April Hits List!

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Good Morning! It’s FINALLY Friday, and what a tiring week it’s been! I’ve been so preoccupied with training on new software at my job and preparing for an extended weekend on the West Coast in a couple of weeks that I haven’t had much time for anything else apart from working out and sleeping as much as I can- and don’t even get me started on the never-ending April showers that have plagued New England these past few days.

I did find some time to put together a few of my favorite things from this month, however- and while it isn’t a ton of stuff by any means- they’ve mostly been lifesavers leading up to now.

As always, I thought I’d start with the items/objects that were easier to photograph before jumping right into some of the other miscellaneous things I’ve been loving throughout April- so without further delay- here’s my “Hits List” for April 2017:

I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard in the past few weeks- not only because nicer weather makes it easier to exercise and savor the outdoors- but because I want to look good when I head out to Vegas and California next month. So far, my results have been really great- and there’s no lack of motivation to keep going because of it!

Of course, after working up a sweat- the first thing I want to do after I get out of my gym clothes is wash my face. I have a couple of different cleansers that I use in the mornings and the evenings- but I wanted something mild for a post-workout refresher that would clean any dirt/oil/sweat from of my pores without drying me out. I’ve really, really, REALLY been liking this brightening face wash from Aveeno lately. It cleanses and conditions my skin- and I have actually noticed a visible difference in my complexion’s clarity and overall texture since I started using this, too!

And I can’t wash my face without a follow-up moisturizer. Again, I didn’t want anything too heavy like my morning and nighttime creams- so I turned to Neutrogena’s lightweight and oil-free face lotion to help me out. I like that this formula not only keeps my skin soft and doesn’t clog my pores- but my skin actually feels a little firmer, too. It’s a pretty good feeling after a long workout- and the price of both the face wash and the moisturizer don’t break the bank, either.

When it comes to makeup and cosmetics- I never shy away from experimenting or trying different brands and products- but when it comes to reliable foundation? I almost always turn to Tarte Cosmetics. Their coverage is amazing and their cover-up actually matches my skin tone perfectly!

I’ve been wearing their Rainforest of The Sea water foundation (with SPF 15) lately- and although the eyedropper applicator can be a little tricky to those with even the steadiest hands and strongest of Beauty Blenders- I’m in love with this! It covers any blemishes/imperfections completely, but it still feels so light on my skin- like I’m not wearing anything at all- and it doesn’t budge!

Even after a long day at the office- my skin always looks radiant.

I have a sweet tooth- which isn’t always a good thing when you’re dieting and trying to reach a fitness goal you’ve set for yourself- so I was pretty excited when my co-worker introduced me to the gourmet candy shop Sugarfina, and specifically their champagne and Rosé-infused gummi bears. These things taste ridiculously good and aren’t loaded with fat- which means I can eat a handful at my desk guilt-free!

I’ve personally developed an obsession with their “Bubbly Bears”, which are dusted in a thin coat of sour sugar to give each bear that fizzy feeling on your tongue- but I recommend trying pretty much anything from Sugarfina. They have something to satisfy everyone!

I’ve heard of copper-infused water bottles before, but only recently discovered their magic and wonder courtesy of this sky blue bottle from PURE. I was skeptical of the notion that this bottle could keep a beverage cold (or hot!) for 24 hours- so it pretty much blew my mind when it actually did and the water I sipped after work was just as cold as it was when I’d first poured it into the bottle that morning. It’s awesome.

I hear there’s a lot of health benefits to drinking water from a copper bottle, too- although I don’t know how accurate those statements are. All I know is that my water is always ice cold and it thankfully doesn’t taste metallic- so I’m sold!

Finally, I couldn’t resist picking up this “New Phone- Who Dis?” Ouija pin from Gimme Flair. It’s currently tacked onto my leather jacket and so many people crack up whenever they lean in to catch a glimpse of it. The photo above doesn’t do it justice. It’s really such a great accessory and one I’ve been truly having fun with over the past few weeks!

And that’s it for the photogenic favorites- but a couple of other things made the list,too!


– “Archer: Dreamland” – I’ve loved this series since day one, and each season just gets better and better- but “Dreamland” (set in 1940’s noir while Archer is in a coma from the events of the last season) is side-splitting funny. Krieger and Pam remain my favorite characters!

– “Mystery Science Theater 3000” – Netflix is bringing me all things wonderful and pure lately, including the reboot to one of my favorite shows! I’ve been binging on this when I have the time- usually at night after a long day- and it’s just as fantastic as ever. My love of bad movies with sarcastic commentary by robots knows no bounds.

Alright everyone- I think that’s pretty much it for the month of April. My look back on these past few weeks will be up this weekend before we launch into May- where I’m sure I’ll have more favorites to share!

Enjoy your Friday!


When Life Hands You Lemons…

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To go into detailing the benefits of early morning intakes of hot water with lemon and afternoon sips of fruit-infused water would be beating a dead horse, sounding like a broken record, etc. The truth is, there are already so many articles available out there that outline the pros of this very simple addition to your daily routine.

Long story short- hot water with lemon, when drank first thing in the morning- helps boost metabolism, acts as a natural daily detox for the body, brightens and clears your skin, is a great source of Vitamin C, and much much more.

And it tastes pretty good, too! A little bitter, sure- but not terrible.


I own a cute water bottle from Define Bottle that makes mixing fruit-infused water for on-the-go really simple- but when I’m at home- I like to prepare a pitcher or container to store in the fridge for when I squeeze in an evening workout and need to stay hydrated or when I just want a refreshing drink after a hot day. Lemon and lime is one of my favorite combinations as of late (and anything with orange in it,) since I really love citrus flavors- so in the morning while I’m brewing some hot water to sip before I start my day- I kill two birds with one stone and slice up some limes, too.


I typically drink about two cups/mugs of hot water and lemon every morning, and have noticed some amazing results since I started. I have a lot of energy (without the shaking I typically get whenever I chug my morning latte,) my skin is glowing- and I’ve shed a couple of pounds I didn’t even know I had lingering around! Given the simplicity that comes with just throwing a couple of lemon slices into hot water- I’m kicking myself for not starting this routine sooner.


Any water that doesn’t make it into my morning mug is stored in this glass pitcher with the left over lemon slices and the freshly prepped lime, and left to cool for the day. In the evening, when I want water with a kick (and not bottled flavored water- because those ALWAYS taste gross,) or plan on doing some living room yoga or crunch and squat sessions- I pour some from the pitcher and enjoy.

I’m gradually phasing out coffees and espresso from my diet all together and replacing them with less strong teas, juices, and of course- the hot water with lemon. I plan on doing a post on some of my other favorite infused water concoctions in the future, as well as some more smoothie recipes and brewing tips for anyone who is interested in healthier alternatives to caffeinated drinks that are packed with sugar or who just want something easy to make and enjoy when they’re in a rush.

And of course, I’d love to hear your recipes if you want to share!

Good Reads: “Evolution”

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When I heard that Joe Manganiello from “True Blood” and “Magic Mike” fame was going to be in Harvard Square this past Tuesday night, I was admittedly a little giddy. Joe’s portrayal of Alcide makes him one of the only characters that’s even remotely tolerable on “True Blood” anymore, and I enjoyed whistling in the theater with the other women who attended screenings of “Magic Mike” on opening night (no shame, ladies- that was a lot of fun.)

Then when I heard that Joe’s appearance in Cambridge was to promote his new book, “Evolution,” centered around fitness, my curiosity was piqued. While I consider myself to be in decent shape (there’s always room for improvement, of course,) I’m not exactly savvy when it comes to muscle sculpting- and considering how jacked Joe looks in movies and television, I wanted to know exactly how much time and dedication it takes for him to stay that way.


I headed down to The Coop after meeting up with my good friend Evan, who is also a fitness enthusiast, and it turns out that Joe is just as huge in person as he is on screen. He’s also very funny, charming, motivational, and sweet. Also- handsome. He’s really, really handsome. That needs to be said.

I’ve thumbed through the book since picking up a copy, and sure enough as one would guess- getting and maintaining Joe’s type of physique takes a ton of dedication and hard work. I think it’s a decent read for anyone out there looking for a no bullshit and no shortcuts approach to fitness and who is willing to put in the hours and self-discipline. I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s honest and humorous and has really good tips and exercises. There’s plenty of pictures, too- which is always a bonus.

I don’t anticipate having biceps like Joe’s anytime soon, but I could manage the abs. Definitely.


My 2013 Christmas Card. Hi mom.