POPSUGAR Must Have Box: January 2017

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Good Morning and Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a phenomenal weekend. I’m still recovering from celebrating Saturday night’s Patriots victory- but that’s another story for another day. Before I head off to my office to start another busy work week, I wanted to share what I received in my first POPSUGAR “Must Have Box” of 2017- which arrived a few days ago via USPS.

For those of you who may be new to these types of posts from me, allow me to explain. I was previously enrolled in three monthly subscription box services that I would thoroughly review each and every month. In mid-2016, in an attempt to save myself some money and better budget my finances- I opted out of two of the services and remained enrolled in the one I liked best- POPSUGAR’s “Must Have Box”.

What I love most about the “Must Have Box” is that it isn’t limited to one particular thing/type of product, but instead incorporates all sorts of luxury items each and every month- ranging from beauty, food, home decor, fashion & accessories, books, etc. etc. You never really know what you’re going to get until you open it- so it’s a lovely surprise every month!


Every month, the items in the box revolve around a selected theme/inspiration- which is detailed (along with descriptions and price points for each product inside the box) on a postcard. January’s items, for example- were inspired by the words NEW, FRESH, DETOX, MOTIVATION, HEALTHY and REVITALIZE.

It sounds perfect for a new year, doesn’t it?

Let’s take a look at what I got!


The first product I picked up from January’s “Must Have Box” was this lovely tin of peppermint loose leaf tea from Dean & DeLuca. While I’m very much a coffee bean type of girl- I have been slowly but surely trying to incorporate more tea into my diet as a means to cut back on those espresso-withdrawal headaches and late-latte shakes/jitters. Peppermint is one of my favorite flavors, too- so I’m sure I’ll be enjoying this shortly!

Side Note: I checked out Dean & DeLuca’s website to see what else the brand had to offer- and I’m gonna’ need an order of their Champagne Biscuits Roses De Reims as soon as possible.



At work, I am pretty much a note-taking fiend. I’m constantly jotting things down, writing myself reminders, scribbling down thoughts/times/numbers/etc. so receiving some inspirational stickies from Happy Notes to decorate my (or my co-workers’) desks with was a fun treat. Each note features a cute pick-me-up message and a little decorative doodle on it to help break up the repetitiveness of each day.

Dibs on the “Fiesta Time!” one, though. That has me written all over it.


And the award for the most amazing scented candle ever goes to… When I first unwrapped this soy candle from Glade and caught a whiff of it’s warm, coconut fragrance- I immediately thought of my last trip to San Diego and couldn’t help but grin. This affordable (and you best believe I’ll be buying more of these!) jar candle seriously smells so lovely- and it’s such an unexpected but pleasant fragrance to have around my home during these chilly months.

I swear, I feel a little warmer every time I light it because it just takes me back to my last weekend at an ocean-side paradise near the Pacific!


At $85 a bottle, this acid resurfacing peel from GOLDFADEN MD SKINCARE might be one of the most expensive products I’ve ever received in a POPSUGAR “Must Have Box” and I’m very intrigued by it’s super effective- but still gentle on the skin- description. The combination of Lactic acid and Multi-Fruit Enzymes are supposed to provide some serious exfoliation while simultaneously smoothing out the complexion, fine lines/wrinkles, pores and imperfections.

Given how tough the Winter is on my face- I’ll be giving this a try in the coming days. Who knows? It might even make my January Hits List near the end of the month if it works well enough!


Of course, if I’m going to be using a peel on my face- I’m going to need to keep my hair away from my skin and eyes- and this wrap towel from Daily Concepts is definitely going to come in handy! I’ve had a couple of similar towels like this in the past, and they are terrific and very helpful- especially when applying masks or makeup. I have a lot of curly, unruly hair- but the microfibers in these towels helps reduce frizz and fly-aways while it gently dries my ends and scalp.

Best of all? it doesn’t budge once you wrap/tuck it into place- so you don’t have to do that weird and uncomfortable head-tilt maneuver while you’re getting ready to keep the towel from falling off and ruining your progress.


I actually got a new yoga mat in a POPSUGAR box last year, and I’ve been using it a lot lately- so this slip-proof and absorbent towel from Manduka is the perfect add-on to cover my mat when I go to get my stretch on and start to sweat but don’t want to slide all over the place while I’m trying to hold my balance.

I’m not exactly graceful by nature, so anything that can help keep me steady (and dry) is always appreciated!


Like post-it notes, I also rely heavily on calendars- and this floral calendar/notecard pack from May Designs is a beautiful way to keep track of the days. Each card/month features a colorful hand-painted flower pattern, plenty of space on the back to jot down important dates/times- and comes with two plastic holders to keep the cards in place on your desk/tabletop.

I’ve been keeping this particular calendar in my kitchen- and the patterns definitely brighten things up!


Each month’s POPSUGAR “Must Have Box” usually comes with some additional online perks/coupons, as well. This month’s deal featured a 15% voucher off of any order from Dean & DeLuca (the code itself was digitally covered by me) which means I’ll be getting those Champagne Biscuits Roses De Reims after all!

Overall, I really enjoyed January’s “Must Have Box” and I thought each item I received fit the month’s theme/inspiration perfectly! It was a great collection to kick off a brand new year with- and if this is any indication to the quality POPSUGAR is going to put into their boxes for the remainder of the 2017- I’m very excited to see what’s next!


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