WSCBoston: 2015!

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Good morning and Happy Monday (I’m actually drafting this on Sunday night and queuing it up to post while I’m at work- but Happy Monday regardless!) I’m still coming back to Earth after a whirlwind and ‘Walking Dead’-filled weekend, which seems appropriate considering last night marked the series premiere of TWD’s companion drama, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’. The new show, written and produced by the same masterminds as the original series, takes place in Los Angeles during the time frame between Rick Grimes’ falling into a coma and when he wakes up- so for those of you who haven’t been taking notes- we get to see how that pesky zombie apocalypse actually started and how things went from bad to worse by the time Rick came to in his hospital bed.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited.

This past Saturday, I headed down to the second annual “Walker Stalkers” convention at the Westin Hotel. Some of you may remember my weekend at the convention last year– and how much fun I had checking out the panels, posing for photos when I wasn’t taking so many of my own, and coveting all sorts of merchandise. This year was more of the same- although I couldn’t make it on Sunday and had to cram all the excitement into one day, instead.

This year, I snapped photos with a few people I missed jumping in front of a camera with at the 2014 WSCBoston event, including Chandler Riggs (who plays Carl, and who is now officially taller than I am. The last time I had a photo with him he barely came up to my shoulders,) Michael Cudlitz (Abraham), Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha), and Lennie James (Morgan)– who I admittedly had a fangirl moment with. He’s one of my favorite actors and was so incredibly kind- and funny- when I briefly went mute in his presence. I rarely get starstruck, but he made me forget how to speak for a minute or two!


I also got to visit with one of my favorite cast members (and one of my favorite people overall, really,) the always fabulous and SUPER funny Josh McDermitt (he plays Eugene)– who I had run into earlier this year at a small convention in Marlborough, and who hijacked my phone to capture quite a few silly selfies- including the ones above. He’s truly the best. He completely and totally brightened my day (at a time when I was starting to get a little hungry and fatigued- so it was much appreciated!)

Eugene must be protected at all costs because we all need more Josh on our television screens. If Eugene dies- we riot.

While the layout of the convention was slightly different than last year, which led to some confusion at times (especially in the photo op. area where I saw more than one person get a little lost,) the staff and volunteers remained helpful, upbeat, and fun- which really set the tone for the whole day and kept everyone in good spirits. Once again, I had a wonderful time meeting and getting to know so many other fans of the franchise, seeing some incredible cosplay, and admiring the work of local artists who had set up booths throughout the hotel’s designated “Walker Stalkers” areas. I controlled myself when it came to purchasing merchandise this year (it wasn’t easy, trust me- but I’ve got a trip to California and Las Vegas to plan for), but I’ve definitely added some things to my wish list for next time.

The “Walker Stalkers” conventions have grown in size and popularity, adding dates in London and even creating a ‘Walking Dead’-themed cruise set to sail to the Bahamas next January- which is pretty amazing for something that is still pretty new in comparison to other conventions that have been around for years and years. I’m very happy and proud of everyone involved for the success- and again- I highly recommend checking one of these conventions out if you’re a fan of the comics/show(s)/video games/etc. It’s a blast and you won’t regret it!


June 2013: In a Nutshell.

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If I could describe June 2013 in one word, it’d definitely be “frenzied”. Work, my cousin’s high school graduation, The Rolling Stones show, attempting to soak up the sun in between running errands and plotting out plans for July, and a Walking Dead-filled day in NYC (I’ll get to that in a few minutes)- I felt like I rarely held still for more than a couple of hours at a time. As much as I like keeping busy and staying active, I’m looking forward to some rest & relaxation in the coming month. I have a couple of weekend getaways planned with friends that I’m excited for. Of course, I’ll have my camera with me (I always do) to capture all the good stuff.

Frenzy aside, I also took a great personal leap forward in June by choosing to share my story about my struggle with panic attacks & Hyperventilation Syndrome, a disorder I’ve been recovering from and that I’d been keeping mostly to myself for close to two years now. I received feedback: on here, on Twitter, and other forms of social networking- and I’m truly touched by the support and kind words. I feel more in control, stronger, and above all else- hopeful- with every day that passes.



To close out the month of June, I headed to NYC yesterday to participate in the Wizard World Comic Convention, which was going on from Friday ’til tonight. For the past few years, I typically attend Rock & Shock, the horror movie convention held in my hometown every October- but I’ve never been to anything quite like this before. The entire Basketball City Facility in the Lower East Side was filled wall to wall with artists, celebrities, vendors, people in elaborate costumes, and fans. I had met up with my friend Ali who was also attending to spend the day checking things out, and apart from the lack of air conditioning in the building, resulting in uncomfortably stifling, sweaty conditions- we had a good time and met a lot of fun, interesting people:







The highlight of the day was by far being able to hang out and goof off with some of the cast of “The Walking Dead”- Norman Reedus (who took my no-holds-barred personality in stride, made me blush something fierce, and completely cracked me up), Michael Rooker (who only encouraged said no-holds-barred personality and who also completely cracked me up), Danai Gurira (MY GIRL-CRUSH), Laurie Holden (breathtakingly beautiful. Absolutely stunning in person), and Chandler Riggs (total sweetheart.)

Despite the heat and what I can only describe as exhaustion, everyone seemed to be in good spirits and didn’t miss an opportunity to crack jokes or answer questions. Such an amazing group of people who made the day an experience I will cherish forever.

“The Walking Dead” cast weren’t the only people we saw: Stan Lee, Patrick Stewart, James Marsters, and the Fonz himself, Henry Winkler- among a few others- were also milling about:


At the end of the day I was a tired, sweat-covered, frizzy-haired mess- but I couldn’t stop smiling. Even now, 24 hours later, I’m just so grateful (and still a little shocked!) for how wonderful the day turned out.

I also scored some cool stuff to take home, including autographs, a special edition of the first “Walking Dead” comic book, and a dress I’ll be showing off in an entry later on this week.:



After grabbing dinner with Ali, I was walking- with a spring in my step- back to where I’d left my car, and I happened to glance up at the Empire State Building. I had to stop and take a photo. I couldn’t think of a better way to cap off the night than with a beautiful display for marriage equality: