March 2017: In a Nutshell.

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Comm Ave – Boston. 3/19/17

T.G.I.F., y’all! I am especially excited for this coming weekend because it’ll be the first in about two weeks where I haven’t been bed-ridden with a cold and/or severely congested. This past March saw some unpredictable weather- with rising temperatures one day and a frigid blizzard the next- and the drastic overnight changes took a toll on me and a few of my friends and co-workers in the form of a pretty aggressive flu that had me down for the count for a few days. It was rough- but I’m nearly back to 100% again and I’m looking forward to kicking off April with some much-needed Spring cleaning and a stop at a local greenhouse to pick up some fresh blossoms to get me into a more warm-weather state of mind. I just want to buy all he tulips and daffodils I can carry!

Apart from my time spent being a stuffy-nosed mess- this month has been incredible! I started my new position at my company after my recent promotion in mid-February- and I LOVE it so far. The work is interesting and fulfilling , the people I work with are so helpful and sweet (and very funny!)– and I truly feel like I’m in my element and actually utilizing the skills I gained with my years in college and prior law experience. I’m so grateful and it feels like my workplace enthusiasm has been reawakened.

Being able to leave my office earlier in the afternoon with my new work schedule during Daylight Savings Time has been beneficial to my health and fitness regimen, too- as I feel more motivated to work out and stay active outdoors since it’s not pitch black outside when I leave the building for the night. Now, it would be even better if the warm weather showed up and actually stayed put- then I’d be getting some real results in no time at all!

This past March also saw an epic 3-day St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the city of Boston- with appearances by my boys in Dropkick Murphys, boxer Danny O’Connor, and friends in South Boston who made sure I didn’t go without my fair share of green and glittery celebratory accessories. I had the time of my life and I hope I get to do it again next year when March rolls around once more.

So what’s in store for April now that I’m back on my feet? I’m hoping to catch up on the posts that didn’t quite make it to the blog this past month, get started on planning a little cross-country (and international!) travel for this coming Summer, share some new dishes I’ve been experimenting with in the kitchen, spotlight a few products/brands I recently teamed up with, cheer on participants in this year’s annual Boston Marathon- and put up my review of this most recent season of “The Walking Dead”- which wraps up this Sunday night! I’m also looking forward to sharing the outlines of my Comic-Con plans with my fellow cosplay and fandom enthusiasts!

Overall, March was lovely (with the exception of the flu!) and I’m ready to take on those April showers if it means more flowers for everyone!

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

Financial District – Boston. 3/19/17


February 2017: In a Nutshell.

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Valentine's Day, 2017.

Valentine’s Day, 2017.

Good Morning! Although I’m heading into work shortly, I’m in a lovely mood. The weather has been beautiful these past few days and it feels as though Spring may be right around the corner- which means fresh flowers, picking up some new dresses to commemorate the nicer weather- and spending more time outdoors without wanting to sob into a heavy knitted scarf or hide under a wool hat until Summer gets here.

Indeed, March is a magical month in New England- and not just because we know how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day particularly well. It contains the start of a new season, birthdays and anniversaries of people I adore, and more specifically for the coming month ahead- the beginning of a new career path for me!

That’s the biggest news for me to come out of February 2017- I got a promotion I have been working so hard and for so long to get! I’m so excited to get started in my new position within my company and to work with an incredible team of people. I’m in the process of moving things into my new office space as we speak and so far the transition has been a breeze. I go to work with a new title, new responsibilities, a more convenient schedule- and a much appreciated raise- in just a couple of short weeks and I am practically bubbling over in my eagerness to get started!

Oliver, February 2017.

Oliver, February 2017.

It’s been a long and sometimes difficult road to get to this point- but it was worth every frenzied morning, every bitter cup of coffee, every minute of overtime and every late night spent reviewing things over and over and over until my eyes felt like they were on fire. I’m so grateful and the fact that I still look forward to going to work each and every day has kept things in perspective for me. I understand how blessed I am and continue to be and I do not take a moment of it for granted- even on the days where I’m exhausted or frustrated. I’m thankful.

Apart from this joyous work update- what else am I thankful for from February 2017? How about that Patriots win at the Super Bowl? That was a wonderful way to start the month, wasn’t it? I love nail biter games with unexpected endings- and that one pretty much took the cake in that department! The resulting week-long party here in Massachusetts following the win was pretty great as well. Sometimes it feels like my body is still trying to recover from celebrating as much as I did.

And when I wasn’t partying too much- I took some time to travel a bit to a couple of new spots around the city and to New York on a whim as well. Not bad- considering we started the month with a series of intense snowstorms and are ending it without jackets and being able to roll our car windows down!

So apart from getting myself acclimated to my new position at my job- what exactly do I have in store for March? Well, now that it’s easier to brave the outdoors for longer periods of time- I have a few day trips planned for the weekends, some much-needed bonding time with nature planned for my post-office workouts, a couple of highly anticipated concerts around the city and quite a few posts scheduled for the blog- including some new recipes, some makeup and body treatment reviews, and a bit of long overdue photography I’ve been meaning to complete featuring a couple of new places (abandoned or otherwise) around the New England area.

I’m also attempting to coordinate a visit with some friends on the West Coast- although whether or not that will happen in March or a little later on in April has yet to be determined!

So here’s to what has been a really great month, and to the hope that March is just as good- if not better!


New England Sunset, February 2017.

New England Sunset, February 2017.


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Sunrise over Boston: 11/14/15

Sunrise over Boston: 11/14/15

Back when I first started writing “Legally Redhead”, a blog I’d been planning and preparing to launch a couple of months before my very first post was published in January of 2013- I was a recent college graduate with a degree in Paralegal Studies, and was also just over two years into my job as a legal secretary-turned-paralegal at a personal injury and criminal law firm in the city. It was a time of personal growth, and- in many ways- a transition for me. I was twenty-five years old and was no longer the carefree wild child I had been in my late teens and into my early twenties. I was no longer hopping from job to job- from retail to waitressing- and staying out all night with my friends. I had responsibilities and financial obligations. I was behaving and conducting myself like a professional and, dare I say it- an adult- saving most fun and adventures for my nights and weekends while I was off the clock.

Since launching “Legally Redhead”, I’ve  underwent other transitions, too. Small ones, of course- but still transitions nonetheless. My relationships have changed, as have some of my interests and a few of my goals- but my career remained the same- a constant (and almost reassuring in a way) in my life as I continued to grow and change into the woman I am today.

And now, at twenty-nine years old, I am once again experiencing  a transition. One I was not prepared for and one I’m not particularly thrilled about- but it’s happening and I’m attempting to make the best of it and remain as optimistic as possible.

But this post is starting to sound like the prelude to awful news, isn’t it? Let me assure you all- I am healthy and I’m not dying or taking a break from blogging or anything. There has not been some earth-shattering loss of a friend or family member, thank God.

After over five years of working as a paralegal at a criminal and personal injury law firm- a job I started in my early twenties and have enjoyed immensely each and every day I reported to my office and/or the courtroom- major and much-needed budgeting and financial cuts within the practice have resulted in my being laid off last week.

Yes, it sucks. Yes, I’m upset (and maybe a little angry- if only because the holidays are right around the corner and that’s stressful enough)– but the decision ultimately came down to me: a 29-year old with no children relying on my income, manageable bills, and roughly six years of experience- and my co-worker: a 35 year old single mother of four with approximately 15 years of experience.

I was the obvious choice to get cut, and I realize that. I’m not happy about it- and even my boss was visibly shaken as he broke the news to me- but I understand why it had to happen. I am young enough and eager enough to bounce back and start anew somewhere else. I don’t have certain responsibilities to limit what I can/cannot do at this point of my life. My co-worker does not have that luxury. She needed her job more than I needed mine and my boss could not afford to keep both of us on the payroll.

I take pride in the fact that this decision was not a result of my own incompetence, or poor work ethic, or lack of skills or value. The harsh reality is that this decision was the result of the mismanagement of others. Unfortunately, I am the casualty of that mismanagement- but when one door closes, another opens. My mother and many of my friends say that all the time and I truly believe it to be true.

Late-night resume review with friends (and cannoli!) 11/14/15

Late-night resume review with friends (and cannoli!) 11/14/15

I’ve already been approached by a couple of different firms and attorneys with the mentions of potential employment opportunities- although I have not made a concrete decision as of yet. I have been actively working on my resume (which was in need of a tune-up anyway,) and taking some personal time to relax and reflect on this incredible journey I’ve been on.

Sometimes it helps to just stop and take a breath for a little while- although I consider myself to be a workaholic so I don’t want to stay stopped for too long.

I am grateful. I am grateful to my boss for taking a chance on me all those years ago and hiring me while I was still in college to see if I had what it took. I’m grateful for everything he taught me. I’m grateful he had the decency to compensate me financially (as much as he legally could) so that I don’t have to stress about money just now.

Most of all, I’m grateful to my friends and family members (hi mom!) who have been so damned supportive and lighthearted over the past couple of days while I process everything.

So where does that leave the “Legal” in “Legally Redhead”? Well, I don’t intend on changing this blog’s name anytime soon (besides, I just paid to renew it, anyway!) because as far as I’m concerned- law will always be a passion of mine, as will being a redhead- and I hope to remain in the field when I do eventually return to a new place of employment in the coming weeks.

The sun rises, and the sun sets over the Mystic River. 11/15/15.

The sun rises, and the sun sets over the Mystic River. 11/15/15.

I’m nervous, but excited for what happens next. It’s a whole new chapter in my life (just in time for me to go into my “Dirty Thirties”) and hopefully I can close out 2015 on a high note.