POPSUGAR Must Have Box: January 2016

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Finally, to wrap-up my subscription service review posts for the month of January is my personal favorite- my POPSUGAR Must-Have Box! I’ve only been a member of this service since last Summer- but I have yet to receive anything I didn’t really love- and the value of the items that are included always surpasses the cost of the box (and shipping & handling) each month. More than that, the variety of the assorted products is always really unique and interesting- ranging anywhere from food, beauty, books, tech, and home decor- among other things.

I had received the outline of January’s inspirations/theme a while back- and was pretty excited to see what was inside the actual box since I’m very much all about that New Year renewal/rejuvenation thing. To kick off 2016, POPSUGAR turned to RENEWAL, ORGANIZATION, DETOX, NEW YEAR, and HEALTHY HABITS for their inspiration with putting the assortment of products together.

Let’s take a look and what I received!


To kick off the ‘ORGANIZATION’ aspect of January’s POPSUGAR box, I was really happy to receive this beautiful 2016 planner from Blue Sky. I have a small planner I keep in my purse to jot down appointments or reminders (and it was recently featured in my ‘January Hits List’ post!)– but this one is very detailed and designed specifically to meet and maintain both short-term and long-term goals. I’ll be keeping this at my desk at work for motivation!

I was also sent a copy of Maria Kondo (a bestselling author and cleaning consultant)‘s manual on tidying up, ‘Spark Joy’. Although I’ve flipped through the book, I have yet to fully implement it’s teachings as of yet- although I plan to in the coming days after I get home from work! I want a spotless, organized home!



I was so, so thrilled to receive this set of body washes from Not Soap, Radio in this month’s box. Each decently-sized bottle has a different fragrance, infused with different extracts to illicit a range of emotions/feelings- and they all smell SO good. These are perfect for travel, too- since they’re not too big to pack and not too small where they’ll get lost easily in the shuffle of everything. They come in a handy, clear zip-pouch, as well- which makes keeping track of them all a little bit easier.


Sheet masks are all the rage right now, and I am shamelessly and helplessly aboard that bandwagon. I love them- and there’s nothing that makes me feel more relaxed than taking off my makeup after a long day of work and resting a sheet mask over my face while I kick back in my bed or on my couch in my fleece pajamas and let it work it’s magic on my skin.

It’s nice to see POPSUGAR keeping the trend alive and well by sending a trio of five-minute sheet masks from Patchology in January’s Must Have boxes- each one made to target a different skin concern. I’ll definitely be using these up in no time at all!


I was actually a bit surprised to see a simple tube of chap stick in a POPSUGAR box- but I’ll never say no to it since Winter is awful on my skin/hair/lips. This new age-defying formula is vanilla-scented and is loaded with argan oil to help repair my lips from current damage and protect them from further dryness/peeling/cracking. I’ll take it and I won’t complain about it.


Priced at $40, this pebble-speckled storage bin from Pehr Designs is officially the most expensive item included in January’s Must Have box. I like the colors of this bin, since they match pretty much anything in my home- and despite how compact it looks in the packaging all folded up- this bin can hold a LOT of stuff! I’ve been using this to keep my hats and gloves in one place so I’m not left scrambling before I leave for work in the morning- and it’s definitely come in handy!


I don’t know how many of you have ever tried Project 7 Gum– but it’s pretty wild. It comes in a variety of off-the-wall-flavors, all of which taste exactly like they’re described (I recently had the birthday cake flavored gum and it blew my mind how spot-on it was to tasting like actual vanilla cake)– so to receive a packet of one of the newer taste tests- sno-cone- was fun. I’m still searching for the kettle corn popcorn-flavored Gum- but this’ll do ’til then!

Also, Project 7 does some serious charity work across the board- so it’s nice that POPSUGAR is helping get their name out there to their subscribers and beyond so more people can get interested and support their causes. You can check out Project 7’s website for more information on their partnerships and charitable contributions.


Finally, this month’s coupon (the unique code was edited out so I could post this online!) was for 25% off any order from Pehr Designs- the company who created the storage bin shown above. I actually think I’ll be ordering a few more bins to place around the other rooms in my home, so this will come in handy when I sit down to make the purchase! It was nice of POPSUGAR to include this.

All in all, I liked January’s Must Have box very much. The chapstick and the gum threw me off a little- if only because they were small compared to everything else in the box and nearly got misplaced for a second during my opening of everything- but I thought the composition of items was well thought-out and interesting. I’ve already been getting a lot of use out of most of the things I received, and I can’t wait to start the ‘Spark Joy’ book!

I’m not sure what February’s theme/inspiration will be just yet- since those spoilers usually arrive in my inbox during the second or third week of the month- but I’m suspecting it will be something Valentine’s Day-related. Chocolate, maybe? (Hopefully.)

I’ll just have to wait and see.

Until next month’s unboxings- that’s it for my January subscription service reviews!


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