When Life Hands You Lemons…

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To go into detailing the benefits of early morning intakes of hot water with lemon and afternoon sips of fruit-infused water would be beating a dead horse, sounding like a broken record, etc. The truth is, there are already so many articles available out there that outline the pros of this very simple addition to your daily routine.

Long story short- hot water with lemon, when drank first thing in the morning- helps boost metabolism, acts as a natural daily detox for the body, brightens and clears your skin, is a great source of Vitamin C, and much much more.

And it tastes pretty good, too! A little bitter, sure- but not terrible.


I own a cute water bottle from Define Bottle that makes mixing fruit-infused water for on-the-go really simple- but when I’m at home- I like to prepare a pitcher or container to store in the fridge for when I squeeze in an evening workout and need to stay hydrated or when I just want a refreshing drink after a hot day. Lemon and lime is one of my favorite combinations as of late (and anything with orange in it,) since I really love citrus flavors- so in the morning while I’m brewing some hot water to sip before I start my day- I kill two birds with one stone and slice up some limes, too.


I typically drink about two cups/mugs of hot water and lemon every morning, and have noticed some amazing results since I started. I have a lot of energy (without the shaking I typically get whenever I chug my morning latte,) my skin is glowing- and I’ve shed a couple of pounds I didn’t even know I had lingering around! Given the simplicity that comes with just throwing a couple of lemon slices into hot water- I’m kicking myself for not starting this routine sooner.


Any water that doesn’t make it into my morning mug is stored in this glass pitcher with the left over lemon slices and the freshly prepped lime, and left to cool for the day. In the evening, when I want water with a kick (and not bottled flavored water- because those ALWAYS taste gross,) or plan on doing some living room yoga or crunch and squat sessions- I pour some from the pitcher and enjoy.

I’m gradually phasing out coffees and espresso from my diet all together and replacing them with less strong teas, juices, and of course- the hot water with lemon. I plan on doing a post on some of my other favorite infused water concoctions in the future, as well as some more smoothie recipes and brewing tips for anyone who is interested in healthier alternatives to caffeinated drinks that are packed with sugar or who just want something easy to make and enjoy when they’re in a rush.

And of course, I’d love to hear your recipes if you want to share!

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