POPSUGAR Must Have Box: March 2017.

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It’s that time of the month again- the time when I get what I can only describe as “Christmas in a crate” and my POPSUGAR Must-Have box arrives at my doorstep. Despite still being in cleanup mode from Winter Storm Stella rolling through my neighborhood a few days ago and downing power lines, clogging up the streets and generally causing an overall mess for everyone and anyone- getting my Must-Have box definitely brightened my mood and lifted my spirits.

If only it could help with my shoulder and back pain from shoveling so much.

Anyway- let’s take a look at what I got!

It doesn’t feel like it this week- but Spring really *IS* right around the corner. Keeping that in mind, POPSUGAR ultimately tried to make their March collection as festive as possible. This month’s themes/inspirations were: SPRING FEVER, PLAYFUL, TRAVEL, NOSTALGIA, CARNIVAL and SNAPSHOT.

It sounds like an unusual combination- but I promise- it worked!

I have about 120 pictures stored away in my phone and on my laptop that I’ve been on the fence about where and how to place them around my home, so when I received this adorable photo album from Kate Spade (a brand I loooooove)– I knew my problem had been solved. I’m already in the process of organizing the pictures I’m going to place in here- 95% of them being photos of my dog, Oliver- and I plan on leaving it on my coffee table for my guests to flip through when they come over!

I wasn’t sure how the “CARNIVAL” theme for March’s Must-Have box was going to be incorporated until I spotted this bag of cinnamon-churro flavored marshmallows from SmashMallow. Gluten-free and made from all natural ingredients like 100% organic sugar- these things taste pretty incredible and definitely give me a local fair/circus vibe.

I checked out SmashMallow’s website and I’m already dying to try their toasted coconut & pineapple marshmallows. Best. Snack. Ever.

The item I had received a spoiler for via POPSUGAR’s e-mail alerts was this creamy highlighting stick (for the eye area) from Thrive Causemetics. I was previously unfamiliar with the brand, but since receiving my Must-Have box- I’ve done a little more research into them- and I am obsessed.

This brand is not only vegan and cruelty-free- but with every product purchased- they donate one to a woman battling cancer and/or domestic violence. Having previously worked in cosmetics long before my career in law and insurance- I can tell you that something as simple as a swipe of new lipstick or mascara can brighten a woman’s day when she’s going through a hard time. I love that this company keeps that simple pleasure going strong.

Perhaps my favorite item in March’s Must-Have box- I am head over heels in love with this see-through pink/coral cross-body bag from Stephanie Johnson. I’m waiting for the warmer weather to start using it because it has a very Spring/Summer feel and look to it- but it’s going to come in handy on those days I’m traveling light and just want something small and simple to keep my essentials in.

And I’m sure the plastic material is going to be pretty nifty on rainy days. You can just wipe it off and go!

A while back, POPSUGAR had sent me a bright yellow and blue plastic lunch box- a similar size to this one- that I used constantly, and while that box is still in good enough condition despite multiple washes and me being clumsy more than once and dropping it- I’ve been looking for a replacement to bring to work. This watermelon patterned lunch box (made from a heavier material and a little more durable) from Sunnylife is so cute I can barely stand it.

I love simple, adorable designs like this!

Finally- POPSUGAR included a couple of vouchers in March’s Must-Have box. The first (and I blocked out the code to prevent theft)– 20% off of an order from Smash Mallow (hello, toasted coconut and pineapple marshmallows!) and the second, a $25 gift card to Velvet Eyewear! Now, VE’s sunglasses are admittedly a bit on the pricier side- but they do have a “Trends” section that has some more reasonably priced glasses where this card can be applied. I have a feeling I’ll be treating myself this weekend!

Overall, March’s Must-Have box was another hit. I loved everything I received and thought it all went perfectly with the theme/inspirations for the month. I’m so thrilled with POPSUGAR for this one!


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