Legally Redhead Loves Rocksbox!

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I love jewelry. All kinds- and the bolder it looks- the better. On any given day I can be found wearing chandelier earrings, or unique pendant necklaces, or brightly colored and sparkly bangles. I never shy away from costume jewelry and typically reserve my classier, minimalist pieces for special and/or formal occasions.

When a representative from Rocksbox, a fairly new jewelry-centric subscription service, reached out to me to see if I wanted to try their monthly box (free of charge!) for a little while- I jumped at the chance. When I was told that generosity would be extended to my readers- I was elated.

For $19 a month, the team over at Rocksbox select a few pieces of designer jewelry they’d think you’d love based on the results of a quick survey you take at their official website. Using your answers to determine your personal style preferences and gaining insight from the wish list you can create at any time by browsing and picking/choosing some of the jewelry they have available- they send you three pieces for you to try and wear for as long as you’d like! From there, you have the option of purchasing any of the pieces you want to keep in your collection forever, or returning one or all of the pieces using the free, pre-paid shipping label provided to you in exchange for 1-3 more pieces to try!


The three pieces I received in my first box!

Each set is well-made and worth an average of $200 all together, and the service is quick and convenient for those who want to try different jewelry styles without necessarily making the commitment that comes with a purchase.

On top of all that, for every month you’re subscribed to Rocksbox, you get $10 to spend towards any of the jewelry pieces you received and want to own. It’s a nice little way to treat yourself from time to time!


If you’d like to try Rocksbox free for a month, sign up and enter the promo code “ashleydelargexoxo” at checkout! From there, you’ll immediately be able to curate your wish list while Rocksbox puts together an introductory box specifically for you!

The promo is good until 4/12/15, after which it will allow new subscribers to get 50% off their first box (instead of free,) so be sure to take advantage of my promo code now!

The staff at Rocksbox are really friendly, very helpful, and prompt with their responses should you have any questions or concerns at any time- and of course, I can do my best to assist anyone, too. Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail (!



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