GLOSSYBOX: February 2016 Review.

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Even though Valentine’s Day was last week, I’ve still been still loving the last bits of romance-inspired products and subscription services I’ve been receiving in recent days. My POPSUGAR ‘Must Have’ Box was just the tip of the iceberg. In actuality, it was GlossyBox’s heart-covered container- loaded with indulgent products- that provided a fitting finale for the month of February (try saying that five times fast.)

Although I’ve been on the fence lately about sticking with GlossyBox or finally canceling my subscription after all this time, I love when they do things like this and switch up not only their box designs- but the products contained within- to keep people on their toes. It’s a breath of fresh air when the brands and the variety start to feel a little stale.

Let’s take a look at what I got!


Teeez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick in ‘Heat Wave Ruby’ (*Full Size!*)

être belle Cosmetics Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll-On

GLAMGLOW ‘THIRSTYCLEANSE’ Daily Hydrating Cleanser

Benefit Cosmetics ‘The POREfessional’ Face Primer

BioRepublic SkinCare’s Green Tea Detox Sheet Mask (*Full Size!*)



Product # 1: Teeez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick in ‘Heat Wave Ruby’ ($22)

I have to hand it to GlossyBox for introducing me to brands I otherwise may have never heard of. Case in point? Teeez Cosmetics- who first piqued my interest with a clear nail top coat/lacquer (and their bright and funky packaging) I received in a separate GlossyBox last Spring. While the top coat wasn’t necessarily mind-blowing- this lipstick was. This product, highly pigmented and non-drying, applies more like a lip stain- and it stays in place for twice as long. I loved the texture of this formula, the matte finish, the rich ruby shade (which made my teeth look dazzling and complimented my complexion perfectly!) and the longevity. I made it through my morning coffee and well into my lunch break at work without needing a touch-up. Fabulous!

Would I Purchase?: Yes! This was an unexpected and new-favorite find in February’s GlossyBox- and a shade/product I would definitely re-purchase in the future (although I believe this color is limited edition!) I know Teeez frequently switches up their collections and colors on their website, and I’m hoping they release a coral/peach version of this formula for the impending warmer months. I’d happily scoop up a bunch of those, too.


Product # 2: être belle Cosmetics Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll-On ($22)

It feels like a lifetime ago, but it’s really only been a couple of short years since I was last subscribed to the pick-your-own-samples subscription service, Beauty Army. The beginning of the end of my interest in the service- leading up to my eventual cancellation of my account- came not only when each month offered cheaper and more repetitive products, but also when I received a sample of eye cream that caused entirely more damage than good when it unexpectedly burned me after application. The skin around and under my eyes was dry, flaking, red and itchy for days after use- and I was left VERY cautious of what I use for eye creams/gels.

Although my experience with this roll-on eye gel didn’t cause any visible or permanent damage (at least none that I can notice, anyway)– this product still stung like crazy after the first couple of initial applications. So much, in fact- that I caught myself trying to dab it off with my fingertips when it got to be too much for me to take. Even after I’d spread it out a little more- I didn’t notice any significant results around my eyes’ in terms of brightness, smoothness, or softness come the next morning. The skin around my eyes looked and felt the same- so the irritation was all for nothing.

Would I Purchase?: No. This eye cream just wasn’t for me at all. It burned, it made me tear up- and I didn’t notice any difference after the few times I gave this roll-on my best shot and tried to persevere through the pain. It was disappointing, to say the least- although I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since caviar doesn’t sound like something that should be anywhere near my eyes, anyway.


Product # 3: GLAMGLOW ‘THIRSTYCLEANSE’ Daily Hydrating Cleanser ($39)

Last month, I had raved about my favorite cleanser of the moment- GLAMGLOW’s ‘YOUTHCLEANSE’ exfoliating cleanser- which was a sort of mud-to-foam formula once I added water. Since I always follow up that cleanser with a moisturizer- I never took into consideration that I might need something a little more hydrating for these final, cold Winter weeks as Spring struggles to reach (and stay!) in New England. Thankfully, GlossyBox had me covered with a sample of this more moisturizing formula of my daily cleanser- and I’m hooked. Not only does this cleanser make my skin feel just as squeaky clean as my YOUTHCLEASE one- but my skin is also left super soft and very smooth. I still moisturize after each use (of course!) but I feel like I don’t have to use as much of my moisturizer when I pair it with this cleanser.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! GLAMGLOW got me again. I love this cleanser. It cleans out my pores without drying me out and conditions my skin at the same time- which is something I desperately need this time of year. I have a feeling I’ll be picking up a full-sized bottle of this in the coming weeks since I’m nearly out of my YOUTHCLEANSE.


Product # 4: Benefit Cosmetics ‘The POREfessional’ Face Primer ($31)

I’ve never really had much luck with primers. Either they don’t work, period- and my makeup doesn’t stay in place at all, or worse- I have an allergic reaction or break out like crazy. For that reason, I’ve focused more on setting my makeup properly and less on selecting one of the myriads of primers available at Sephora. Even still- my friends and colleagues rave about this primer from Benefit (a brand I otherwise like very much!) and having received a sample in February’s GlossyBox- I didn’t see the harm in giving it a try.

First things first, I like the texture of this primer. It’s sort of this light, fluffy consistency that sinks right into/onto my skin- and at first glance it really did do a good job at giving otherwise troublesome areas around my T-Zone a fresh, flawless appearance. My makeup glided over this primer without creasing or looking caked on, which was a plus- and even after a full day at work and post-office dinner (and a cocktail)- my foundation and concealer still looked natural and even. And pores? What pores? I couldn’t see them. I think I’ve finally found “the one”!

Would I Purchase?: Yes! A little goes a long way with this sample, especially if you only concentrate on problem areas like I do- so this tube should last me a few more weeks before I’m due to restock and replenish- but I’ll be turning to this primer in the future since it worked wonders on my T-Zone and helped give me one less thing to worry about when it comes to getting my face on.


Product # 5: BioRepublic SkinCare’s Green Tea Detox Sheet Mask ($4.99)

I will never, ever, EVER say no to sheet masks. I love this craze- particularly the convenience and the results I usually get when I use them. I’m a big fan of green tea, and I enjoy a good detox from time to time- so naturally I was all about trying this mask as soon as possible. Like pretty much every other sheet mask, you have to be patient when getting it out of the packaging (and not mind getting whatever gel/cream it’s saturated in all over your fingers) and getting it to sit just right on your face to give you that nice Leatherface from ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ look. You have to be even more patient while you let it sit, cool, and tingle on your skin for 15 minutes (I usually just lay down in the quiet for a while and pretend I’m getting a spa treatment somewhere remote outside the city.)

After I peeled this mask off- my skin did look brighter, felt softer- and I noticed a couple of small blemishes I had by my chin were significantly less red and painful. I wouldn’t mind using this type of mask again!

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I thought this brand/mask worked really well with my sensitive and often overworked skin. At $4.99 per mask, I’d happily stock up on a few in the future to use throughout the week after a long day at work and braving New England climates.

With the exception of the eye cream, February’s GlossyBox was a hit for me. I really enjoyed the lipstick and the sheet mask, and found new products to covet from GLAMGLOW and Benefit all at once. It also goes without saying that I adored the festive coloring/theme of the box itself- and plan to use it for the next time I need to package a gift or store products around my home.

I believe we’ll be back to the usual pink & black boxes from GlossyBox next month- but I’m looking forward to seeing the products!


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  1. I’m a loyal reader of your reviews and would love to see where you sign up for your samples. I have always been leery of trying new products and seem to find myself drawn to your reviews about the products you get in your samples.. Please email me as to further advice or suggestions on sample boxes abs products you prefer:

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