GLOSSYBOX: March 2013 Review.

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A few days before I left for California, I received my March 2013 GlossyBox in the mail. I packed a couple of the samples in my suitcase to try while I was out West, and recently finished the others now that I’m back home. The theme for this month’s box, “Spring Fling”, revolved around products to help the transition from cold and bleak winter into the warmer, sunnier Spring season that seems to have finally arrived here in New England!

What I Received:

Sebastian Professional “Shaper Fierce” Hairspray

ModelCo Cheek + Lip Tint in “Rosy Red”

Elite Models Intensity Eye Pencil (Full Size!)

Prestiche Essential Oil Bar Soap

Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Emollient Cream

I also received a $40 voucher valid for Prestiche’s online store, which I’m planning on applying towards one of their “Wonder Body Polishes”. With warmer weather on it’s way, that means I have to keep my skin exfoliated and smooth for when I break out the flirty dresses and shorter skirts.

Product #1: Sebastian Professional “Shaper Fierce” Hairspray ($17.00)

Curly hair + hairspray is a tricky combination. In some cases, hairsprays can smooth down frizz and help keeps curls defined. In other cases, they only succeed in making curls crunchy and weighed down. Over the years, I’ve found only a couple of hairsprays that have been lightweight enough to keep the bounce in my curls but still strong enough to tame any flyaway strands.

In January’s GlossyBox, I was introduced to Sebastian Professional’s “Potion 9” Styling Cream and had loved it- so I had my expectations pretty high when I received this spray that promised to not only give my hair a flexible hold, but would also add a “high shine gloss” effect as well.

Unfortunately, this spray was one of the crunch-creators, and no matter how many times I tried to brush or tousle my hair to break up the product, if only a little, it built up fast and dried heavy, making my hair and scalp feel anything but soft. The spray also smelled HORRIBLE. Seriously nauseating. I ended up feeling really self-conscious about how crunchy my hair looked and the way it smelled most of the morning after I’d spritzed some on before work.

Would I Purchase?: No. I’ll be sticking to the aforementioned lightweight sprays (one of which is made by Garnier Fructis and not only smells delicious- but makes my hair so soft and shiny) the next time I need a little extra hold. This stuff was just too heavy for me, and I can’t get over how bad the scent was.

Product #2: ModelCo Cheek + Lip Tint in “Rosy Red” ($24.00)

Considering how much I loved the cheek, eye, and lip tint cream I received in my March BeautyArmy kit, I was open to try this gel, packaged in a precision point tube, which claimed to give a natural, “freshly pinched” look to my cheeks.  Upon applying a couple of drops to my fingertips to tap onto my face, I was immediately concerned with how dark the color appeared. The only way I could describe it was that it had the same look and consistency of food coloring. When I began blending, however, the dark red faded into a rosy pink.



While the consistency was nice and very lightweight, it took a few more drops than I expected to get a noticeable flush to my cheeks- and even after that, the tint ended up making my cheeks look more like I had a patchy case of rosacea instead of a beautiful, natural blush.

My lips didn’t fare much better. Not only was the tint drying to the point of it being painful, but it didn’t spread evenly at all, and my pout looked chapped and dry.


Would I Purchase?: No. As unique as the texture of the tint formula was, This product just didn’t work well for me at all. I’ll stick to my cream or powder blushes for my cheeks, and with more moisturizing colors and balms for my lips.

Product #3: Elite Models Intensity Eye Pencil ($14)

This soft, creamy pencil eyeliner applied like a dream, giving me an even, precise, and mess-free application along my upper lid. This particular brand is long-lasting and waterproof, but is formulated with Shea butter and vitamin E, making it safe and non-drying for the sensitive eye area- even after wearing it for hours. Although I experienced a little fading in the outer corners of my eyes as the day wore on, for the most part the liner didn’t budge and didn’t irritate my lids the way other pencil liners have done in the past.



Would I Purchase?: Yes! Absolutely!  This is such a quality product. It’s gentle and easy to apply, gives a great amount of color, stays in place all day, but comes off easily with no fuss with a basic makeup remover. I’d love to try more of these in different shades!

Product #4: Prestiche Essential Oil Bar Soap (16.99)

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how much I love all-natural soaps. I don’t like putting anything loaded with chemicals on my skin, as I find it will either be extremely drying, or the complete opposite of the spectrum- and make me feel super greasy. This hypoallergenic soap, loaded with antioxidants, essential oils, moisturizers, and vitamins not only smelled wonderful, but lathered nicely, and made my skin feel so, so soft and conditioned without leaving any kind of oily residue behind.

Also, unlike some other all-natural soaps, this bar didn’t disintegrate after one use. I still have plenty left over to last me a while, meaning that this product also gives you your money’s worth, too.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I liked this soap the second I felt how silky it made my skin during the very first use- and how it stayed that way long after my shower. It’s made of really great ingredients, and should last a while.

Product #5: Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Emollient Cream ($123)

For $123 a pop, I expected this botanical extract cream to be nothing short of a miracle in a jar. I applied it before bed, and hoped to wake up with a glowing, radiant, flawless complexion. The cream absorbed quickly, felt lovely, and didn’t have any artificial fragrances to it, which was definitely a plus- but I didn’t see or feel a significant difference to my skin, even after using it for another few days. It certainly didn’t do anything that any less-expensive creams couldn’t do.

Would I Purchase?: No. This cream, as nice as it felt, isn’t worth the money, in my opinion. There are so many other alternatives out there that could not only give me better results, but wouldn’t cost as much, either.

2 out of 5 products in the March GlossyBox were fantastic and were definitely things I’d purchase in the future. The other 3, not so much. I’d say the box was a bust, but the $40 Prestiche voucher was a pleasant surprise and definitely made up for the lackluster hairspray, cheek + lip tint, and moisturizer.

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