POPSUGAR Must Have Box: May 2016.

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It’s funny, as I glance over my budgeting and look for ways to save money and cut costs- one of the things I absolutely refuse to give up is my monthly POPSUGAR ‘Must-Have’ Box. It’s legitimately like Christmas comes right to my door every few weeks. Jewelry, books, clothing, food, creative crafts and home decor- I never know what I’m going to get but I’m always left pleased and with plenty to share with family and friends!

So although May is looking like it will be my last hurrah with Loot Crate and GlossyBox- with both of them en route to me as we speak- I thought I’d take the opportunity to review my POPSUGAR box first, not only because it was the first to arrive in the mail- but because I wanted to focus on detailing the pros/cons of the services I plan on canceling for my final reviews of them.

So let’s take a look at what I received!


First things first- can we just take a moment to examine the packaging of this month’s ‘Must Have’ box? Typically POPSUGAR does a really nice job of packing everything up nice and neatly. Everything is in place and sealed up- but the photo above is how the box arrived and was taken a few minutes after I’d first opened it. I’m hoping it was an oversight on the company’s part that won’t happen again- because everything inside the box was pretty much thrown in- including breakable stuff. I wasn’t cool with that. Not one bit.

But I digress- the themes/inspiration for May’s collection were pretty simple: HYDRATION, YOGA, and DEEP BREATHS. Sounds very relaxing, doesn’t it?


The biggest-sized item in MAY’s ‘Must Have’ box was this lightweight blue yoga mat from GAIAM. I’ve been spending my evenings after work outdoors stretching/walking/exercising before the sun sets- so this mat is definitely going to find a home in my car so I can immediately get my downward dog on post-crunch time at the office.


After I work out and head home, my next stop is always the shower so I can rinse off the sweat and ease my tense muscles. I was really excited to see this body buffer (filled with body wash) from Spongellé in this month’s box. The ingredients in the wash are organic and sulfate-free- so I don’t have to worry about my skin drying out or having any kind of bad reaction- even with how exfoliating the buff is!


Having achieved pretty good results with my last usage of BabyFoot Foot Peel- I’m looking forward to a follow-up treatment using these gel-lined booties from KocoStar. Although I’m not 100% sure the exfoliation with this treatment is going to be as extreme as it was with BabyFoot- I’m hoping my heels get softened just a little bit more!


The first product I tried in May’s ‘Must Have’ box was this caffeine-infused flavored water from Hint. Equivalent to a small cup of coffee, I’m sad to report this water was just not that good. It tasted pretty gross, actually- and I only made it a little ways into the bottle before I gave up on my hope that it would eventually taste better. I think I’ll stick to my coffee.


Thankfully, this next food-item was way better than the flavored water. This crispy, sweet & salty snack bar from JimmyBar! was surprisingly good for something that is sweetened using dates instead of sugar! I love that these bars can be ordered in bulk from the company’s website, too- because there’s a few other flavors I’m looking to try/stock up on!


I’m just about out of my current mascara, and was on the fence about what brand to pick up next- so I’m very thankful I received this new volumizing/lenghtening mascara from Revlon. Although I haven’t given this formula and it’s unique square-shaped brush a try just yet (I’m waiting for the weekend just in case it causes any type of irritation to my eyes)– I’m looking forward to seeing if there’s a big difference in my lashes after I use it!


Summer is the season of facial spritz (at least for me, anyway)– and I am in love with this minty concoction from Happy Spritz. It’s such a lightweight, refreshing fragrance that cools my skin and relaxes me while simultaneously perking me up. I’ve been keeping this in my purse for my post-workout cool-down and I’m already eyeing some of the other spritzes that are available through the company!



How adorable are these two stretchy, beaded capri bracelets from Bluma Project? I love the colors of the beads- which immediately gave me a Summertime vibe- and the tassels are a trendy touch, too. POPSUGAR’s info card indicates that these are crafted by Guatemalan artisans- which is fascinating- and a quick glance at Bluma Project’s website showed they have a beautiful selection of necklaces, earrings, and bags, too!


Finally, POPSUGAR included an introductory card to Revlon’s new mascara line in this month’s collection of items- but they also included a $10 gift card to Half Hitch Goods. Prior to receiving the coupon, I wasn’t aware of the online shop’s existence- but they have SO much cute stuff! Some of it is a little pricey, but there’s a ton of great and unique gift ideas on there and I’m eyeing something for the guy I’m seeing as a congratulatory gift for all the hard work he’s been doing.

Overall, once again, I loved this month’s ‘Must Have’ Box! POPSUGAR does a phenomenal job selecting items that properly reflect the theme/inspirations and each item- sans the gross flavored water- is going to be getting plenty of use!

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Summer boxes. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for June!


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