Quick Eats: Carol’s Cookies

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It’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks, the season five finale of “The Walking Dead” will air and undoubtedly bring a week’s worth of misery following it’s ending (after an extension to 90 minutes instead of just it’s usual hour-long time slot.)

It’s been a bizarre season thus far, to say the least- and one I will pick apart following the finale once I’ve wrapped my head around whatever direction it looks like the sixth season will be heading in- but one thing I’ve enjoyed immensely is watching the character development of former battered housewife turned bad ass assassin turned even more bad ass spy Carol Peletier over these past few episodes. This season has, without question, belonged to Carol and her rise to leadership and full-on “Flawless Queen” status (right alongside Michonne.)

In a recent episode, Carol- playing possum while trying to feel out the new community of Alexandria and it’s residents to determine whether they are friend or foe- sweetly shares a cookie recipe with the head of the community’s pantry in which she supplements eggs with applesauce.

The good folks over at AMC, knowing that people might want to try this in their own kitchen, put together a helpful recipe card for quick reference- and having done a post inspired by the “Walter Mitty” clementine cake not too long ago- I decided to make my own Carol Cookies and share the results!


The only part of the recipe I changed was the 1/4 cup shortening (because I find it gross,) where I substituted butter, instead.

The cookies baked incredibly easy and tasted surprisingly delicious- like crispy chocolate chip cookies without the actual chips in them. I plan on making these again for the finale, and might even wear a hideous floral printed cardigan when I do- just like Carol.




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