GLOSSYBOX: May 2016 Review.

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I’ve been a loyal subscriber to GlossyBox for a few years now, having first opened up my account back in the beginning of 2013 when the company collaborated with blogger Man Repeller for a special curated box. I had been so pleased and impressed with everything that I had received that I couldn’t wait to see what would come the following month, and the month after that- and the month after that.

And now, just a little over three years of samples, coupons, and reviews- my relationship with GlossyBox has sadly come to an end. I still think very highly of the service, and recommend it to anyone looking to test out new products from different brands- but for me, it was starting to get a little stale. There’s only so many black eyeliners and rose-hued lipsticks a girl can need/want- and coupled with my new budgeting plan for 2016- it was finally time to sever ties and bid a fond farewell to my very first beauty box subscription.

Last month’s box, which arrived free of charge since I cashed in my accrued GlossyDOTS (collected by answering survey questions about the samples received in past boxes)– arrived right on time- however I only recently finished trying everything out.


Adore Cosmetics Cellmax Elite Facial Serum

RITUALS Cosmetics Shower Foam in ‘Zensation’

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Super Curling & Lifting Mascara

NIOXIN System 3 Cleanser & Scalp Therapy Conditioner

TALIKA Photo-Hydra Day


Product # 1: Adore Cosmetics Cellmax Elite Facial Serum ($749.95. Yes, really.)

Have you ever held something in your hand that was so obscenely expensive that you had a mild panic attack at the very thought of dropping it while you clutched it in your sweaty palm? WELL DO I HAVE A PRODUCT FOR YOU TO TRY. This is Adore Cosmetics’ facial serum- and it’s price tag is one of the most bonkers things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. For just under $750 for a full-sized jar, I wanted this serum to make my face look the way it did when I was seven years old. I’m talking giving me my flawless elementary school skin. If I’m spending what could easily be a month’s rent- then I want miracles.

Well, after using this serum for a few days- morning and night- I gotta’ say it’s pretty awesome. My skin has been significantly brighter, clearer, softer and smoother. The difference is really, really noticeable- and a little goes a long way- so I’ll be milking this deluxe sample for as long as possible.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! Listen, if food, shelter and clothing were not a necessity- I would buying this stuff in bulk. While my skin doesn’t look the way it did while I was in elementary school- it still looks and feels great- and that’s good enough for me. This serum seriously packs a punch and I’m going to be sad when I’m left scraping this little jar for the last bit of it!


Product # 2: RITUALS Cosmetics Shower Foam in ‘Zensation’ ($15)

I’d received a full-sized RITUALS shower foam in a past GlossyBox before, which I had really enjoyed. The fragrance was divine- and the foam-on-contact aerosol can made for a mess-free shower experience. This miniature version, with a different scent that still smelled light, fresh, clean and only a little floral- was just as good. It left my skin feeling truly cleansed and moisturized throughout the day- and I personally loved how conveniently-small the canister is. This would be perfect to travel with since it beats the drying and over-perfumed hotel room bar soaps or body washes any day.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I looked at RITUALS website, and it seems they do have these smaller-sized containers of shower foams available for sale- which means I can stock up for my upcoming travel plans (and keep one in my gum bag for my post-workout shower, too.)


Product # 3: Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Super Curling & Lifting Mascara ($24)

Speaking of travel-sized necessities- I love receiving small tubes of mascara because for me- they never go to waste. I always use them up before they expire, they’re more convenient to carry with me, and the fact that they’re free isn’t a bad deal, either. I also love Benefit Cosmetics- so getting to try a tube of their Roller Lash mascara was really enjoyable for me.

This mascara had a really unique shaped brush which helped coat my lashes evenly and without any clumping or flaking. Theproduct definitely lengthened my lashes- although I didn’t really notice any difference in how they curled up (but mine tend to do so naturally, so that might be why)– but this stuff stayed in place all day and well into the night, even when it was getting hot and humid outside- without giving me the dreaded raccoon look by the time I got home.

Would I Purchase?: Maybe. I liked the longevity of this mascara, and I liked how it lengthened my lashes- but there was a certain “wow’ factor that was missing that I usually find in my Tarte and Too Faced mascaras. This one is nice for sure- but I’m not 100% sold on it.


Product # 4: NIOXIN System 3 Cleanser & Scalp Therapy Conditioner ($49 for kit)

I was unfamiliar with the brand NIOXIN prior to receiving these two samples of shampoo and conditioner- but apparently the products are designed to aid those with thinning hair. Since my hair is pretty thick and curly naturally, I had a feeling I wouldn’t see much of a difference- but decided to try these anyway for the sake of a review. Despite being for chemically-treated hair- both products are loaded with sulfates and hard-to-pronounce artificial ingredients- so I went easy on the usage as to not strip my red.

Both the shampoo and the conditioner smell STRONGLY of mint (and getting a little in your eyes is not a fun experience- trust me), but while the shampoo didn’t lather up all that well and didn’t make my hair feel any cleaner- the conditioner worked well enough at de-tangling my curls and softening my scalp. I just needed to use a lot of it to work through my hair. By the time I was done, my hair didn’t look or feel any different in terms of thickness. It looked about the same.

Would I Purchase?: No. I can’t say for certain if this product would work wonders for thinning hair, but for me- it was okay. My hair didn’t feel particularly clean after I used the shampoo, and I needed a lot of the conditioner to get my curls soft and manageable. The overpowering mint fragrance didn’t really help much, either. I’ll pass on this stuff.


Product # 5: TALIKA Photo-Hydra Day ($49)

I’m always a little weary when it comes to trying serums/oils/moisturizers from brands that I’m not too familiar with. I have sensitive and combination skin- and one unusual ingredient or too much added perfume and my face turns into a war zone of bumps, blemishes, and redness. I’d never tried TALIKA products before- at least not any that I can remember easily- but this lightweight, anti-aging “plumping” moisturizer seemed tame enough.

While this product does have a little bit of a fragrance to it- which kind of reminded me of the beach for a reason I still can’t quite explain- it was harmless on my face. It softened my skin, and even brightened my complexion a bit- but I didn’t necessarily notice any changes to the “plumpness” or firmness to it. It was just a nice, lightweight daily moisturizer that I didn’t mind having within reach after I washed my face.

Would I Purchase?: Maybe. If you’re looking for something to seriously firm, tighten, or tone your skin- this might not be the perfect product for you- but it’s a decent daily moisturizer to apply in the mornings before my makeup- which is a nice, convenient thing to have in the Summer. Really the only thing that’s still got me on the fence about this product is the price point- since $49 is a lot to spend on something that doesn’t do every single thing it’s supposed to, after all.

My final GlossyBox consisted of two YES (“YASSSS”) products, two maybes, and one definitive no. Not the best assortment of items- but also not the worst, either.

I’ve had a lot of fun with the company- and I recommend them to anyone who is looking to try new beauty products every month for a reasonable price- but I needed a break.


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