Loot Crate: July 2015.

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When it comes to my monthly subscription service reviews, I usually reserve the best- Loot Crate- for last, but this month, while I’m still using up the last of the samples I received in July’s GlossyBox and Ipsy Bag- I decided to write up the review and share what I received in Loot Crate’s first sequel box, “Heroes 2!”

“Heroes” is a tough theme to take on- because there are just SO many to choose from- and I’m not surprised Loot Crate revisited it to include more characters and items from across the wide range of comics, movies, games, and television. While “Heroes 2” seemed to be comprised mostly of DC-Universe toys and trinkets- I was still quite pleased while I rifled through the box.

Here’s what I got!


I always start off my Loot Crate reviews with the two items I receive every month- the collector’s pin and the monthly mini-magazine. By now, those of you who read my reviews know that the mini-mag contains fan-photos, puzzles, interviews, articles, and a break-down of everything included in the box. July’s magazine, with Wonder Woman front and center (as she should be!) featured a break-down of the history of Batman and Wonder Woman’s history and relationship and an interview with Jon Schnepp, the creator of the documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?


I love getting anything related to “The Legend of Zelda” in my Loot Crate because it almost always goes to my best friend, Sean, who is the biggest LoZ fan I know. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sean wear any type of wristband, ever- but I think even he could make an exception for this terrycloth one with the Triforce emblem on it.

While Sean gets the wristband- I am absolutely keeping this Star Trek vanilla-scented air freshener, shaped like the Vulcan salute, for myself. Live long and prosper, indeed!




When it comes to Batman, I much prefer the villains than I do the actual hero. (That being said, “Suicide Squad” looks like it’s going to be awesome.) Even still, my favorite item in July’s Loot Crate was the multi-purpose Batman key chain that acts as screwdrivers and a bottle opener in one. It’s shaped like and looks to be about as heavy as the little throwing-star style weapons that Batman uses to capture the bad guys, too- so even though it’s not listed as an actual use on the packaging- there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be throwing this at one of my friends in the future. (Just kidding!)

And please pardon the unusual photo of the really cute cartoon-style Batman figurine. I left it in it’s packaging because I plan on gifting it to a friend of mine who is a big fan of the franchise. The figurine comes with a dry-erase style marker so that you can write in your own phrases/words in the speech bubble behind Batman.



I was really impressed that Loot Crate included a hard-cover book about unusual, short-lived, and scrapped superheroes throughout comic book history in July’s box. I love interesting reads like this (because some of the heroes/villains make you wonder what on Earth people were thinking when they came up with the idea!) and I know my guests will, too. This book will be finding a home on my coffee table for any visitors to peek through once I’m finished reading it!


I was worried Wonder Woman wouldn’t make an appearance in July’s Loot Crate apart from the cover of the mini-magazine, but I was pleasantly surprised when I unrolled this “Rosie the Riveter” style poster that was neatly tucked inside the box, My bedroom (and most of my home, really) is pretty much Geek HQ- filled with “Walking Dead” and Captain America stuff from wall to wall- but I can always, ALWAYS find a place for something like this. I love it!


July’s “Digital Loot” was an exclusive download for the game “Brawlhalla”, which I’ve admittedly never heard of until now. I don’t think I’ll get much use out of it- so if anyone would like the code- please let me know and I’ll pass it along!


The inside of July’s Loot Crate!

Overall, I was really happy with July’s “Heroes” sequel. I received a lot of really cool stuff that I can find room for, and a couple of really great gifts for friends. I’m sure there will be a “Heroes III” crate somewhere down the line, and I’ll probably enjoy that one, too!

I haven’t received the e-mail confirming what August’s Loot Crate theme will be- but it should be arriving anytime now. ‘Til then- my July GlossyBox and Ipsy reviews will be up shortly!


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