Loot Crate: February 2016.

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Although I’ve enjoyed every one of Loot Crate’s themed assortments these past few months, I nearly hit the roof in excitement when I’d first heard that February’s crate was tailored almost entirely to my interests with a ‘DEAD’ theme (that might sound a little morbid to some, sure-) and as the shipping date grew closer and closer- I actually caught myself routinely checking my e-mail for my tracking code so that I could monitor my crate’s progress in the mail and figure out when exactly it’d arrive at my door.

It’s well documented that I’m one of the biggest ‘Walking Dead’ fans in the history of, well, ever- but I was also really eager to see what kind of ‘Deadpool’ goods I’d get in this month’s crate, too (the movie is fantastic and very fun, by the way- for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. Get out there and watch it! You’re going to love it!)

Loot Crate didn’t get sidetracked. They stuck to the theme this month and they stuck to it well- making February’s crate one of my absolute, all-time favorites since I first subscribed with the service way back when.

Let’s take a look at what I got!


I always like to flip through my mini-magazine each month, since there’s almost always something that catches my eye and keeps me interested/entertained- but February’s edition was particularly fun. Not only did this month’s magazine feature a ‘Deadpool’-inspired taco recipe (which I will be attempting and potentially blogging about shortly,) an introduction to the character of Wade Wilson/’Deadpool’ to help those unfamiliar with the character to catch up, an interview with ‘iZombie’s’ Rahul Kohli, and a “Which ‘Walking Dead’ Character Are You?” quiz (I got Carol!)– but there was also a pretty fun guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse among the pages of item breakdowns and fan photos, too- although now that I have a samurai sword in my home- I think I’m well-equipped for anything.

I also have to say that Loot Crate’s continued efforts to make their monthly collectors pins look actually collectible (and not cheap) is admirable. This month’s pin was pretty cute, since it was a zombie-fied version of the crate itself- and I’m sure my niece will get a kick out of it.


I do apologize for the quality of this photo, since you can’t quite see the figurine properly- but I had a mini-moment of “I can’t take it out of the packaging!” (I know, I know) and had to make do. This exclusive figurine from Quantum Mechanix designed specifically for Loot Crate- that depicts Deadpool atop an explosion/flames- can be set up with a light shining through the translucent base to make the flames look like they’re actually glowing, which is pretty cool. It’s a decently sized figurine, too- nearly taking up half of the crate!

Although I think this would be fun to get set up on one of my bookshelves- light shining in the base and all- I believe I’ll be passing this figurine onto my equally enthusiastic comic book fan-friend. He has an entire section of his room dedicated to things like this. I know he’ll love it!


My second and final ‘Deadpool’-related item in February’s Loot Crate was this t-shirt that speaks to me on a personal level (there are few things in this world that I love more than quality tacos) courtesy of Fifth Sun– and I’ve already sported this out and about since I received it- much to the amusement of people I’ve passed in public who recognize the character (and given the film’s success- who COULDN’T recognize him?)

I’m loving Loot Crate’s promise of a shirt in every month’s crate this year. I can never have too many of these sorts of things. I love them.


I love, love, LOVE McFarlane Toys. Their attention to even the smallest details is something to behold- and this mini, kind of bobble-head-ish and pose-able figurine of Rick Grimes is no exception. Putting this little toy together was simple, and I just can’t get over how spot-on it looks. From the bandaged hand to the wristwatch to perfecting Andrew Lincoln’s glare. This thing is incredible- and I’m really hoping to find the Daryl one somewhere, too!


And finally, one last ‘Walking Dead’ item- and probably my favorite thing in February’s Loot Crate- was this throwback to season 2 in the form of a soap-on-a-rope version of Daryl’s walker ear necklace from A Crowded Coop. I started laughing when I saw this package at the bottom of my crate- and I couldn’t stop. I never, in a million years, would have expected something as brilliant as this- and I love it so much that I don’t ever want to remove it from it’s packaging. It’s just too perfect.

All in all, I absolutely adored February’s Loot Crate. I thought it was the perfect way to celebrate the release of ‘Deadpool’ and the return of ‘The Walking Dead’ without straying too far from the theme and/or including a bunch of knick-knacks that would take away from the quality and unique-ness of the handful of items that were inside the box. I’m so happy with each thing I received!

I haven’t learned March’s theme yet (any day now!) but if it’s half as good as this ‘DEAD’ one- I’ll be happy.


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  1. Oh man, you would have LOVED this month’s Level Up accessories items! I won’t spoil it just in case, but they seemed right up your alley.

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