In Bloom.

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I think it’s safe to say that New England completely bypassed Spring and dove straight into Summer this year, what with temperatures hitting the high 70s and 80s nearly every day. It feels like I’ve been rocking rompers and sandals a little prematurely, but I’m not complaining one bit. After the winter we had here- I’ll gladly take scorching temperatures and even humidity any time, any day. Just give me the sunshine. All of it!

The sudden appearance of Summer-esque weather after a brief few days of cooler, Springtime conditions has thrown off the usual time frame of flowers and trees blooming. Some trees are still pretty bare, probably afraid it’ll start snowing all over again- while others are flourishing- like the one pictured above in my mom’s front yard that I photographed this past weekend while her and I spent Mother’s Day together.

I’ve been putting the final touches on some posts (and sitting in front of an oscillating fan) that will be up here at the blog over the course of the next few days- so be sure to check back!- but I also felt inspired by the recent weather to make a little playlist of some fun, freeing, and Summery songs over at my 8Tracks page.

This is “Summer’s In the Air” and it includes tracks by Brandon Flowers, Kristin Diable, and In The Valley Below- among others!

I hope those who give it a listen enjoy it!



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