Loot Crate: June 2014.

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Growing up, I was the only girl in a neighborhood filled with boys, and as a result- many rainy days during my childhood were spent indoors with my guy friends rigging up stunt tracks for Hot Wheels cars, playing with G.I. Joe’s- or running around with Transformers figurines. While the boys almost always had a disagreement over who got to play as Optimus Prime, I relished in stomping all over their figurines (and hopes and dreams) as Megatron. Much like my enthusiasm for all things HYDRA in the Marvel Universe, I’ve rooted for the bad guys, the Decepticons, from the get-go.

With another (and unnecessary) Michael Bay ‘Transformers’ sequel set to be released in a few days, June’s Loot Crate “rolled out” with the theme “Transform!” which was actually a nice shot of nostalgia.


With my monthly collector’s pin, I also received a few Warheads candies (I haven’t had those in ages!) and a print of the monthly Loot Crate Magazine, which had been digital last month. Inside this month’s edition were games and comics- as well as an article detailing the creation of, and the rise of popularity, of the ‘Transformers’ toys, cartoons, and movies. There was also a Q&A with Jonathan Cathey of The Loyal Subjects, who make some of the coolest, cutest collectibles around.


A Loot Crate just wouldn’t be a Loot Crate without some stickers included. I received a sheet of these logos detailing different teams involved in the MLG (Major League Gaming,) as well as the Autobot insignia. I might be a Decepticon girl at heart, but the insignia is pretty cool and will act as a nice replacement to my Star Trek Communicator Badge sticker, which has long since faded and fallen off of the back of my trunk.


Speaking of the MLG, this wrist-band came in June’s Loot Crate (as well as a gift certificate to gain a month’s worth of premium access to their official site,) which I may or may not wear when I sit down to catch up on the agony and heartache that is Telltale’s “Walking Dead” game. The fabric of this wristband will do nicely when I have to wipe away my tears.

I also received this Bumblebee HexBug Transformers toy, which can apparently be flipped up into a little fighting bot. This might go to my brother, who although is a few years older than me- was also a big ‘Transformers’ fan when he was a kid and will undoubtedly get a kick out of it.


Although I’ll be passing Bumblebee along, I’m keeping this adorable Soundwave figurine from The Loyal Subjects for myself. You have to love a Transformer that is so out of date considering 90% of kids nowadays don’t even know what a cassette player does, let alone looks like. Poor little Soundwave. If only you could transform into an iPhone.



Lastly, I cracked up at this great “Transformers/Back to the Future” mash-up shirt- which I’ll be wearing when I lounge around my place or at night to sleep in since it’s a tad too big on me. The design is brilliant.

Thanks for another great box, Loot Crate! It hasn’t- and probably will never- encourage me to watch Mark Wahlberg struggle to act his way through “Age of Extinction,” but it was fun nonetheless!

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