Loot Crate: December 2014.

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Well, here we are- I’ve been subscribed to Loot Crate for nearly a year and I recently received the last box of 2014, themed “Anniversary,” which celebrates milestones in geeky and gaming companies and culture. As much as I love my monthly beauty subscriptions- Loot Crate has been my favorite to receive this past year simply because of how fun it is to open and how the value of the items in each box usually surpasses what I spend on it every month.

December’s crate was, as usual- a blast to sort through. Here’s what I received!


I always start out these posts by showing the monthly mini-magazine and collector’s pin that come in every crate. December’s had a little festive touch in it, too- with the company throwing in a mini candy cane that I ate in no time at all. The magazine, which featured it’s usual fan photos and a breakdown of the products included in the month’s box, also had a Q&A with artist and graphic designer, Josh Mirman (who creates the fun typography pictures featured on some of Loot Crate’s t-shirts and magazine covers,) and an interview with Stan Lee himself! (!!!!)


Celebrating a 30 year anniversary in 2014 was the movie “Ghostbusters” (and you best believe I feel old because of it.) This Slimer door hanger, which might not fit the overall decor of my place- will find a good home with my brother, who I’m sure will appreciate the nostalgia it brings. Side note: Hi-C really needs to bring back Ecto Cooler. That stuff was delicious.

Also celebrating it’s 30th birthday? Tetris! These stickers (147 total!) of shapes from the game are going to be used on pretty much every flat surface I use on a daily basis- like my tablet, or the back of my phone, or my 2015 planner. I’m going to re-create the one scene from the game that caused endless amounts of frustration- getting dangerously close to the top of the screen and not having a single long rectangle piece in sight (and it was always the only one I needed to connect my multiple stacked up rows!)


To cover Marvel’s 75th anniversary, Loot Crate included two of my favorite products in this month’s box- a vanilla scented air freshener with the print of Captain America’s shield on it, which will be hanging in my car after I clean it out within the next couple of days- and these SUPER CUTE “I am Groot” socks from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy!’ I maybe (see: of course I did) squealed a little when I saw them- making this the first Christmas I’ve actually been excited for socks! I can’t wait to wear these!



I’ve had the same wallet for a few years now. It’s more like a clutch, really- since it holds my money, cards, identification, checkbook, change, memos, etc. etc. I need something with a lot of space- although I’m giving some serious consideration to downsizing just so I can use this fun waterproof and tear-proof Simpsons wallet that features a collage of some of the show’s most popular characters in celebration of it’s 25th anniversary! Can you spot Disco Stu? Because I did right away!



Also turning 75 in 2014? DC Comics! Like they did with Marvel, Loot Crate included two Batman-centric items to celebrate: a sleeved copy of the ‘Batman: Endgame” comic book with artwork by illustrator Greg Capullo, and an exclusive Funko POP! Vinyl Figurine of Batman with a Joker-ized twist! I collect these figurines because I think they’re adorable- and this one is no exception. It’ll be joining the others up on my shelf!


Lastly, every Loot Crate includes a “Digital Loot” bonus- and December’s box featured a code for a free 30 day trial at Crunchyroll- which seems to be a website to watch full-length episodes of anime cartoons. I’ll be passing this voucher onto friends who might enjoy it more than I will!

And there you have it- the last Loot Crate of the year! I loved December’s box. The theme, the items included- it was just a great way to wrap up 2014 and I am so, so excited to see what’s in store for next year since I’ll be faithfully keeping my subscription through 2015!

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