Ipsy Bag: June 2014 Review.

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I never thought it would be possible to fall madly in love with a $10 a month subscription service, but here we are and here I am- very much smitten with Ipsy, who have been on a quality winning streak over the past few months. June’s bag, “Pretty in Paradise,” was already a hit for me just by the bag alone: a bright, Summery, tropical/floral print pouch- designed by Rebecca Minkoff– that I’ve been using as a makeshift wallet over the past few days.

What was inside the bag was even better.

What I Received:

Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner (*Full Size!*)

NYX Butter Gloss in ‘Apple Strudel’ (*Full Size!*)

Realtree for Her Perfume Spray

Be A Bombshell ‘Lash Out’ Mascara (*Full Size!*)

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment with African Macadamia Oil



Product # 1: Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner ($4.99)

The last time I received a liquid eyeliner in a subscription service, it was a bright purple one that had come in one of my GlossyBoxes. While the color was pretty for the whole five minutes it stayed put on my eyelid before things went downhill- the overall experience was a flaking, smudging mess- and I had vowed never to venture into the land of liquid eyeliners ever again. I was quite content with my gel and soft pencil liners.

When I first saw this bright, sparkling blue liquid liner with a very, VERY thin applicator- I wasn’t expecting much. In all actuality, I had even prepared myself for when it would inevitably flake off by bringing a makeup remover pen with me after I’d applied it (which was surprisingly easy and mess-free, by the way. Both of my lids came out nice, thin, and even in one sweep!) Instead, the liner stayed in place all. day. with no smudging, flaking, fading, or staining. I’m talking 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. of continuous wear. I was impressed, to say the least- and when I saw the other available colors this formula comes in, including two matte shades- I recanted, just a little- on my vow never to use liquid liners again.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! While I was admittedly a little concerned with the amount of shimmer this eyeliner seemed to have at first glance (it gave me flashbacks to some of my questionable makeup choices circa 2001/2002,) the color was actually quite lovely on my lids and in no way garish. It was just the right amount of pigment and sparkle.  Of course, as I’ve already stated- the longevity of this eyeliner is incredible, and for $4.99 a tube- you can’t go wrong. I would re-purchase this blue, as well as most of the other colors in the collection, too!



Product # 2: NYX Butter Gloss in ‘Apple Strudel’ ($5)

With a name like ‘Apple Strudel,’ I had expected this gloss (which smells faintly like the dessert) to be more red than the bright peach/coral it actually was. With buildable coverage, this gloss applied like an absolute dream and felt wonderful on my lips- making them look and feel soft and smooth. The color, perfect for the Summer, lasted a considerable amount of time before I had to re-apply, but even after it had faded, my lips still felt hydrated and, well, buttery! This formula comes in a wide array of colors, all with fun, cute dessert names. I’m eyeing ‘Cherry Pie,’ ‘Tiramisu,’ and ‘Strawberry Parfait’ as we speak.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I’ve always been more of a lipstick kind of girl, but this gloss really won me over. This color complimented my skin tone, but more than anything- I loved the rich, moisturizing formula that left my lips silky and not sticky. Much like the Nicka K eyeliner I received in this month’s Ipsy bag- this was also an affordable find. You also can’t beat the $5 price tag. It’s a win/win.


Product # 3: Realtree for Her Perfume Spray ($24.99)

I’ve developed a bit of a knack for detecting what notes are in certain fragrances just by one whiff, but this perfume spray from Realtree had me stumped when I spritzed some on me. At first, this fragrance smelled like a mix of florals and fruit, but as time wore on, it seemed to smell a bit more musky and heavy on my skin. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing- but it was hard to pin down what exactly this perfume was going for. It did last for a very long time, though, which meant less re-applications were needed and that’s always a good thing- but this wasn’t exactly a fragrance I’d wear in the Summer. Maybe in the transitional months like in Spring and Fall- where I can get away with wearing a heavier perfume with a little more fruit/floral undertones to it.

Would I Purchase?: Maybe. While this perfume wasn’t bad by any means, it didn’t exactly “wow” me with it’s ever-changing notes. I don’t mind subtle changes in a perfume, but this one had completely shifted drastically after a couple of hours and I hadn’t been prepared for it. Thankfully, both the floral/fruit and the musky aspects of this perfume all smelled good- but I’m not sure it’s something I would make a point to wear on a regular basis.


Product # 4: Be A Bombshell ‘Lash Out’ Mascara ($15)

I’ve been in need of a replacement mascara for a couple of weeks now, and was about to head off to Sephora this week to find one when this full-sized tube came in June’s Ipsy bag. I’m still on the fence when it comes to ‘Be A Bombshell’ cosmetics, having come across some hits, and some misses in the months they’ve teamed up with Ipsy. While I appreciated the long, cone-shaped brush of this mascara- which made for an easy application to all of my lashes (including the pesky ones by the inner corners of my eyes,) even after three coats- my lashes didn’t look particularly longer, fuller, or more dramatic. I tried it for a few days, just to be sure- but there was no improvement. Looks like it’s back to Sephora for me.

Would I Purchase?: No. This mascara didn’t give me any real noticeable results, even with multiple coats. The only upside to this formula- since overall it was a disappointing product- was that the mascara didn’t flake or smudge. It’s got longevity on it’s side, but that’s about it.


Product # 5: Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment with African Macadamia Oil ($12.99)

My hair tends to get a little dry in the Summer, be it from days at the beach to my obsession with sea salt sprays- which means deep conditioning and hydration are a must to preserve my hair’s health, color, and curl. I typically stock up on hair masks and conditioners on a weekly basis, and my shower cap has become my best friend for overnight treatments. When I saw this small tube of Dove’s new color-safe treatment- infused with sunflower seed, almond, coconut, and macadamia oils- among others- I was pretty excited to give it a try.

I’ve been using this product in two ways. The first, as a nighttime mask after wetting and conditioning my hair. I rub some of this oil in my palms and run it through my still damp strands before I tie my hair up into a loose bun, cap it, and let it soak in overnight. When I wake up in the morning and rinse the oil out, my hair is silky smooth, and much easier to style.

The second way is as an actual daytime styling product, again after wetting and conditioning my hair. After I spritz in some of my sea salt spray, I rub just a little bit of this oil over my curls to keep them from drying out without diminishing or destroying the beachy, wavy look I covet so much this time of year. Again, my hair feels smooth and soft to the touch all day long.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! This is one of those great, versatile hair care products that won’t damage your strands or break your budget. This oil can be used sparingly for sleek styling, or generously for a deep, conditioning treatment. My hair looks and feels great after each use, and a little goes a long way- so I know when I purchase a full-sized bottle- I’d be getting my money’s worth.

With the exception of the mascara, and the perfume that I’m still undecided on- June’s Ipsy bag was a hit for me. Two of the three full-sized products I received I LOVED, and I was introduced to a great hair care treatment that I plan on incorporating into my Summer styling regimen in the coming weeks.

And again, the bag really is super pretty.


3 thoughts on “Ipsy Bag: June 2014 Review.

  1. I love that they’re adding more products (like the Dove) that you can actually go out into the store and buy! Sometimes I’m so weary of buying online. I really liked your honest reviews!

    ~East Coast

    • Thank you so much! I feel the same way. When I love a product, I like to be able to run out and get it and have it right then and there as opposed to ordering online, waiting for it to ship, hoping it doesn’t get mixed up at the post boxes, etc.!

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