GLOSSYBOX: February 2015 Review.

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February marked the second month in a row that I’ve received my GlossyBox earlier than expected- even with the snowstorms slowing down mail delivery to a crawl! I was thrilled, especially when I saw the cute, Valentine’s Day themed design of the box’s exterior and all the pink and red products packed away inside. While February’s Ipsy Bag consisted primarily of makeup products, GlossyBox covered the bath/shower end of the spectrum this month- featuring a body wash, a bar of soap, and a shampoo.

With the products being a mix of both full-sized and deluxe sample sized, I was impressed right away with the overall value of February’s box- but of course, I had to see if I’d actually like everything I was sent.

What I Received:

Julep Nail Polish in “Hartleigh” (*Full Size!*)

Teadora Nourishing Beauty Bar

Royal Apothic Tinties Lip Butter in Pink (*Full Size!*)

Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner

RITUALS Yogi Flow Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil Foaming Shower Gel (*Full Size!*)



Product # 1: Julep Nail Polish in “Hartleigh” ($14)

I’ve always been a sucker for a little bit of sparkle, be it in my jewelry, my clothing, or my makeup- so when I saw this glitter-packed lacquer from Julep (with tiny heart-shaped pieces mixed into it-) I couldn’t wait to try it out despite Valentine’s Day being over and done with. This formula can be used by itself (as pictured above- where I applied two coats,) or as a top coat over other polish. While it dried quickly and has yet to chip or smudge, this lacquer was actually kind of a pain to apply. As glittery as it looks in the bottle, the sparkle doesn’t transfer onto nails quite as well without a lot of dabbing and re-dipping into the container.

Would I Purchase?: No. I really like the overall formula of Julep polishes, which are long-lasting and richly pigmented- but I don’t think I’d run out to re-purchase another full-sized bottle of “Hartleigh” right away- not only because this one will undoubtedly last me a long time, but because applying it was a a bit of a hassle. I think I’ll stick to some of the other available colors that glide on smoother, instead.


Product # 2: Teadora Nourishing Beauty Bar ($5 – $12)

Upon opening February’s GlossyBox, I immediately smelled the sweet floral fragrance from this travel-sized bar soap from Teadora with ingredients derived from Brazilian rainforests. Although I’ve been quite content with my all-natural and locally produced soaps throughout the past couple of years, I really liked how clean and firm this bar made my skin feel. I wasn’t left with any residue on my skin and more importantly- I wasn’t left feeling dry and/or itchy after I’d rinsed and dried off. As strong as the fragrance of this soap was in the box, nearly enveloping everything packaged around it- the scent didn’t linger on me for too long- fading a short time after I’d gone about my day- which was a bit of a shame because it smelled really fresh and clean.

Would I Purchase?: Maybe. In all honesty, I don’t see myself running out to scoop up multiple bars of this soap because I absolutely HAVE to have it or anything. I liked it well enough. It cleansed my skin, wasn’t over-drying. and smelled nice- and I think if I came across this while I was traveling, I’d purchase a couple since they would come in handy as opposed to lugging around bottles of body wash in my bag(s). Plus, they’d make everything in my luggage smell nice, too!



Product # 3: Royal Apothic Tinties Lip Butter in “Pink” ($14)

I was nearly ready to bury my head in my hands when I saw yet another pink gloss in a beauty box, but the cute tin it came in almost won me over all on it’s own. This lightweight balm- a bubblegum hue with buildable coverage- hydrated and softened my lips significantly after it was applied, but the longevity- as is the case with most balms- left a lot to be desired since it faded within the hour and multiple re-applications were necessary. I think this product is great for a quick-fix if your lips are dry and you need a pop of color on the go, but if you want something that lasts a lot longer than just an hour or so at the most- then you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Would I Purchase?: No.  While I definitely appreciated the soft, buttery feel of this balm- and the unique packaging- I need color and results that will last longer than what I got from this product.


Product # 4: Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner ($34.95)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this “cleansing conditioner,” which I used to replace my shampoo like the directions instructed me to do. This product was lightweight, didn’t seem to have much of a fragrance (not one that I could really detect, anyway,) and didn’t lather up like my usual shampoo when I attempted to massage it into my scalp and down to the ends of my hair- but oh what a difference I felt when I combed and rinsed it through! Not only did my hair feel squeaky clean- not stripped dry- but this product softened and untangled my curls dramatically. I usually dislike shampoos/shampoo substitutes that don’t lather up on my hair, but this was great- and after looking into the product a little more- it turns out it’s actually great for my color-treated curls!

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I’d actually pick up a full-sized tube of this product for when I travel, since it acts as a richly hydrating shampoo that both thoroughly cleanses and conditions my hair in a matter of minutes and would help save some space in my suitcase. I love that it’s free of harmful, drying, and color-fading ingredients and truly makes my hair look and feel fantastic.


Product # 5: RITUALS Yogi Flow Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil Foaming Shower Gel ($15)

My favorite product included in February’s GlossyBox was this rich and heavenly scented body wash from RITUALS. Packaged in a shaving gel style aerosol can, this product foams on contact with the skin and lathers up nicely when water hits it. After massaging it over my skin and rinsing, it leaves my body moisturized, ridiculously soft- and lightly fragranced for hours. I’ve found myself getting addicted to how it makes my skin feel, the way it smells, and it’s mess-free application. No soapy residue is left behind in my shower!

Would I Purchase?: Yes! This is such a lovely and luxurious body wash. I’d definitely re-purchase another bottle(s) in the future, and will probably pick some up for a few of my friends, too!

February’s GlossyBox was split right down the middle- with two products I really liked, two I didn’t much care for, and one that I wasn’t swayed either way by. Overall, however- with the value of the box taken into consideration and it’s presentation- I was quite impressed. There have been months in the past where I’ve almost considered canceling my subscription because of shipping issues or just the lackluster quality of what I’d been receiving at the time- but lately GlossyBox has been knocking it out of the park with their product selections and greatly improved shipping, and I’m really hoping they continue with that tradition in the coming months!

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