Snowed-In Spa Day

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I don’t know how much more of this snow I can take, you guys. It seems like since I returned home from my weekend getaway to San Diego near the end of last month- it has just been one catastrophic snowstorm after another. The most recent one has all but crippled the city of Boston- resulting in our subway system and commuter rails shutting down as of last night, multiple flight cancellations, state-wide school closures and driving/parking bans while emergency cleanup teams scramble to clear the roads and get rid of snowbanks that have gotten to be dangerously high with all the accumulation over the past couple of weeks.

And we’re still expecting more snow later on this week!

Our Governor has declared a state of emergency across Massachusetts- which means that with the exception of taking my dog out or going outside to shovel- I’ve mostly been confined to home (I don’t think I’ve worked a Monday or a Tuesday since before I left for California. The storms keep happening on the same days!)

Now, I love playing video games or binge-watching shows and movies on Netflix as much as the next person- and Sunday night’s return of “The Walking Dead” helped to momentarily distract me from going stir-crazy- but I like being outdoors. I like hiking. I like being able to get in my car and go for a ride somewhere, anywhere- and not being able to for days at a time has me going just the teeniest, tiniest bit bonkers.



To try and take the cabin fever edge off, I had myself a “Stay At Home Spa Day” with some of the newest additions to my bath products collection, as well as some leftover stuff from the holidays. The pampering consisted of a 15 minute manicure to touch up my digits and a long, hot soak in the tub with February’s NYLON Magazine (featuring the wonderful Anna Kendrick on the cover!) and the most recent bath truffle from Fortune Cookie Soap’s “Game of Thrones” inspired collection – “Joffrey Dies at the End,” which was wonderful- and made me smell like a pastry.

I definitely felt more relaxed by the time I was done. Relaxed enough to face another impending storm, anyway- although I think I might need to stock up on more bath bombs/melts as soon as possible to hold me over until Spring.

If Spring ever gets here, of course!

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