Quick Eats: Feta and Caramelized Onion Puffs

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So if you’re like me, you’re probably looking for a way out of the sugar high/sugar crash downward spiral otherwise known as the days following Halloween- where any and all extra candy that wasn’t deposited into the Trick-Or-Treat bags of costumed little kids (and some not costumed and just plain sneaky adults) is being devoured by you and anyone you live with during random intervals throughout the day. Who knew Kit Kat bars were such a delicious addition to breakfast? (I knew, but that’s besides the point.)

Once you’re ready to put down the miniature Milky Ways and Snickers and begin eating real food again- I have a quick, simple and tasty transition to help you ease your way back from chocolate-induced coma to a much more satisfying and slightly saltier appetizer.




* 1 package of miniature fillo shells (you can find pre-packaged shells or the dough to make your own in the frozen baked goods aisle at your local grocery store!)

* Feta cheese

* 1 thinly-sliced Vidalia onion

* 1 teaspoon of caramelized onion sauce

* 1 tablespoon of salted butter


1, Preheat your oven to 350°

2. Using a baking pan or muffin pan, line up the fillo shells. Be sure to keep a little bit of space between the shells so that they aren’t touching and can bake evenly.


3. Using a saute pan or frying pan, melt the tablespoon of butter and saute the onions until they are a golden brown.

4. Using a regular bowl, mix the sauteed onion slices with the teaspoon of caramelized onion sauce. Make sure the slices are evenly covered and coated.


5. Fill the fillo shells with the feta cheese, and top with the coated sauteed onion slices.

6. Bake the shells and toppings in the oven for 8-10 minutes or until the outer edges of the shells appear to be slightly darker and crisp.

7. Let the baked puffs cool for 1-2 minutes, and then try to stop yourself from cramming all of them in your mouth at once.


It was seriously love at first bite with these things, and I can’t get over how easy and quick it was to prepare them. They’re salty, crunchy, and satisfying- and the recipe will definitely come in handy the next time you’re in a pinch for time and need to make something mouthwatering to serve guests (or to just serve yourself!)

I think I’ll be breaking out this recipe again for Thanksgiving!

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