Support The Arts! “I Could Never Love Anyone…”

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I know that many of you are either recovering from your respective post-Thanksgiving food comas, or are about ready to collapse after a scary-early-morning of Black Friday shopping/avoiding being trampled to death (I was too busy enjoying my precious, precious sleep)– but while we’re still in the spirit of being thankful, family-oriented, charitable and festive- I wanted to shine a spotlight on an artistic endeavor that needs a little support.

I am an avid supporter of the arts, particularly dance and theater. Having studied ballet for years, and with numerous friends heavily involved in performances and productions across the country- I do my best to offer whatever attention, praise, or finances I can to make sure that their passion and their work is able to continue on and attract/connect with wider audiences.

I am also a firm believer in supporting fellow redheads, so when Katharine Pettit of NYC reached out to me to discuss her new endeavor, “I Could Never Love Anyone…” I immediately knew I wanted to help and spread the word.

A synopsis of the show, in Katharine’s own words:

“I COULD NEVER LOVE ANYONE… is a new dance theater piece that tells the story of three sisters struggling with addiction. Told entirely through my choreography and the powerful R&B music of Mr. Hudson and Wiz Kilo, we’ve had two presentations of the work so far. Last October, as part of The Emerging Artist Theater new work series, and this past May I produced and put on a Benefit at the Hostel International NY where we gave a sneak peek of upcoming new vignettes from I COULD NEVER LOVE ANYONE… and raised money to donate to New Hope Manor in upstate NY which focuses on the treatment of women fighting addiction.

The title comes from “Little Women” in which Jo declares she could “never love anyone as much as she loves her sisters”. I began this piece as a way to work through my own grief and pain over my sister’s addiction and now the piece has grown to help and illuminate the issue for the millions who suffer every day in silence, not just the addicts, but their loved ones, afraid of the stigma attached to this disorder.

The next incarnation is set for February 2016, and I’m expanding the piece, hiring more dancers and, therefore, need more rehearsal time and space. I’m searching for funding to pay my dancers, secure rehearsal space and the fees due for the Lighting Designer and House Manager at the Green Space Take Root Initiative in Astoria, NY where we’re booked February 19&20. Costumes and props will also play a bigger part in this iteration as well as Graphic Designs which will support the storytelling throughout. “


The story hits close to home, as I’ve lost three childhood friends to their addictions over the course of the past two years.

Katharine and her team are so, so close to reaching their set goal of $7,500 before the December 5th deadline- but they still need that extra bit of help. Please, if you’re able- donate what you can by CLICKING HERE. It’s truly for a wonderful project and message. Every bit helps- and a breakdown of what your money goes towards is there at the link for your review!

Thank you, everyone- and enjoy the rest of your Black Friday!

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