GLOSSYBOX: October 2014 Review.

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I know it’s hard to believe that I managed to squeeze in reviewing my October GlossyBox in between all of my adventures and posts- but I pulled it off. I received the box a little earlier than usual, which was a pleasant surprise, and with three full-sized items and two deluxe-sized samples- this time covering the full beauty box spectrum of skin care, hair care, cosmetics, fragrance, and nail-related products- the overall quality of the box made it’s unexpected arrival even better.

What I Received:

Proganix Repair Reparative Oil + Anti-Breakage (*Full Size!*)

Tarte Power Pigment in ‘Flush’ (*Full Size!*)

Vince Camuto ‘Amore’ Perfume

SESHA Skin Therapy Cell-White Brightening Mask

nails inc. ‘Westminster Bridge’ Matte Top Coat (*Full Size!*)


Product # 1: Proganix Repair Reparative Oil + Anti-Breakage ($11.99)

What on Earth did I ever do before I introduced oil into my daily hair care regimen? I cringe to think back to the days of frizzy fly-aways and unmanageable split ends. Moroccan oil, Argan oil. It works wonders and now that I’m hooked, I don’t think I’ll ever look back. I was excited to try this product, lightweight and loaded with Vitamin E, after my shower each morning before I headed to work. Not only does it smell lovely, but it makes my hair soft, sleek, shiny, and smooth. Frizz is tamed effortlessly and my curls are hydrated without looking or feeling greasy, crunchy, or weighed down the way some other products can leave my strands after use. I’ve mostly been using this oil on it’s own, but on days when I need a little more hold- I add another product like a curl cream/serum or sea salt spray, too.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! This oil worked really, really well. It conditioned and styled my hair without a messy application or leaving behind any kind of greasy, sticky, or flaky residue in my curls or on my scalp. It’s great by itself or mixed with other products. Best of all is the price. $11.99 per bottle is beyond reasonable for something that works this good and doesn’t require a ton of oil per use (a little goes a long way!)



Product # 2: Tarte Power Pigment in ‘Flush’ ($24)

Even though I don’t use many Tarte products, I’ve always been a fan of their pigmentation and their packaging. This twist-up lipstick, antioxidant rich and in a bold reddish-pink hue, applied smoothly and kept my lips hydrated- however the longevity wasn’t up to par when compared to other Tarte lipsticks I’ve tried in the past. It didn’t take long for this product to fade and feather away off my lips. It did leave behind a stain, but the tint didn’t appear even and wasn’t able to be left alone on it’s own (and even made my lips appear slightly-chapped looking,) so multiple reapplications were needed throughout the day to keep the color in place and vivid. It was inconvenient, to say the least.

Would I Purchase?: No. While I thought the color was pretty and and flattering against my skin tone- and the formula was pleasantly moisturizing- the $24 per tube price tag isn’t justified seeing as how this product didn’t stay on nearly long enough for me to consider re-purchasing it in the future. I’m better off sticking to my Urban Decay lipsticks, which pack the same amount of pigment and hydrating benefits but last 10x longer.


Product # 3: Vince Camuto ‘Amore’ Perfume ($78)

Firstly, how cute is this little bottle? This perfume arrived in a mini-version of the full-sized bottle, same fancy topper and all. Now, I’m unfamiliar with this particular fragrance, but it’s described on GlossyBox’s website as: “Floriental Fruity, a radiant lush floral with sparkling fruits and sensual, lasting back notes,” whatever that means. I definitely detected a lot of floral in this perfume- but hardly any fruity notes at all. It was just a strong flowery scent with maybe the faintest hint of spice. Overall, it wasn’t bad- appropriately heavy for the Fall/Winter- and it lasted all day, from morning through well into the evening.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I really liked this perfume. It was nice, strong, and it’s staying power packed a punch. I could easily see myself purchasing a full-sized bottle in the future to get me through the colder months since this scent is more potent and not for the Spring/Summer where more light, crisp fragrances are in style.


Product # 4: SESHA Skin Therapy Cell-White Brightening Mask ($9)

I held off on using this mask right away, opting to save it for a day when my skin was in a desperate need of a brightening pick-me-up. As it turns out, that day, and more specifically- early morning- was fairly recently after a night of five/six hours of restless sleep. My skin looked dull, drab, and dreary, and no amount of cleanser or moisturizer could save it. I tore this individually packaged mask open, hoping for a miracle before I braved my office. Before I get into the results- I have to ask- why are these things made SO big? I completely understand that not everyone has the same shaped face, but I also don’t believe I know of anyone- past or present, living or dead- that has/had such a large head that this size mask would be appropriate or convenient. This thing was enormous on me to the point where it was uncomfortable since I had to keep readjusting the slits cut open for my eyes and mouth so I could see and speak normally while it worked it’s magic. SESHA, please, just make them a little smaller. Just a little.  Just so they stay in place.

Anyway, after swimming in this thing for about 15-20 minutes, I peeled it off and gently dabbed at the excess product that hadn’t quite sank in around my jaw and hair line to find skin that looked and felt considerably brighter- and tighter! There were no reactions, no excessive drying, or the opposite- breakouts. My skin just felt refreshed and stayed bright-looking all day. I looked as though I’d almost- ALMOST– gotten enough sleep.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! Despite the unusual sizing of these masks, they really do work wonders and I’d gladly pick up more for those days I need to give my skin a little extra TLC or for when I travel and need to rejuvenate my complexion after a long flight or change in climate/temperatures. At $9 per mask, the price isn’t half-bad, either. A handful of these are enough to last for a couple of months since they’re only needed every so often and aren’t intended to be used on a daily basis.



Product # 5: nails inc. ‘Westminster Bridge’ Matte Top Coat ($10)

I think it’s safe to say that my makeup look this Fall has been all matte- all the time. Matte eye shadow, matte lipstick, and matte finishing powder. Even without the sparkle, my complexion and makeup has looked flawless and even, dare I say it- radiant. I shouldn’t have been surprised that the trend would extend beyond the face by now. This top coat from Nails, Inc. is said to give even the shiniest of nail lacquers a velvety texture. I chose the above neutral shade from Essie, which had a regular glossy finish- and applied the top coat shortly thereafter. Within minutes, the sheen was gone and was replaced by the matte look. It was actually pretty neat to see, and it’s been a couple of days with no signs of chipping- so it does work as an excellent and protective top coat, too!

Would I Purchase?: Yes! This is a really cool alternative to use for those who want a unique matte nail look but don’t want to buy a bunch of bottles of matte colors. This top coat seals in the shade and can transform pretty much any polish in just minutes. I’m a big fan and would absolutely re-purchase this in the future when I run out of the full-sized bottle I was provided in October’s box.

With the exception of the Tarte lipstick, I was quite pleased with October’s GlossyBox. There was a good variety of products with great value, which is all I really need when it comes to beauty box subscription services. I discovered a couple of new, exciting brands I’ll definitely be checking out more within the coming months- and I’m looking forward to seeing what I receive in November!

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