May 2015: In a Nutshell.

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Under the Boardwalk - Old Orchard Beach, May 2015.

Under the Boardwalk – Old Orchard Beach, May 2015.

Happy Sunday, everyone! I’m stretched out by my window and enjoying the breeze as I type this right now, being unapologetically lazy before I head out for a drive (and to get some tea) this afternoon!

I can’t believe tomorrow marks the first day of June (which also means that we’re nearly halfway through 2015!) I had mentioned earlier this month how Spring came and went in the blink of an eye this year- only leaving behind a lot of pollen in it’s wake- before New England was fully enveloped in Summer. The days are longer and hotter, the beaches are already getting packed with people- and throughout May I ate more than my fair share of delicious BBQ at family cookouts- an indulgence I’m sure will continue well into the next three months or so.

I definitely spent a lot of May enjoying the outdoors. taking long drives and hikes throughout places like Concord, Hampton, and Old Orchard Beach (as well as around the city, too!) and making more outdoor plans for the coming months. I saw a couple of shows throughout the past few weeks when I wasn’t working or doing the aforementioned minor traveling- and I’m continuing to see and feel great results with my diet and healthy eating regimen (I’m actually ready to buy a new bikini!)

In June, I have more travel planned- including a couple of stops in NYC and a possible adventure in San Diego (if my schedule allows for it!) As for my blog content- I’ve perfected some more recipes I’m excited to share, and will FINALLY be putting up my personalized guide to Boston (I know I’ve been working on it and promising it since as early as April, but I kept getting sidetracked!) as well as some other posts I’ve been drafting that have unintentionally fallen to the wayside amid all my busy-ness at work, frolicking around on the weekends, and succumbing to seasonal allergies.

I’m excited that the pollen will (hopefully) be washed away with some impending Summer storms we’re supposed to have in the coming days- because I’m ready to stop sneezing and get back to writing, my photography, and posting more often. Although the first *official* day of Summer isn’t until June 21st- it’s already here as far as I’m concerned- and I couldn’t be more thrilled!


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