Closet Crushes: Boom! Bang! Ka-Pow!

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In my last post, I had briefly mentioned this comic-book-inspired dress I picked up in NYC this past weekend while at the Wizard World Comic Convention. When I saw it on display on a mannequin within one of the vendor booths, I knew immediately that I had to have it. The colors, the cut- it’s just so unique and the material fits me like a glove. I love wild and bold prints like this.

I had every intention of wearing this dress to work, but with the sides cut out in such a way that reveals way more than what can be considered an “office-appropriate” amount of skin, I opted to wear a thin white tank top underneath to keep myself covered without making the dress look frumpy or feel uncomfortable. For these photos, though, I wanted to show how it fit and looked on it’s own without any additional layers.

To accessorize, I wore simple black peep-toe heels, minimal jewelry, as well as minimal makeup (just a thin line of black eyeliner across my upper lids and some coral lip balm). I’m currently sporting a brightly colored manicure and pedicure that fit the color scheme of the print well, but I figured the dress was loud enough- I didn’t need to add to it and overdo it.



Throughout the course of the day, I was stopped numerous times by people who also seemed to like the dress as much as I do and wanted to get a better look at it or take photographs of it with their cell phones. I almost wish I had worn a cape so I would have looked like a real comic book hero.

I just need a good superhero name. I’m not quite sure “The Amazing Ashley” cuts it.


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