Escape to the Coast.

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Good afternoon! I’m home from work early today as a result of- you guessed it- another snowstorm passing through the area and making a mess of the roads. I’m waiting for this latest assault on Massachusetts to pass over, or die down just a little bit, before I head back outside to attempt to shovel what’s been accumulating since mid-morning.

Yesterday, in another bout of cabin fever, I headed up to Hampton, New Hampshire for the afternoon. I anticipated it being a lot colder since ocean + heading North and all- but I’d always been under the impression that the coast never got hit with quite as much snow as those of us inland did (I’m pretty sure I heard someone say that to me once a while back and it just stuck with me as one of those “yeah, that sounds legitimate enough” kind of facts.)

Unfortunately, my attempt to escape the mounds and mounds of snow didn’t work. Hampton was a slushy, icy mess. I usually love walking around the boardwalk in the off-season since the place resembles a post-apocalyptic ghost town and it’s eerily peaceful, but it was difficult to relax since I was so pre-occupied with watching my footing on the frozen over areas outside the closed up shops and arcades.

Above are some of the photos I managed to snap before it got too cold for me to be outdoors any longer, and I sought refuge back in my car with my hot coffee and the heat cranked up as high as it would go.


Beach Bum.

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Just a few shots (one including my strange looking toes) from a drive to Hampton Beach I took this past Sunday afternoon. When I wasn’t perusing the surfboards, the shoes, and the bohemian style tops at Cinnamon Rainbows (my favorite surf shop), I was perched on one of the concrete walls by the water- taking in the sound of the waves, the salty air, and the sun on my face. Heavenly.


Also, it’s not so much a “Quick Eats” recipe post, but I just wanted to share that I absolutely love cooking the above-pictured spinach penne, chicken, and vegetables dish. It’s delicious, good for you- and so easy and fast to make.

You just need:

One package/box of spinach penne pasta

1/2 pound of chicken (cut into pieces)

1 thinly sliced yellow squash

A handful of fresh snap pea pods

And as much broccoli as you want.

While you’re boiling the spinach pasta, you simply sauté the cut chicken pieces, the thinly sliced pieces of yellow squash, the snap pea pods, and the broccoli in some olive oil until everything is cooked and crisp.

Strain the pasta, mix all the ingrediants together into your sauté pan, and voilà!

The dish I prepared was served with some freshly grated Parmesan cheese and garlic toast.

So yummy.