSUGAR is that among all the luxury items or foodie-finds, they occasionally send every day products that are useful, too. Case in point- this tube of vegan whitening toothpaste (in mint flavor!) from Hello Products. I’m running a little low on my baking soda toothpaste and had been preparing to do a bit of shopping this weekend to stock up on toiletries- so receiving a full-sized tube in this month’s ‘Must Have’ box was a nice surprise.

I love that this toothpaste is all natural and can be ordered online through various pharmacies and shops, too. It makes restocking that much easier!



I know that fringe and tassels are a big trend right now, making appearances on jackets and shoes- but up until now I’ve been unsure, and maybe even a little uncomfortable- with trying to incorporate them into my wardrobe and accessories seamlessly. I was worried I’d look like a craft store vomited all over me. That was until I saw this beautiful tassel necklace from Miss Ivy Pearl (I couldn’t find a link to the store/shop online) in this month’s ‘Must Have’ box, anyway. I love how simple, but eye-catching, this necklace is- and it gives me a fun bohemian/beachy vibe with it’s blue-green colors and gold accents.

I’m looking forward to pairing this with one of my fun 70’s-inspired frocks soon!


I like to freshen up my makeup routine/regimen every few months, and with Spring practically here- the simpler, the better- so I was thrilled when I saw this new ‘Book of Beauty’ kit from Pixi in March’s POPSUGAR box. Complete with two highlighters, two cheek tints and four eye shadows- all in subtle and natural looking shades- I have everything I need to give myself the fresh-faced “no effort” look everyone covets and in half of the time and with less than half of the hassle!

I’m going to begin using this palette this week- and I’m thinking of doing a post about a couple of my favorite looks I pull together with it (with swatches!)


I’ve made a conscious effort to drink more water over these past few weeks, and that includes those nights (see: every night) where I wake up parched but don’t want to get out of my comfortable bed or add yet ANOTHER water bottle to my night stand. I’m all about this plastic carafe and water glass set from Govino. I simply fill this with water and pour throughout the night as needed to quench my thirst. It’s lightweight, durable and easy to clean, too-  so making sure I’m getting enough H2O is no longer an issue!


I love watches, although I seldom wear them (my phone has become my go-to for telling time), but I’d like to change that since I feel watches can be a classic and beautiful accessory to any ensemble- however finding one the perfect shape, size and color can be a bit tricky. I was really surprised to see this GORGEOUS rose quartz watch from Nanette Lepore in March’s POPSUGAR box. This watch is the perfect size for me, and the light pink shade of the numbers and the strap are so feminine and beautiful. I can’t wait to start wearing this out and about!


Finally, March’s ‘Must Have’ box included a $10 gift certificate towards LOLA– a feminine hygiene product delivery service that produces 100% cotton tampons without chemicals or synthetic ingredients (ladies- do you really want those kinds of thing anywhere NEAR there? Of course you don’t.) LOLA ships you a customized box- with your preference of the types of tampons- to your door each month. It’s a pretty interesting (and convenient!) service that I may have to check out to make what is unquestionably the lousiest part of every month a teeny, tiny bit easier.

Overall, POPSUGAR once again hit the nail on the head with this month’s selection of items. Everything fit into March’s inspiration/theme- and there was such a unique variety of products/presents that looking through the box was an unexpected treat.

I’ve already received a spoiler for April’s box (quite early, I must say!) and it was so good that I’m very excited to see what else comes to my door next month!


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