POPSUGAR Must Have Box: February 2016

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I was actually a bit surprised that I received my POPSUGAR ‘Must Have’ box- the first of my three monthly subscription services- a little early this time around. I’m not complaining, since the ‘Must Have’ box has quickly become my favorite of the bunch- but it’s unexpectedly showing up in my postbox over the weekend definitely caught me off guard!

Right away, I noticed that the box’s tissue paper was Valentine’s Day-inspired all on it’s own- with little heart designs printed on both sides. The product description card was pretty and festive, too (and made me hungry for sugar cookies- although I’ll get to that in a few minutes…)


February’s inspiration was exactly what I expected- and the items within the box were based around the themes of ADORING, HEARTS, SEXY, INDULGENT, and CONFIDENT. Although I had received a couple of spoilers from POPSUGAR via e-mail leading up to the box being shipped- the rest was a mystery to me (which is part of the fun of un-boxing everything. It’s like Christmas!)

Let’s take a look at what I received in this Valentine’s Day assortment!


The two items that I knew were coming in advance are top on my review/breakdown of February’s ‘Must Have Box’. The first, a full-sized coconut milk body lotion from Victoria’s Secret– arrived just in time to replace my nearly empty tub of body butter (I’ve been scraping the sides to get as much as I can until I can get back up to Sephora next week!) I’m actually a pretty big fan of VS’s beauty lines. They’re all really good quality, and the perfumes/body lotions and creams smell incredible. This lotion is no exception. I’m already a big fan of how nourishing it is and how soft my skin feels after I use it.

The second item, a $20 reward card for Victoria’s Secret- is also going to be used in the coming days when it comes time for me to pick up some necessities for myself. Considering most VS bras are priced at the $40+ range- it’ll be nice to get a new one fitted for me and only pay half price.


The body lotion and reward card weren’t the only items I received from Victoria’s Secret this month. I also got a pair of these cute little ankle sport socks. Designed for active wear, the fabric of these socks is supposed to keep your feet dry and cool- even when you’re working out- so I’m pretty excited to put these on when I’m jogging/ready to fall over during my next spin class. At least my feet will feel nice while the rest of me is suffering.


When it comes to makeup removal in the winter, I have to be particularly careful as certain soaps/wipes/toners can leave me feeling SUPER dried out. I try to stick to cleansing balms and milks- so I was really happy to see this moisturizing cleansing balm (and cloth towelette!) from BeautyCounter. The retail value of this product is $50, which made me even happier because it saved me some money for the moment and time I would have otherwise spent going out to purchase one- or a similar product- on my own.


I’m always doing some sort of renovation/remodeling project around my home- whether it’s something as simple as moving around the furniture or selecting a new decorative piece to display on the walls to something that requires a little more energy and manpower like re-painting a corner or re-doing tiling. Either way, I always love having something eye-catching to finish up the job with.

I’ve already selected a spot in my soon-to-be-refurbished bathroom for this small, square glass tray from Fringe Studio. It’s gorgeous- and the ‘hello beautiful” message seems perfect to keep by the mirror as a daily reminder/affirmation that myself and anyone who sees it is, indeed, beautiful.


In recent months, I’ve really developed a fondness for jewelry that features arrows in/on it somehow. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been drawn to it- so when I laid eyes on this tiny, jeweled ‘endless arrow’ ring from JewelryStorm– I think I may have briefly wondered of POPSUGAR had been spying on me with drones or something.

This might very well be my favorite item in February’s ‘Must Have’ box- and I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I opened it. It’s small enough to fit comfortably on my pinky finger- which is fun when I want to stack other rings above/under it, too.


February’s ‘Must Have’ box included an unexpected, big-ticket item in the form of this $125 (!!!) silky, heart-printed scarf from Tilo. I LOVE this thing. The color compliments pretty much everything in my wardrobe and it’s so, so soft and lightweight- which means this can carry me through and into that weird halfway/transitional point between Winter and Spring where it’s nice out but not TOO nice out. Like the ring I received in this month’s assortment of items- I haven’t been able to take this scarf off!

I’ve also been poking around Tilo’s website (linked above), and some of the other scarves in the company’s collection are so astoundingly beautiful I can’t believe it. I want them all!


Remember when I said that the product card for this month’s box made me hungry for sugar cookies? Well, POPSUGAR had me covered by including this heart cookie mix by Foodstirs (co-founded by Sarah Michelle Gellar!) which is free of artificial ingredients, GMOs, and preservatives. I haven’t gotten around to making these yet- although I’m hoping to put aside some time this coming weekend to get down to business- because these sound incredible!

Not pictured in this month’s ‘Must Have’ box is the 30% off voucher for my next order at JewelryStorm (I had taken a photo of it, but the file got a little wonky when I tried to get the image to show up on my laptop. Eep!) which I’m sure I’ll be using for a purchase in the immediate future.

Overall, I think February’s ‘Must Have’ box might very well be my most favorite I’ve received to date. I loved the variety of items, the value, and the thought that went into the products. Each one tied into the month’s theme perfectly. I was so impressed and so happy with everything I received! I’m really looking forward to seeing what POPSUGAR comes up with now that warmer weather and Spring is on the horizon!


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