February 2016: In a Nutshell.

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Up, up and away!

Up, up and away!

Happy Leap Day, everyone!

… And Happy Birthday to those of you who were born on this day and who have been forced to re-arrange your birthday celebrations every year between Leap Years. My heart goes out to you.

I’ll be celebrating this joyous intercalary occurrence in grand fashion- by working, of course- but I fully plan on savoring a delicious meal and an indulgent dessert tonight before I prepare for March and what I’m most excited for in the coming month- the arrival of Spring!

But what about this past February- a month where I truly had the best intentions to accomplish a great deal in terms of travel and blogging- but fell a little short as I got caught up in some pretty wild, unpredictable weather (we had a crazy thunderstorm the other night that downed a bunch of trees and power lines. A thunderstorm- in February!- Just days after we had snow flurries!) and working a whole bunch, instead? A month where the time spent outdoors shoveling snow was only matched by the time spent indoors watching the returns of some of my favorite shows like ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Agent Carter’, and ‘Broad City’ (and also marathoning the cringe-inducing shot of nostalgia, ‘Fuller House’ on Netflix? I’m not proud of that one..)

Well, the good news is that my delayed plans will certainly make for an exciting and busy March. The bad news is that February’s ‘In a Nutshell’ post might feel a little uneventful to some.  I know me prattling on about my finally starting my new work schedule (I have Tuesdays and Sundays off as of this past week- which means there’s potential for some interesting weekday adventures!) and how glorious Rick & Michonne on ‘The Walking Dead’ are can be a little boring to everyone else but me- but that was essentially my month as I finally adjusted to my new routine!

So what do I have planned in the coming weeks? Quite a few day trips, for starters- including that one to NYC that I had to postpone due to a pretty dodgy snow/ice storm that rolled through here a couple of weeks ago- some new recipe/kitchen experiments to share (one being what I can only describe as the greatest dessert ever), some more urban exploration/photography posts now that Spring is on it’s way and I can venture outdoors for a little longer without freezing to death- and I’d also like to try getting a little more personal on the blog with posts about my relationships, career, health & fitness, struggles with anxiety- and some of my hopes, dreams and goals I’ve been working towards since New Years.

I may also be planning on channeling my inner Daryl Dixon with some crossbow lessons pretty soon. That recap (and the photos) should be pretty entertaining.

But regardless of how I spend my March- I doubt it’ll come anywhere near to being a glorious as Leonardo Dicaprio’s is now that he FINALLY won an Oscar last night! What an exceptional way to close out this month!



‘Til next time!


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