Ipsy Bag: October 2014 Review.

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Since early September, I’ve been fully immersed in all things Fall- from fashion to the foliage- so when October’s Ipsy bag arrived, a bright, glossy teal that was reminiscent of Summer shades- I was a bit surprised. As it turns out, October’s theme is “Beauty Candy,” meant to be colorful and eye-catching. This month’s products covered skin care and makeup- and with the exception of one sample I received- was a great collection of items.

What I Received:

Épicé International Purifying Exfoliant

MicaBeauty Mineral Eye Shadow in ‘Reluctance’ (*Full Size!*)

Starlooks Lip Gloss in ‘Guilty Pleasure’

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream in ‘Mango Mandarin’ (*Full Size!*)

Doll 10 Beauty H2Glo Highlighter in ‘Champagne’


Product # 1: Épicé International Purifying Exfoliant ($32)

When it comes to skin care in subscription boxes, one of the things I most like to receive samples of are scrubs and exfoliants. I’m always on the hunt for a nice, gentle facial scrub that will smooth my skin and clear out my pores without drying me out with harsh chemicals or scratchy seeds. This creamy textured exfoliant from Épicé, with a light, refreshing and clean scent- gently sloughed away dead cells from the surface of my skin and helped get rid of any bacteria lurking in my pores. The results were smooth, soft skin and a visibly brighter complexion. This isn’t a daily scrub, either- it’s only meant to be used every few days- which means you won’t have to continually replenish the $32 full-sized bottle on a weekly basis- which is always a good thing to hear.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I loved that this scrub wasn’t loaded with perfumes or drying and damaging ingredients. I achieved great results with only a couple of uses and with only a small amount of product per each use. The scrub is gentle and effective- and a little goes a long way. I’d definitely splurge on this in the future.



Product # 2: MicaBeauty Mineral Eye Shadow in ‘Reluctance’ ($14.95)

I do not have the best of relationships when it comes to loose powder eye shadows. A lot of formulas I’ve tried in the past crease like crazy, have no pigment at all, or end up everywhere on my face EXCEPT my eyes by the end of the day. I took a look at this green/gold shadow when I first opened my Ipsy bag, thinking the color looked pretty at first glance. Then I dipped my brush into it, closed my eyes- and hoped for the best…

… And I was pleasantly surprised! This shadow applies with incredible ease- with no flaking or creasing. The color is true to how it looks in the container, a beautiful and subtle-shimmered ivy green with flecks of gold throughout it- and it stayed in place on my lids all day without fading at all. I received so many compliments on this particular shade, too- which complimented my blue eyes and my recently refreshed red curls. The photo above is before I blended the shadow with a shimmery brown I have in my collection.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I absolutely loved the longevity of this shadow, it’s pigmentation, and how easy and mess-free it was to apply. I’ve been wearing ‘Reluctance’ non-stop, but I’ve already started picking out other shades to purchase in the coming weeks because I’m so smitten with the quality of this product.



Product # 3: Starlooks Lip Gloss in ‘Guilty Pleasure’ ($12)

Can I just take a moment to get something off my chest when it comes to beauty subscription services? I am sick- BEYOND tired- of receiving the same safe, boring rose-hued lip glosses. I get that companies want to send out universally flattering shades- but some of us out there want to try something bold and different to mix up the drab, redundant colors we’ve already stored from past boxes and bags. Give me a daring red! A deep plum! Hell, I’ll experiment with navy blue- but please, PLEASE- no more rose shades. I’m begging you.

My exhaustion with the color aside, I wasn’t a fan of this gloss from Starlooks. It applied easily and evenly enough- with a nice vanilla/honey-esque scent and no stickiness- but it didn’t last long at all. I’d say maybe 10-15 minutes after I’d applied it, and it was already coming off of my lips- and that was before I’d even had my morning coffee. I’ll stick to my current Fall trend- a neutral matte lipstick.

Would I Purchase?: No. Even if I had liked the color, this gloss didn’t last nearly long enough for me to want to go out and purchase a full-sized tube of it. I need something that is going to stay in place a little longer than this since I can’t continuously stop to re-apply it.


Product # 4: Figs & Rouge Hand Cream in ‘Mango Mandarin’ ($6.56)

In past beauty boxes/bags, I’ve received Figs & Rouge’s lip gloss- which I am a big fan of. I haven’t had the opportunity to try their hand creams until now, however- so I was pretty excited to receive a full-sized tube of this product. Despite getting the ‘Mango Mandarin’ scent, I couldn’t help but think this cream smelled a little bit like bubble gum. Was it just me? Or am I going crazy? Anyway- the formula is nice. It absorbed into my hands quickly without leaving behind any kind of residue, which meant I could resume what I was doing before application- and my hands and cuticles stayed soft and moisturized for hours. The only downside to this product is that the full-sized tube is actually quite small, so if you tend to go through hand creams as often as I do- you may need to stock up on a few of these at a time so you won’t run out.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! The quick absorption was the selling point for me. This cream is thankfully grease-free and works wonderfully. I’d buy lots of these tubes (and would probably give some as gifts, too!)


Product # 5: Doll 10 Beauty H2Glo Highlighter in ‘Champagne’ ($30)

Lately, my go-to Fall look has been the above-mentioned neutral matte lipstick, subtle color on my cheeks, and soft greens/golds/browns on my eyes. I decided to implement this creamy highlighter into the mix, too- by adding a touch along my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, and along my brow. Despite minimum application, the results were really noticeable. My skin looked like it had a beautiful, healthy glow, and the best part is that the highlighter didn’t fade or budge for hours- so I didn’t have to constantly keep touching it up throughout the day. I think this is a great must-have for any makeup collection, especially since it’s perfect for year-round use.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! This highlighter wasn’t too light, too dark, or too shimmery. It gave me a natural glow with just a couple of quick swipes. I anticipate this nicely sized sample will last me a while for that very reason, so I would definitely purchase the full-sized compact when I run out of the one I received in my bag.

With the exception of the lip gloss, this month’s bag was a hit for me. I really enjoyed the products I received- and discovered a couple of new brands I will be experimenting with more in the future!

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