“Your aura is purple!”

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On occasion, I hear about places and things to do that are so unique and so unlike anything I’ve ever seen or done before that I don’t hesitate to grab my bag, my camera, hop in my car- and go check it out for myself. I love trying new things and exploring unfamiliar territory that it’s like a rush of adrenaline to just get up and go.

This past Saturday, I did just that- catching an early morning train into New York City for a day trip that put me right in the middle of Chinatown. My reason? To have my aura photographed and explained/evaluated to me in detail at Magic Jewelry on Canal Street.


I believe in many things (I’m beyond fortunate to come from a very diverse family and have very diverse friends- all of whom practice different beliefs and all of whom I’ve learned many different things from,) so I approached Magic Jewelry- tucked away between massage parlors, nail salons, and souvenir stands- with an open mind. I was buzzed into the small shop where I was greeted and given a cup of really good green tea by a friendly older women while the other lady working attended to a group who were there for the same reason as me.

My photograph only took a few minutes to snap. I was seated in a little corner of the shop and told to rest my hands- palms flat- on two metal slates at my sides as I looked into the camera. While I waited for my photo to finish developing, I caught a glimpse of some of the photos taken of the other people who were waiting inside the shop with me and noticed that each one was very different from the next in terms of colors and intensity.

The photo of mine is above, and it’s very, very red! I was given a summary of the past three weeks- including things I’ve been concerned with and things I’ve been feeling (which was both remarkably and eerily accurate since I offered no information about myself leading up to it!) as well as predictions for the next three weeks. From there, I was given more tea while I perused the shop’s assortment of available crystals, charms, and jewelry- none of which were pushed on me- which was much appreciated!

I was pleased with the overall experience. It was new, different, exciting, and enlightening. If you ever find yourself in Chinatown and you’re looking to have an interesting experience- I recommend checking Magic Jewelry out!


With my aura photograph tucked away safely in my purse and the sky opening up to make way for what proved to be a beautiful afternoon, I spent the next few hours walking around Manhattan and window shopping. I did stop to refuel at The Hummus & Pita Company/The Juice Shop on Broadway where I picked up a chicken, brown rice, and Moroccan bean pita and a smoothie that were made fresh (and were super tasty) before I opted to head back home for the evening before it got too late.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a Saturday. I’m going to be back in NYC with friends within a couple of weeks (for one of my friends, it’ll be his very first time there!) so it’ll be nice to spend more than a few hours hanging around town for a change.

And depending on how accurate the prediction I was given for the upcoming three weeks turns out to be- maybe I’ll take him to have his aura photographed, too.



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