GLOSSYBOX: January 2016 Review.

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Before I write about my birthday, the blizzard, or do my wrap-up for the month of January- I wanted to go over my three monthly subscription services, all of which arrived in my postbox within days of each other- starting with GlossyBox. After last month’s red and white holiday-themed assortment of items, this month saw the company return to it’s trademark pink and black packaging and no specific theme laid out in the information card included in each month’s box.

With two full-sized items inside- the products I received in January’s GlossyBox covered makeup, moisturizers, and hair care.

Let’s take a look at what I got!


MeMeMe Lip Glide in ‘Playful Peach’ (*Full Size!*)

Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse Gentle Clarifying Treatment

Emite Makeup Diamond Heart Base Primer (*Full Size!*)

Royal Apothic Moisturizing Body Cream in ‘Cutting Garden’

-417 Nourishing Foot Cream



Product # 1: MeMeMe Lip Glide in ‘Playful Peach’ ($12.50)

Ah, yes- we are officially in the season of all things matte. Matte eye shadow, matte lipsticks, matte leggings (it’s a thing that exists!) and while I’ll never shy away from a matte red, wine color, or neutral tone for the Fall/Winter- a matte coral seems a little unusual, if not downright unseasonal for mid-January. Regardless, I still tried this lip pencil from MeMeMe for reviewing purposes.

The color, a bright peach/coral- is very pigmented when applied with 2-3 swipes over the lips- and appears matte as promised on the packaging and in the product’s description. Unfortunately, with my pale skin- the tone almost immediately washed me out completely. While the application of the pencil itself is smooth, the formula does seem to make my lips look a little dry once it sets in. Lines and creases are clearly visible- and the product doesn’t last very long. A few sips of my coffee and the color was all but gone and needed to be re-applied again to keep my lips from looking patchy and uneven.

Thankfully, this pencil doesn’t dry my lips out the way other, similar products tend to do- but even still- I wasn’t all that impressed with this.

Would I Purchase?: No. This pencil was just not for me at all. Between the unflattering color, the dry-looking appearance, and the disappointing longevity- I’m going to have to pass on this product and stick to my usual matte lipsticks for long-lasting, rich texture and tone.


Product # 2: Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse Gentle Clarifying Treatment ($10)

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you- the label on this bottle of clarifying hair treatment is indeed a little wonky. So much, in fact- that I had to go online to research and read the instructions before I used this lemon-scented rinse to make sure I was doing it correctly. Thankfully, the directions are pretty simple. After shampooing and conditioning my hair as usual, I combed some of this product through my still damp curls and let it sink in for roughly 30 seconds to a minute or so before rinsing it out and styling as usual.

What I was left with was shiny, soft, healthy-feeling hair that was free from breakage and frizz (and it also smelled like lemonade which was admittedly very nice!) I didn’t think anything that was left on for the bare minimum of time would have such great results- but I was pleasantly surprised by this product- and for $10 for a full-sized bottle you can’t go wrong.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! This rinse was a great find and worked wonders on my hair. I was very impressed with the results I achieved after just a couple of uses, and the fact that it smells nice and is safe for color-treated hair is an added bonus. The price point is ridiculously fair, in my opinion- and I plan on ordering a couple of full-sized bottles to keep in my shower and in my overnight bag the next time I travel to maintain my curls looking clean and vibrant.


Product # 3: Emite Makeup Diamond Heart Base Primer ($29)

It’s not very often I fall in love with a makeup primer, as many in the past have either caused breakouts, made me look shiner than usual, or just didn’t keep my makeup in place, period- but here we are and here I am- swearing by this primer by Emite Makeup. This lightly-tinted formula that has a faint and familiar scent I couldn’t quite put my finger on- applied easily and felt lightweight on my skin- not greasy or slick. When it dried, my face appeared dewy without looking overly oily- and it helped keep my foundation in place all day without sliding off or creasing anywhere.

I think what I like best about this primer is that it sort of doubles as a skin perfecting and brightening BB cream. You can wear it on it’s own for sheer coverage and not have to worry about it clogging your pores or anything. I like to throw this on (with some mascara and lip gloss) when I’m just running a couple of errands and don’t necessarily want to deal with a full face of makeup- and it still makes my skin look nice!

Would I Purchase?: Yes! This is one of those rare instances when a makeup primer actually worked really well for me. I love this formula, and how it can be worn under foundation or by itself. I loved it’s staying power- and I especially love it’s price since it costs a fraction of what I’ve spent on other primers or BB creams in the past that didn’t work nearly as well for me!


Product # 4: Royal Apothic Moisturizing Body Cream in ‘Cutting Garden’ ($30)

I’m a pretty big fan of nearly every Royal Apothic product I’ve received in my subscription services to date, so I was excited to see this lovely packaged tube of body cream by the company in January’s GlossyBox. ‘Cutting Garden’, a very pretty floral fragrance, rubbed into my skin quickly and evenly- instantly hydrating any dry spots or patches without making the not-so-dry spots and patches feel slick or greasy (my biggest pet peeve with moisturizers!)

Hours later, my skin was still soft, smooth, and lightly scented. To say I love this cream is an understatement, and although $30 is a little on the steep side for a full-sized tube- I can easily picture myself picking up a couple for friends who appreciate a good hydrating cream as much as I do! (I sense a giveaway coming up soon…)

Would I Purchase?: Yes! Royal Apothic had yet another hit with this body cream. I loved the results, the fragrance, and the beautiful packaging. Although the price-point is a little more on the expensive side- I think this is a great item to splurge on for yourself and an even better item to give as a thoughtful gift for those trying to get through harsh Winters, too! This formula comes in a variety of fragrances, but I’m quite keen on ‘Cutting Garden’ as it is!


Product # 5: -417 Nourishing Foot Cream ($18)

The other night I was telling a friend how long overdue for a decent pedicure I was. Winter- and my knee-high boots- have been absolute Hell on my heels. They’re dry and cracked- and no amount of lotion or cream seems to do the trick even if I vigorously and religiously apply it. I wasn’t expecting much from this small yellow tube of cream- but I gave it a whirl anyway.

First things first, this cream does not smell like your usual, every day pedi-product. There’s no traces of mint, or lavender. Instead, this lightweight cream has a woodsy fragrance- almost like men’s cologne- but not nearly as strong or potent. I rather liked the smell of it, and didn’t mind that it stayed on my hands well after I applied this all over my heels, soles, and toes.

The cream IS moisturizing- and my skin definitely felt softer as I wrapped my feet in fuzzy slipper socks and went to bed- but by the next morning, my heels still felt a little dry and scratchy. After two more nights of pre-bedtime application, my feet slowly but surely began to feel a little smoother and less dry overall- so this is a product that will work gradually over time. If you’re looking for a quick fix- this isn’t the cream for you.

Would I Purchase?: Maybe. I think this foot cream would be ideal in the Spring/Summer when the air is less dry and cold and I’m not wearing boots at all times- but for this time of year- I don’t think it’s heavy duty enough for me as I battle through Winter. I’m going to need something much stronger to keep my skin from perpetual dryness and cracking- but I could see myself using this product when the weather warms up.

With only one product I wasn’t a fan of (and one I’m still a little on the fence about)– January’s box was fortunately anything but a bust for me. I loved the hair rinse, the body cream, and especially the makeup primer- which makes this assortment of items a really good way for the service to kick off 2016. It’s a strong start- and I hope GlossyBox can keep up the momentum into the new year.

I was recently sent a spoiler for February’s box- a themed one (my favorite!)– that I’m really looking forward to receiving and reviewing next month!

‘Til then!


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