Merry Friday!

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Merry Day-After-Christmas and Happy Friday, everyone! I hope those of you who celebrated the holiday yesterday had a wonderful one! While it wasn’t a particularly white Christmas this year (more of a rainy, foggy one where I was,) I still had a great couple of days spending time with some of my family and friends- swapping presents by the tree(s), and eating twice my body weight in Chinese food- as is tradition, of course. Today, I’m heading into my office while it’s empty and quiet to do some last-minute filing and drafting before I take this coming weekend to finish up my last couple of posts for the year (including my usual reflection of the past 12 months and hopes/goals for the coming year,) and prepare to welcome 2015 with open arms next week!

The photos above are a few of my favorites that I took a couple of nights ago while I was out for an evening ride along the back roads of Western Massachusetts. With hot coffee in hand and Christmas music on the radio- I happened to drive through the main street in the town of Ware (“Where?” “Ware.” “No, where?” “Ware.”) Their seasonal display- much like last year when I would frequently pass by while on my way to Amherst and Northampton- is beautifully simple and old fashioned. I couldn’t resist stopping to snap a some pictures before heading back on my way. The wreaths and the trees really light up and bring to life what is otherwise a fairly quiet, darkened street.

I love Christmas decorations (obviously,) and am sad to have to take mine down before the new year- especially my Christmas tree. It’s an artificial one that I’ve had since I was a little kid that is easy to assemble and has miraculously withstood the test of time and sometimes questionable storage techniques. I cherish it, mostly because of it’s history- but for the past few years I’ve been tempted to try my hand at getting a real Christmas tree (I’ve just never gotten around to actually doing it.) I’m hoping next year I’ll finally muster up the courage to face the maintenance and fear of pine needles all over my floor head-on to have the “true” Christmas tree experience!


12/20. My mom snapped this photo of me while we were out at a local greenhouse. I wanted to take that tree behind me home to decorate!

Stay safe, warm, and enjoy the rest of your week (as well as any presents you may have received and leftovers from holiday meals,) everyone!

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