The Perfect Fit

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If you Google “late bloomer” at any point in the immediate future, there’s a 99.999% chance that a photo of me between the ages of 17-19 years old will pop up in all my awkward, fumbling, semi-unsure and insecure glory. I am the personification of the term- having spent my early and mid-teens almost completely oblivious to the opposite sex, trying and typically failing to adjust and flatter what felt like never-ending changes to my figure and body type- and often displaying one of the most immature and depraved senses of humor (okay, so that hasn’t changed much, but…) while other girls my age were mostly developed and nearly adjusted to their body types at the time.

Once I hit 19/20- adulthood and womanhood abruptly hit me like a truck. I was working full-time, was more career-oriented, was traveling the country (and overseas!) and noticing guys a lot more. My body had seemingly developed overnight as well- with the bust that had so alluded me throughout puberty and the majority of my teens finally making an appearance- which in turn caused some guys to notice me more, too.

I digress. Throughout those volatile and hormone-fueled years- one of the biggest struggles for me was finding a normal bra that fit me properly, was comfortable, and didn’t cost a small fortune since I was prone to growth spurts. One A-cup bra that fit my tiny frame one week would be cutting off circulation to my shoulders the next month when I suddenly shot up to a B-Cup without warning. I often relied on sports bras to get me through the days so I wouldn’t get stabbed by a rogue underwire or constantly have to adjust the straps to function- but they were also pretty unsightly when I needed some support for more formal events like my prom or graduation, for example.

And if I needed something to give me a boost in the bust for special occasions? Then you know those silicone “chicken cutlet” inserts came out. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, ladies. We all tried them and we were all equally disgusted at the end of the night when we finally removed them from our bra cups- sticky and sweaty after hours of pressing up against our chests. Don’t be ashamed. I think I still have mine somewhere. I fully intend to explain them to my future grandchildren someday when they ask me about weird fashion trends women my age participated in back in the day.

Bye bye, sports bras and silicone inserts.

Now that I’m in my 30’s, it’s become a LOT easier to find bras that meet my needs and ones that are the correct size. I’m still in the B-cup range- and given that my diet/exercise/lifestyle has remained pretty consistent throughout the years- my figure hasn’t changed too much. But I have friends and I know other women whose bodies and lifestyles have changed- sometimes drastically- and they are in need of some assistance when it comes to finding new bras that give them the support and comfort they depend upon to go about their daily tasks without distraction. Pregnancy and childbirth, gaining and/or losing weight, and various forms of birth control or medications can cause changes to a woman’s breast size significantly- and you may need to get fitted for some new brassieres sooner than you think…

… Especially if it’s been a long time since you’ve had a proper fitting.

Enter ThirdLove, a company that believes that every woman should have the perfectly-sized, comfortable and high quality bra of their dreams without the frustration of being incorrectly sized or the hassle of having to constantly readjust it. With memory foam cups, silky smooth overlay and a variety of styles to discreetly accommodate any wardrobe choice- ThirdLove is confident you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a bra. That’s how comfortable they are designed to be and that is perfect for someone like me who typically has a busy schedule and doesn’t need anything else to worry about during the day.

And if the idea of getting sized in a department store or at Victoria’s Secret intimidates you (and it’s totally okay if it does)– ThirdLove has a unique “Fit Finder” on their website to help you better determine your bra size and provide a style recommendation that they think would suit and benefit your preferences based on your answers. The company also offers a “Try Before Buying” option where they will send you a nude-colored and brand new, never before worn bra that matches your results that you can try for free for 30 days. If you love the bra- keep it and ThirdLove will charge you the retail value. Don’t love it? You can return and/or exchange it for free!

Eager to get the word out and change the bra-buying game, ThirdLove was kind enough to provide my female readers with a promotional code should they want to splurge a little on the company’s bras, cute undies, lounge wear or their plush robes. Enter “TLSPRING10” at checkout and get 10% off of your entire online order!

Treat yourself. Treat your friends. Just have fun with it! You deserve it, Queens- each and every one of you!


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