Loot Crate: January 2016.

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Next up in this week’s wrap-up of my January subscription services is my 2nd favorite company- Loot Crate. For those who need a refresher, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box service that sends out different “nerdy” and geek-centic items for gamers/comic book fans/cult classic enthusiasts/etc. centered around the designated theme for the month (for example, past months’ themes have included but were not limited to “Villains”, “Combat”, and “Horror” just to name a few.) Items can range anywhere from toys to t-shirts, accessories to books. You never really know what you’re going to get until it arrives at your door!

January’s theme, to coincide with the recent limited-episode reboot of ‘The X-Files’ and new trailer for ‘Independence Day II’ (WHERE IS WILL SMITH?!) was ‘INVASION”. Now, having openly admitted my fear of all things outer space (‘Gravity’ was essentially a horror movie for me)– I was a little nervous in my not knowing what to expect. Fortunately, Loot Crate didn’t include anything too traumatizing- and I actually enjoyed January’s box very much.

Let me show you what I received!


First up in January’s Loot Crate are the usual items: the monthly collector’s pin and mini-magazine. It looks like Loot Crate might be trying something different with their pins this year, because the one I received this month was actually pretty nice quality (no offense to the company, but their pins leading up to this point looked pretty flimsy and cheap.) I can’t say for certain I’m going to start becoming an avid collector- but it did catch my eye!

This month’s magazine, touching more on the “INVASION” theme, offered tips on how to survive an extra-terrestrial takeover (everything I learned about that I learned from the movie ‘Signs’, however,) and a really handy guide to catching up on ‘The X-Files’ with key plot points and character breakdowns.  The magazine also featured a rather freaky article about different types of invaders already here on Earth (castrator barnacles, anyone? Yikes.) and small games and puzzles within it’s pages. I always turn to the mini-magazine when it comes to reviewing the products I’ve received, too- since it includes a lot of helpful information.


Part of Loot Crate’s re-vamped style for 2016 included the promise that each month’s box would feature a t-shirt, and although some of their past designs and collaborations have been questionable- I’m really liking the look of this ‘X-Files’ shirt- a collaboration with Threadless and created by the winner of a design contest. The fabric of the shirt is soft-not scratchy- and it’s big enough to not have to worry about shrinking it right away. Awesome!



I think my favorite item in January’s Loot Crate was this plush Facehugger from ‘ALIENS’. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it- and then I turned it over, saw it’s adorable little face- and laughed even harder. This is going in my bedroom for sure- because I know it’s going to look pretty incredible when I prop it up against my pillows.

The plush also came with a rubber band so that I could attach it to my face if and when I decide a selfie is appropriate (and I suspect I’ll be taking one in an hour or so.)


A couple of weeks ago, I hosted my best friend Sean’s 30th birthday party at Dave & Busters. For those who are not familiar- it’s a chain restaurant/bar/arcade for adults only- even though there were a ton of toddlers running around for some inexplicable reason. But I digress. While we were there, waiting to be seated, we made our way to the arcade and I made my way to an old school style ‘Space Invaders’ game to brush up on my skills. Ten intense (and infuriating) minutes later, and I had to walk away to rest my cramped up joystick hand.

This candy-colored figurine is definitely less stressful than the pixelated ones on the screen- and dare I say, cuter? I shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a spot for this somewhere.


The second and final ‘X-Files’ related item in January’s Loot Crate came in the form of this water-resistant LED flashlight (with batteries!) which is actually INSANELY helpful and has found a home in the glove compartment of my car in the case of an emergency. I love when Loot Crate includes items like this from time to time, because they’re not only fun- but they’re practical, too.

I always recommend keeping a flashlight and batteries somewhere in your vehicle- so this came right in time just as I was getting ready to update all of my emergency kit gear for the next big snowstorm we have here in New England!


Oh God. I knew this day would come. The day where I’d have to finally open up and admit that I’m not a fan of ‘The Fifth Element’. Not at all. I actually can’t stand the movie- and I cringed when I opened up this prop replica of the Multi Pass featured in the film. I’ll be gifting this one for sure, since I have a couple of friends who love TFE and will no doubt get a kick out being able to use their own identification cards in place of Leeloo’s (the ID card can be replaced by simply sliding it in or out of the plastic holder.)

If I were a fan of the movie, I’m sure I’d be happy with the quality of this replica- but I’m just… Not… So…

Moving on!


My mother is currently in the process of making preparations to convert a large workshop my father built in her backyard a long time ago into a mini-movie theater- complete with reclining seats, lit aisles, a marquee and a vintage popcorn maker and concession stand- among other things. Since she began the project, she’s been collecting old Hollywood memorabilia- so when I saw these two high quality vintage sci-fi art prints in this month’s Loot Crate, I knew she’d love to place them on the walls when she eventually got the place decorated. These are fantastic prints (and I love ‘War of the Worlds’!)

Overall, I was pretty happy with this month’s Loot Crate. I thought the items that were chosen to be included were unique but consistent with January’s theme. I have a couple of things I’ll be keeping for myself and a couple of things I’ll be gifting to loved ones- which is always a plus with a subscription service.

I was just recently notified that the theme for February’s crate was going to be “DEAD” (as in ‘Deadpool’- yay! And ‘The Walking Dead’- YAAAAAAYYY!) so I’m already super excited to see what I get!


3 thoughts on “Loot Crate: January 2016.

  1. This was the first Loot Crate I ever received! I really like the concept, and can’t wait to see what else they send my way. I thought it was quite fitting that the little Space Invaders guy that came in the box is the same one in my logo. Synchronicity much?! Or maybe future-me is having some fun at my expense. Either way – long live the Crate!

  2. I’ve done Loot Crate from time to time and chose not to get this one. But I am a HUGE Bruce Willis fan and would have LOVED to have gotten the multi pass. Gifting some of the items is always a plus when you have “nerd” friends and family. I’m hoping for a Batman/Superman lootcrate in March!!

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