Comics, Cosplay, and Cheeseburgers

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Yesterday marked the third and final day of Boston’s annual Comic-Con. I had been unable to attend on Friday or Saturday due to prior commitments, but was able to stop by for a few hours in the afternoon in my Peggy Carter costume to browse the booths, admire other cosplayers’ ensembles and intricate props, pose for photos, and geek-out at the guests (like Stan Lee, who I caught a glimpse of as he passed through the photo op area with a coffee in hand and a smile on his face!)

I snapped a few photos with my cell phone, since it was more convenient than digging my big camera out of my bag over and over- and easier to hold while trying to simultaneously juggle my little toy pistol and my purse. There were so many fantastic costumes on display as I roamed the aisles (and quite a few other women dressed as Peggy Carter- all of who looked absolutely beautiful!) and even though my feet were killing me by the time I took my heels off- it was worth it.

Marvel Team!

Marvel Team!

This lovely lady was dressed as Angie from "Agent Carter" and she looked incredible!

This lovely lady was dressed as Angie from “Agent Carter” and she looked incredible!

Ms. Frizzle!

Ms. Frizzle!

Owen and Claire from "Jurassic World". I loved these two!

Owen and Claire from “Jurassic World”. I loved these two!

My ultimate fan-girl moment of the day came when I had the pleasure of meeting and posing for a photo with Peggy Carter herself, the absolutely stunning Miss Hayley Atwell. She’s so beautiful, and so sweet- and her complimenting my costume brought me enough joy to last me through this life and probably well into the afterlife, too. I was so completely elated. I think my huge smile in our photo speaks for itself, really:


I swear I must have looked like the heart-eyes emoji for hours afterwards.

The best part of the day, though- was that my good friend Steven (who I only get to see once every year or so!) met up with me at the convention. We had so much catching up to do, and when my feet couldn’t take the heels anymore, we continued our conversation all the way to Harvard Square- where after changing into some flip-flops- I gave Steven his first tour of the grounds at Harvard University and stuffed my face with a double cheeseburger and fries at Charlie’s Kitchen. One of the perks of the Peggy Carter costume is that without the hat and the suit jacket, it looks like I’m just enjoying a break from a formal business meeting. It’s a lot more practical (and comfortable!) than my semi-itchy Poison Ivy costume from San Diego Comic-Con last year, for example!

We also caught an evening screening of ‘Ant-Man’ by Fenway, too- which seemed like the perfect way to end a beautiful afternoon of good, old fashioned geek-dom. I really, really enjoyed the movie- so much that I would happily see it again- and I all but clutched my chest at the post-credits scene (no spoilers!)

Tonight, I’m re-joining Steven at the House of Blues on Lansdowne Street for his last night in town where he will be working his lighting magic for Brandon Flowers’ show. I’m so excited. I’ve been loving Brandon’s latest album and I’m looking forward to singing and dancing along.

I’ll be wearing more comfortable shoes for it, at least.

Steven and I post-convention!

Steven and I post-convention!

Loot Crate: July 2015.

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When it comes to my monthly subscription service reviews, I usually reserve the best- Loot Crate- for last, but this month, while I’m still using up the last of the samples I received in July’s GlossyBox and Ipsy Bag- I decided to write up the review and share what I received in Loot Crate’s first sequel box, “Heroes 2!”

“Heroes” is a tough theme to take on- because there are just SO many to choose from- and I’m not surprised Loot Crate revisited it to include more characters and items from across the wide range of comics, movies, games, and television. While “Heroes 2” seemed to be comprised mostly of DC-Universe toys and trinkets- I was still quite pleased while I rifled through the box.

Here’s what I got!


I always start off my Loot Crate reviews with the two items I receive every month- the collector’s pin and the monthly mini-magazine. By now, those of you who read my reviews know that the mini-mag contains fan-photos, puzzles, interviews, articles, and a break-down of everything included in the box. July’s magazine, with Wonder Woman front and center (as she should be!) featured a break-down of the history of Batman and Wonder Woman’s history and relationship and an interview with Jon Schnepp, the creator of the documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?


I love getting anything related to “The Legend of Zelda” in my Loot Crate because it almost always goes to my best friend, Sean, who is the biggest LoZ fan I know. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sean wear any type of wristband, ever- but I think even he could make an exception for this terrycloth one with the Triforce emblem on it.

While Sean gets the wristband- I am absolutely keeping this Star Trek vanilla-scented air freshener, shaped like the Vulcan salute, for myself. Live long and prosper, indeed!




When it comes to Batman, I much prefer the villains than I do the actual hero. (That being said, “Suicide Squad” looks like it’s going to be awesome.) Even still, my favorite item in July’s Loot Crate was the multi-purpose Batman key chain that acts as screwdrivers and a bottle opener in one. It’s shaped like and looks to be about as heavy as the little throwing-star style weapons that Batman uses to capture the bad guys, too- so even though it’s not listed as an actual use on the packaging- there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be throwing this at one of my friends in the future. (Just kidding!)

And please pardon the unusual photo of the really cute cartoon-style Batman figurine. I left it in it’s packaging because I plan on gifting it to a friend of mine who is a big fan of the franchise. The figurine comes with a dry-erase style marker so that you can write in your own phrases/words in the speech bubble behind Batman.



I was really impressed that Loot Crate included a hard-cover book about unusual, short-lived, and scrapped superheroes throughout comic book history in July’s box. I love interesting reads like this (because some of the heroes/villains make you wonder what on Earth people were thinking when they came up with the idea!) and I know my guests will, too. This book will be finding a home on my coffee table for any visitors to peek through once I’m finished reading it!


I was worried Wonder Woman wouldn’t make an appearance in July’s Loot Crate apart from the cover of the mini-magazine, but I was pleasantly surprised when I unrolled this “Rosie the Riveter” style poster that was neatly tucked inside the box, My bedroom (and most of my home, really) is pretty much Geek HQ- filled with “Walking Dead” and Captain America stuff from wall to wall- but I can always, ALWAYS find a place for something like this. I love it!


July’s “Digital Loot” was an exclusive download for the game “Brawlhalla”, which I’ve admittedly never heard of until now. I don’t think I’ll get much use out of it- so if anyone would like the code- please let me know and I’ll pass it along!


The inside of July’s Loot Crate!

Overall, I was really happy with July’s “Heroes” sequel. I received a lot of really cool stuff that I can find room for, and a couple of really great gifts for friends. I’m sure there will be a “Heroes III” crate somewhere down the line, and I’ll probably enjoy that one, too!

I haven’t received the e-mail confirming what August’s Loot Crate theme will be- but it should be arriving anytime now. ‘Til then- my July GlossyBox and Ipsy reviews will be up shortly!


Planes, Cakes and Automobiles

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The view from my hotel room! 1.23.15

Hello from my hotel room in Downtown San Diego! I arrived in SoCal late yesterday afternoon for a long weekend of sun, sand, Mexican food, and some rest and relaxation. My 29th birthday was this past Thursday- and since I’ve spent pretty much every celebration of my getting yet another year older bundled up in frigid New England temperatures- I thought a couple of days in warmer weather would be a nice change and do me some good.

So far I’ve spent a little time working out, breaking into even more of a sweat in the sauna, and indulging in a little pampering- and I’m planning on doing some shopping this morning before I head to the beach and then meet up with some local friends for dinner and drinks later on tonight.





Last year for my birthday, my mom surprised me with a small party where she went above and beyond to satisfy my love of all things “The Walking Dead.” This year, knowing how excited I am for “Avengers: Age of Ultron” to be released in the Spring- she decided to stick with a Marvel (and specifically Captain America,) themed party at her house for me with some of my family because even though I’m 29 now- on the cusp of 30- I can still love and appreciate cute toys to add to my growing display of nerd-dom.

I especially loved the chocolate “Hail Ashley” cake, a play on the Marvel baddies, HYDRA- which was so good it was practically evil (see what I did there?) The cake was also huge- so at least I know when I get back to my place from California next week I’ll have more than enough pieces waiting for me!

I can’t wait to see what she does when I turn the big 3-0 next year.

Inspired By: Peggy Carter

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One of my favorite female characters from the Marvel universe has got to be Peggy Carter. Smart, strong, brave, and beautiful- Peggy was never the damsel in distress and never tolerated any B.S. from any man (and she had the mean right hook to back herself up.) Portrayed perfectly by the stunning, talented Hayley Atwell in the “Captain America” movies, I was thrilled when I first heard the news that Hayley would once again be reprising the role and that Peggy would be getting her very own mini-series spin-off on ABC this year.

Premiering tonight at 8 P.M. (EST,) “Agent Carter” focuses on Peggy’s life following the events of “Captain America: The First Avenger” and WWII, where she’s attempting to make it in a male dominated, not-so-female-friendly society while working for the SSR and completing missions for Howard Stark. I cannot wait to watch the series- groundbreaking for women in it’s own right- and once again get emotionally invested in a character I find so inspirational.

Of course, Peggy’s no-nonsense, overall badass-ery isn’t the only thing I love about her. Her makeup- simple yet timeless- and her 1940’s fashion is on point, too. Inspired, I took to my own makeup collection in an attempt to re-create Agent Carter’s look. I’m nowhere near as beautiful as Ms. Atwell, but it was fine to try nonetheless!

My tools, consisting mainly of a natural finish foundation, light rose-colored blush, a nude/light brown eye shadow, black eyeliner for my top lids (and a medium brown for a small section of the bottom lid as to not appear too harsh,) was aided by a lightweight moisturizing gel on my face to plump up and smooth my skin, and a primer for my eyes to hold everything in place.


And for my lips, I turned to Besame Cosmetics– who, according to Hayley Atwell herself, are the masterminds behind Peggy’s signature red shade. I purchased the exact color, “Red Velvet,” after perusing the website and falling in love with nearly everything. Once I received it, I immediately took a liking to the creamy, comfortable texture of the lipstick- and it’s longevity. The color stayed in place for hours without needing touching up or reapplication!

Also- the packaging. Can we stop and appreciate the packaging for just a moment? It’s lovely.




Perhaps the easiest part of this “Inspired By” look was my hair and wardrobe. With naturally spiral-curled hair, there was no need for curlers or pins. I simply parted my hair on the side and let it flow freely- and since I work at a law firm- mimicking Peggy’s crisp white blouse and navy blazer was a breeze (I have a collection of them in my closet!)



I had a lot of fun playing around with this look (although I wish I had Peggy’s snazzy red fedora to complete it!) and am hoping to do more “Inspired By” looks in the future- but first- I have to get ready to finally watch “Agent Carter” tonight!