August 2015: In a Nutshell.

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Back in July, when I had said August was going to be a very busy month for me- filled with adventures, conventions, concerts and catching up with old friends I hadn’t seen in a while- I wasn’t kidding one bit. This past weekend marked the first couple of days in what felt like quite a few weeks where I deliberately made no plans or commitments just so I could rest and recharge in the comfort of my bedroom (and in a long overdue bubble bath,) before bidding farewell to the month- and the Summer- and welcome in September!

But before I get into pumpkin spicing everything that crosses my path and pulling my scarves and sweaters out of their designated storage bins in a frenzy- proper respects must be paid to August. I hit the ground running from the moment the month began- kicking things off at Boston Comic-Con (which seems fitting since I ended the month with last weekend’s ‘Walker Stalker’ convention,) and reuniting with my long-time friend Steven- which led into a wonderful night at the House of Blues where I watched an incredible performance from Brandon Flowers.

Me creeping up behind Steven at Harvard University - August 2015.

Me creeping up behind Steven at Harvard University – August 2015.

I enjoyed the final weeks of scorching hot temperatures and spent a considerable amount of time outdoors in the sunshine in August- hiking, going for long walks through cute downtown areas in Western Massachusetts, photographing some abandoned places (while scouting for new locations to shoot in the Fall,) hanging out at the beach- and just driving around aimlessly with my friends with our car windows rolled down. I took in a couple of Summer blockbusters at the local movie theaters and discovered some recipes that re-ignited my love of cooking/baking (I have a few more “Quick Eats” posts lined up in the coming weeks!)

I also drew inspiration from the 70s’-inspired Fall fashion trends that have been gracing magazines and storefronts as of late, as well as from a recent experience at a local fondue restaurant I hadn’t tried up until then- to put together a themed party in the approaching cooler months for a group of my friends and colleagues. I’m still sorting out the details (and I’m truly grateful for the people who have stepped up to offer insight and help!) but I can’t wait to share everything once it’s in order!

So what’s in store for September? While the coming month will be considerably more relaxed than August was, it still marks the beginning of my favorite season of them all- and I have a few things planned to celebrate- from a bit of travel, to some Autumn-inspired recipes, and fun Fall fashion finds (say that four times fast.) I do also plan on squeezing in as much beach time as I can out of the next couple of weeks before it gets too cold to hang out by the coast- and the annual end-of-the-season Seafood Festival in New Hampshire is swiftly approaching- so I’ll be able to stock up on beachwear for next Summer, as well as discounted jewelry and my favorite all-natural soaps  (expect a haul post, is what I’m saying.)

All in all, August was tremendously fun and frenzied (in a good way!) and although I’m sad to see Summer slip away, I’m very excited for September- and especially October- but I don’t want to get ahead of myself!

‘Til next time!


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