POPSUGAR Must Have Box: July 2016.

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With the month of July wrapping up and a crazy weekend ahead of me (the ‘Walker Stalker’ convention and one of my favorite bands- The Last Shadow Puppets- are both rolling through town this coming Saturday and Sunday!) I wanted to take some time to share what I received in my one and only true love of a subscription service- my POPSUGAR ‘Must Have’ Box- before I shared the rest of my monthly favorites in my usual ‘Hits List!’ post a little later on this week prior to diving head first into my plans and preparing for the month of August!


I had already received notice of the words/inspirations for July’s theme well in advance, but had made it a point to try and remain as spoiler-free as possible until the actual box arrived at my door so I could be surprised as I opened it. I was pretty excited to see what POPSUGAR had curated based on their choice of inspirations for this month, though: SUNNY, RETRO, FUN, VINTAGE, PLAYFUL, CHEEKY (ooh!) and WARM.

As usual, they did not disappoint.



Now that I’m starting to feel like my old self again, I’ve been finally getting around to RSVPing to those backyard BBQs, pool parties and bonfires that I’ve been putting off while I worked through some stuff and started the healing process. I’ve even contemplated throwing a party of my own before the Summer ends- and I thought this set of cloth emoji napkins from House of Pom would come in handy when I’m playing bartender and whipping up drinks for everyone.


The heat and the humidity has been brutal these past couple of weeks- moreso on my hair than anything else- and I’ve resorted to just pulling it back or tying it up in the morning after my shower to save myself a ton of unnecessary aggravation throughout the day. I’ve been loving this silky black and white scarf from Michael Stars since it arrived in July’s ‘Must Have’ box. It keeps my curls off of my face while still looking chic and in-season- and I know that once Fall rolls in and the cooler weather comes with it, it’ll make a comfortable wrap for my neck, too!



The very first item from July’s ‘Must Have’ Box to get some serious use was this ADORABLE inflatable swan drink holder from SUNNYLIFE. I brought this guy to the beach with some friends and I over this past weekend to assist with keeping our water, iced teas (and hard ciders- ahem…) secure and close by whether we were on the sand or splashing in the waves.

I browsed SUNNYLIFE’s website and I have fallen head over heels in love with their gigantic rafts- particularly the ice cream cone and watermelon slice floats. They are way too cute- and I feel I could definitely use one for when I’m lounging in the pool during the final weeks of Summer.


I love subtle details- and I try to incorporate them with my ensembles. Pops of color? Unexpected patterns? A little bling? I’m all about it- and I’m all about this pineapple pin from PINTRILL, too. I’ve been fastening this thing to my shirts and headbands in recent days and even though it’s small- a lot of people have noticed it!

PINTRILL has such a huge assortment of other pins available for purchase, too- so I’m sure I’ll be picking up a few more for future use.


Hi. My eyebrows are currently staging a mutiny against my face (I’m due to get them taken care of tonight after work, but still)– and this multi-purpose illuminator from European Wax Center couldn’t have arrived at a more convenient time. I’ve been using this lightweight crayon to detract attention away from my wayward brows and give myself a more glowing, shimmery complexion along my cheekbones, my lips, and the inner corners of my eyes. This thing works wonders- and I’m going to keep it around for the next time I wait a little too long for a waxing/tweezers to stage an intervention for me.


Also on the agenda tonight when I’m getting my brows re-shaped? Touching up my hair. The sun and stress has taken a toll on my strands (say that five times fast) lately- and my roots are in desperate need of some TLC. Fortunately, this non-sticky and non-greasy color protecting ‘Hair in the Sun’ styling cream from SACHAJUAN has played a crucial role in keeping my curls from turning straight-up pink (or as orange as it’s tube) since I received it in this month’s ‘Must Have’ box.

I’ve been using this cream hand-in-hand with a leave-in conditioner- and it’s kept my frizz manageable and the remaining red in my hair as strong and as vibrant as ever between salon visits.


I will never, ever say no to any food that POPSUGAR sends me. It’s always so good. I don’t know what “retro” potato chips are supposed to taste like- but I look forward to finding out during my lunch break today since I’m packing these kettle crisps from Joe Tea in my bag to take with me when I go to tackle the day!


Apart from an advertisement for the European Wax Center’s beauty line- July’s ‘Must Have’ Box also included a $20 gift card from TROVE– a customizable jewelry shop. Their stuff looks a little pricey at first glance (but very pretty!)– so having the $20 credit is a nice thing. I’m in the market for a new ring to add to my collection- and some of the ones I’m seeing on their website are pretty tempting!

POPSUGAR can consider this month’s ‘Must Have’ box another success. I really enjoyed everything I received- and I thought each item fit very well into July’s theme/inspirations.

Since August is the sort of “unofficial” end to the Summer- I’m really excited to see what they have in store next month to send off the season!


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