Dropping By New England’s Super MegaFest

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This past Saturday, I ventured out to Marlborough, Massachusetts to attend the New England Super MegaFest. In comparison to other comic conventions I’ve been to over the years, NESMF was considerably smaller in size and not particularly advertised as much- but the turnout seemed pretty impressive during the couple of hours I spent saying hello to old friends and perusing numerous merchandise booths and the artist gallery. NESMF was also the first convention I’ve been to in a while where I didn’t wear a costume and just showed up in comfortable casual wear.

I did splurge on a couple of items from artist and writer Drew Blank. The above prints, one of Alex from “A Clockwork Orange” and the other of The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon, were immediate favorites and are currently waiting for frames so that I can display them on my walls. I’ll definitely be purchasing more of these drawings in the future (as well as some of Drew’s dress designs,) because I think they’re absolutely adorable!


While a good portion of the celebrity guests were former pro-wrestlers and 1970’s/80’s TV and film stars- I was beyond surprised (and thrilled) to see The Walking Dead’s Josh McDermitt on the roster. Eugene has been one of my favorite additions to the show, and every promotional appearance I’ve happened to catch that featured Josh has been entertaining. The guy is funny- really funny- and was so sweet and down to Earth. It was an absolute pleasure getting to meet him face-to-face and talk to him. He’s truly a gentleman and it was such a fantastic experience that made the drive to and from the convention worth it.

Josh was also kind enough to sign a photo for me to add to my “Walking Dead” memorabilia scrapbook (I have a book I’m putting together where one side is an autographed photograph of a cast member and the other is a photo of me with said cast member who signed it. It’s just a fun little hobby I started at a small convention a few years ago.)

I think his signed photo might be my favorite so far.



Such a fun afternoon.


Planes, Cakes and Automobiles

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The view from my hotel room! 1.23.15

Hello from my hotel room in Downtown San Diego! I arrived in SoCal late yesterday afternoon for a long weekend of sun, sand, Mexican food, and some rest and relaxation. My 29th birthday was this past Thursday- and since I’ve spent pretty much every celebration of my getting yet another year older bundled up in frigid New England temperatures- I thought a couple of days in warmer weather would be a nice change and do me some good.

So far I’ve spent a little time working out, breaking into even more of a sweat in the sauna, and indulging in a little pampering- and I’m planning on doing some shopping this morning before I head to the beach and then meet up with some local friends for dinner and drinks later on tonight.





Last year for my birthday, my mom surprised me with a small party where she went above and beyond to satisfy my love of all things “The Walking Dead.” This year, knowing how excited I am for “Avengers: Age of Ultron” to be released in the Spring- she decided to stick with a Marvel (and specifically Captain America,) themed party at her house for me with some of my family because even though I’m 29 now- on the cusp of 30- I can still love and appreciate cute toys to add to my growing display of nerd-dom.

I especially loved the chocolate “Hail Ashley” cake, a play on the Marvel baddies, HYDRA- which was so good it was practically evil (see what I did there?) The cake was also huge- so at least I know when I get back to my place from California next week I’ll have more than enough pieces waiting for me!

I can’t wait to see what she does when I turn the big 3-0 next year.

Talk Nerdy to Me.

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For anyone who has read or followed this blog for any considerable amount of time, or who has met me in person, you know- or you have at least had an inkling- that I’m a total and shameless geek. I’m a horror movie connoisseur, I’m an avid gamer, I can have long and heated discussions about which Avenger is the best in the group (Captain America, by the way. End of story,) or which character in “The Walking Dead” is best equipped for long-term survival- and even though I can’t speak Klingon and my comic book collection isn’t as impressive as others- I have a deep appreciation for the brilliant minds behind the artwork, books, movies, and television shows that I’ve come to love and embrace in my nerdy-ness. I also have so much admiration for other fans and the time, energy, and skill they channel into showing their passion for a particular series/character/etc.

Yesterday afternoon I headed down to the Seaport World Trade Center for Boston Comic-Con, which was originally scheduled for April but was postponed due to the Boston Marathon Bombings and the subsequent manhunt for the Tsarnaev brothers in the aftermath. I spent hours meeting wonderful new people, chatting with extraordinary artists, admiring some of the most impressive costumes I’ve ever seen, and running into a couple of famous faces. The convention runs through this evening (Sunday) for anyone in the area who may want to check it out. I personally had a phenomenal time.

Here are some of my favorite costumes/people I ran into:


This guy had an incredible Bumblebee costume. It was massive!

This guy had an incredible Bumblebee costume. It was massive!



Holy shit at the guy in the background photobombing like a champ.

Holy shit at the guy in the background photobombing like a champ.


Rick Grimes & Tyreese!

Rick Grimes & Tyreese!



I had such a mini freak-out over these brilliant Silent Hill costumes.

I had such a mini freak-out over these brilliant Silent Hill costumes.




One of the coolest Tony Stark/Iron Man costumes I've ever seen. This guy was on point.

One of the coolest Tony Stark/Iron Man costumes I’ve ever seen. This guy was on point.




There were so, so, so many more, and I truly wish I could have photographed them all. Major kudos to those who came in costume. You all looked fabulous- and thank you so much to everyone who posed for pictures. You were all so sweet and so fun. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you all!

Speaking of meeting wonderful people. I was fortunate enough to have a quick hello with Kristin Bauer van Straten of “True Blood” fame. She’s GORGEOUS.


Laurie Holden (Her most recent role being Andrea on “The Walking Dead”) was also there- and just as stunning as ever. I had last seen her in June while I was in NYC. Aidan Turner and Dean O’Gorman from “The Hobbit” were present yesterday as well. Very, very cool.

And I didn’t leave without scoring a few awesome things, too. By the end of the day, my purse was bursting with business cards, contact information, and promotional items from different artists and independent publications- but I was especially fond of the following:


The Dixon Brothers figurines from Funko POP! Television are two of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t get over how adorable they are, and it pains me to know that they will forever be left in their respective boxes when all I want to do is cuddle them both. I mean, look at them!



Merle has the little arm attachment, and Daryl has cartoon bags under his eyes. Way too precious (and hilarious.)



I also got a pair of these “pixelated” frames which completely cracked me up. I’m not sure where outside of a comic convention I would ever wear these, but with YouTube’s first ever “Geek Week” kicking off today, who knows? They could come in handy.


And lastly, an adorable addition to my collection of “quirky” jewelry, I took home this 3-D squid cameo necklace from Kay and P. They were kind enough to tie some beautiful ribbon through it, but I plan on getting a chord or a chain to go through the loop to guarantee it won’t come undone and that I won’t lose it somewhere. It’s just so cool looking.

Again, thank you to everyone I met who helped make this such a great experience. I had a blast, and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!

Closet Crushes: Boom! Bang! Ka-Pow!

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In my last post, I had briefly mentioned this comic-book-inspired dress I picked up in NYC this past weekend while at the Wizard World Comic Convention. When I saw it on display on a mannequin within one of the vendor booths, I knew immediately that I had to have it. The colors, the cut- it’s just so unique and the material fits me like a glove. I love wild and bold prints like this.

I had every intention of wearing this dress to work, but with the sides cut out in such a way that reveals way more than what can be considered an “office-appropriate” amount of skin, I opted to wear a thin white tank top underneath to keep myself covered without making the dress look frumpy or feel uncomfortable. For these photos, though, I wanted to show how it fit and looked on it’s own without any additional layers.

To accessorize, I wore simple black peep-toe heels, minimal jewelry, as well as minimal makeup (just a thin line of black eyeliner across my upper lids and some coral lip balm). I’m currently sporting a brightly colored manicure and pedicure that fit the color scheme of the print well, but I figured the dress was loud enough- I didn’t need to add to it and overdo it.



Throughout the course of the day, I was stopped numerous times by people who also seemed to like the dress as much as I do and wanted to get a better look at it or take photographs of it with their cell phones. I almost wish I had worn a cape so I would have looked like a real comic book hero.

I just need a good superhero name. I’m not quite sure “The Amazing Ashley” cuts it.