That’s a Wrap! Dissecting Season 7 of “The Walking Dead.”

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Okay, those of you who are *still* traumatized by the absolutely gruesome season seven premiere of “The Walking Dead” from this past October- the dust has settled and this season is finally over. You can uncover your eyes now and we can talk about our feelings (and you all know I have a lot of them.)

It’s funny how the season six, first-person, “did Negan just kill the cameraman?” cliffhanger finale enraged myself and so many other people for various and all pretty good reasons- but had I known what that cliffhanger was leading up to- I probably wouldn’t have complained that much. I knew things were going to be bad when the show returned, but I didn’t really comprehend HOW bad.

The 7th season of the show faced a lot of criticism these past few months. Some thought it had traded in good storytelling and character development for overly barbaric and perhaps unnecessary violence. Others thought there was too much storytelling and character development and not enough violence- and still others thought there weren’t enough zombies (although this is a common complaint season after season despite the fact that hordes of walkers are still an ongoing thing every few episodes so I don’t typically pay attention to reviews that gripe about that too much.)

And to those criticisms I will say something I never thought I would utter as someone who admittedly tends to be a bit harsh when reviewing this show as a whole- season 7 was pretty perfect, save for a couple of setbacks- which I’ll happily discuss.

Of course, I know that not everyone has caught up just yet- so I’ll be placing my review under the cut/”Keep Reading” button.

Please bear in mind before continuing with my review- I am going to spoil things- a LOT of things- and this is your final warning of the aforementioned spoilers before you press on and keep reading.

And, if you’d like to read my thoughts on the past seasons- I’ve linked them here (just in case!)

And without further delay, let Negan’s cocky, psychopathic and fine self guide you into my review:

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That’s a Wrap! Dissecting Season 6 of “The Walking Dead.”

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TheWalkingDeadSeason6PosterIt seems fitting that I should be putting this post up today, considering I’m currently sitting in my hotel room in surprisingly peaceful Alexandria (Yes- THE Alexandria!) to attend a wedding for a friend-of-a-friend later on this afternoon.

And of course I’ll be buying plenty of postcards to commemorate my mini-TWD-fan-girl moment before I leave the “Safe Zone” (Get it?! Get ittttttt?!)

I digress. By now most people have caught up with this past Sunday night’s finale to the sixth season of ‘The Walking Dead’, and those who haven’t have probably- in some way- been exposed to the fallout on social media or by word of mouth following the last agonizing moments of the episode before the credits started to roll and Chris Hardwick appeared on screen to welcome a stunned/infuriated audience to the post-‘Walking Dead’ talk show, ‘Talking Dead’.

I admit to being one of those people who, while attempting to be as least-spoiler-y as possible for my friends/followers on the West Coast, the UK, or those who were unable to watch the episode live as it aired- took to the internet to voice my cryptic frustrations and speculations for the show’s return this coming October.

But I wanted to write about the entire sixth season overall- not just the finale (which believe me, I will get to)– and like I’ve done since starting this blog circa season 3- I thought I’d compile my thoughts, likes/dislikes, the best character transformations (and the worst), my new favorite additions/plot points- and things I would have liked to see.

And also, much like my review of season five– I have a bit of a bone to pick with the writers.

In the off chance anyone reading this hasn’t had the chance to catch up with the show/season six just yet- I’m putting all my thoughts behind a “READ MORE” tag so you won’t get spoiled!


If you’re ready to proceed, let Rick’s expression as he listens to Morgan yammer on about all life being precious guide you in…


Same, Rick. Same.

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That’s a Wrap! Dissecting Season 5 of “The Walking Dead.”

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TheWalkingDeadSeason5PosterPast reviews and reflections of previous seasons of “The Walking Dead” have always been fairly easy to write- in my own experience- because the story arcs have been relatively similar throughout the years. The surviving group takes up residence somewhere they believe to be safe. It turns out not to be safe at all. They encounter the designated “bad guy” of the season- be it living or undead- they prevail, although they typically lose one or two members of the group along the way- and the audience is left with a cliffhanger ending to keep us coming back the following season for more. It’s a simple formula, but it works- and it’s entertaining.

At the end of season four, Rick and the remaining members of his group (sans-Carol, Tyreese, Judith, and Beth- who were elsewhere,) were preparing to fight their way out of a train cart after being ambushed and subsequently captured by the shady folks at the slaughterhouse disguised as a sanctuary, Terminus. Rick’s final line, a call to arms in the form of “they’re screwing with the wrong people,” left fans counting down the days until the season five premiere last October to see just how our favorite band of survivors would escape in one piece.

This past season, concluding just over a week ago, had the distinction of breaking away from the aforementioned storytelling formula- firing on all cylinders from the first agonizing, brutal, and bloody minutes of the season premiere and rarely losing momentum. There were a lot of losses amid the chaos, of course- and more than one designated “bad guy,” which made for a lot of intersecting story arcs and character development- but did the show suffer as a result of too much going on at once?

I’m putting my review, which includes a LOT of spoilers- behind the “Read More” tag, so if you haven’t seen the season finale or haven’t quite caught up with the show just yet- don’t proceed!

Otherwise, let Eugene’s seductive gaze guide you in.


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That’s a Wrap! Dissecting Season 4 of “The Walking Dead.”

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WalkingDeadSeason4PosterSunday night marked the final episode of the fourth season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Not since the season two finale have I been so psyched and eager for the show to return as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I, and every other fan of the gory drama- have to wait until October for the season five premiere.

Like the seasons before it, the fourth season of “The Walking Dead” had it’s fair share of strengths and weaknesses in terms of it’s writing, story execution, and character development, which I’ll delve into momentarily. There was no shortage of heartbreak, horror, and action these past few months. In fact, there was so much of it that I’d dare say season four may be one of the most traumatic to even the most mentally and emotionally prepared of viewers. It was, in one word: gruesome.

On the plus side, however, fans of the comic were treated to quite a few “ripped straight from the pages” moments this season: both with certain shocking, jaw-dropping scenes, as well as with the introduction of a few familiar (and fan-favorite) characters. Again, I’ll get into that shortly.

I’m putting my spoiler-heavy summary under the safety of a “READ MORE” tab. If you have not yet caught up with “The Walking Dead,” or otherwise don’t want to be spoiled- I implore you to avoid clicking the tab and reading the rest of this post.


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That’s a Wrap! Dissecting Season 3 of “The Walking Dead”.

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As most people can probably guess, either from knowing or meeting me in person, or from even skimming this blog, I’m such an avid long-time fan of “The Walking Dead”. Every Sunday night that this show is on, it’s like an event- something to be prepared for. It’s gripping, it’s gory, it’s often infuriating, and sometimes even heartbreaking (especially with scores from the show’s composer, the brilliant Bear McCreary, playing in the background) and when it’s over, you’re left wanting, no, NEEDING, more. It’s like a zombie-filled television version of crack-cocaine- and I need to check myself into rehab for it.

I remember seeing the advertisements for the series premiere (which took place on Halloween night, of course) back in 2010, during AMC’s annual “FearFest”. At the time, I had only heard about the comic books and novels in passing from friends and acquaintances, and wasn’t quite sure what to expect- but I was intrigued, so I tuned in to watch it, and was immediately captivated by the story- and have been ever since. In nearly three years, I have yet to miss an episode, and thanks to other helpful die-hard fans, I’m nearly caught up on the comics.

It should also be said that I also love the hell out of other “Walking Dead” fans, too. So many passionate people with such spot-on senses of humor when it came to picking out characters’ flaws and poor logic in post-apocalyptic situations, or just making light of certain story lines all together. I’ve met and corresponded with some brilliant, hysterically funny, and just generally great people because of this show, which makes it even more fun to get into.

This past Sunday wrapped up the frenzied and bloody third season, and I wanted to share my thoughts (and probably some .gifs from Tumblr, naturally.)

*PLEASE BE WARNED: THERE ARE HEAVY SPOILERS AFTER THE CUT. Please don’t read if you’re not caught up or don’t want to know how the season ends!*

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