March 2013: In a Nutshell.

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[Photos 1 & 2 – The floral arrangement I put together for Easter.]

[Photos 3 & 4 – Peeps Sunflower Cake, an actual thing that exists, courtesy of my Aunt.]

Happy Easter, everyone. I spent the afternoon at my mom’s house with cousins, aunts, and uncles, having dinner and hoarding chocolate bunnies like it’s my job. Now I’m settling in for the night to enjoy (see: scream and cry at) the season 3 finale of “The Walking Dead” (how can it be over already?!), getting ready for opening day of the 2013 Red Sox season, and bracing myself for the work week ahead.

March was a blast. Between a wild St. Patrick’s Day Weekend to closing out the month with an equally wild trip to San Diego- it seems I was going non-stop, and loved every minute of it. With the seasons changing, I also experienced a bit of a personal transformation in terms of re-evaluating and reflecting on myself, my friendships/relationships, and my future: including re-discovering my aspiration to eventually make the move out to the West Coast once and for all after I had put it on the back-burner for nearly two years.

April will hopefully be as lovely and as busy as March was. I have a couple of mini-road trips planned for early on this coming month, which should be fun now that it’s nearly warm enough where I can drive with the windows down and my music playing nice and loud.


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