Loot Crate: October 2014.

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I’ve been subscribed to Loot Crate for nearly a year now, and I enjoy the assortment of items I receive more and more with each passing month and with every theme. Since October is my favorite time of year, I was really excited for this month’s Halloween/horror-themed “FEAR” box- which arrived earlier than expected last week and still has me grinning from ear to ear with delight. I feel like I say it every month when it comes to Loot Crate, but this might very well be my favorite box to date (really! I really mean it this time!)

First of all, the box in itself features some fun, zombie-themed artwork- which was pretty cool to see once I unloaded the contents of my box- which I’ll get to now!


October’s mini-magazine was really interesting for two reasons: one, the 3-D cover (glasses included!) and two, the interview with the man behind my favorite life-ruining franchise himself- “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman. Also featured in the mini-mag was the usual break-down of the items included in the box, fan photos, and a quick Q&A with artist JSalvador– who drew an original print for October’s collection.

And, of course- this month’s crate included my monthly collector’s pin (and some sour candy!)



If the internet- and the world in general- collectively loves one thing: it’s cats. And if you’re like me and you love Halloween, then you have a fondness for the morbid and macabre, too. This super soft and really flattering t-shirt from Super 7 combines the two- creating an adorably eerie skull design that is compiled entirely out of kittens. I recently stepped out in this shirt for the first time, and when I didn’t catch people leaning in a little too close for comfort to make sure their eyes weren’t playing tricks on them- I got a lot of compliments on it!



I’m spending this Halloween in New York City where I’ll be attending a “7 Deadly Sins” themed party. The dress code calls for all black, which is all well and good- but Halloween just doesn’t feel like Halloween without a little fake blood. Just a little. Thankfully, Loot Crate came to my rescue with these temporary tattoos. I’ve shown a great deal of restraint in not applying them all, at once, in various locations on my body- but I’m thinking the vampire bite one will make a nice accessory to my party dress for the big night.

And since I’ll be traveling to NYC by train, I’m bringing along this “How to Survive a Sharknado” manual to read on the way. Although I’ve learned a great deal about surviving Sharknados by watching Ian Ziering in action- I’m unfortunately not as prepared for other natural disasters or creatures like Antdemics, Boaricanes, Piranhacondas or Robocrocs. This book has me covered (and it’s hysterical!)


It takes a lot of talent to take one of the most heartbreaking scenes in ‘The Walking Dead’s TV history and make it adorable- and even a little funny- but artist JSalvador of SuperEmoFriends pulled it off. I admittedly cackled when I first saw this print, which I plan on keeping in it’s plastic wrapper and proudly displaying on my currently under construction “Walking Dead” wall space. R.I.P. Merle!



Pens in my office seem to have a bad habit of disappearing on a regular basis. Maybe it’s because I lose track of them when I’m in full-blown work mode, or maybe it’s because my co-workers and I tend to use the same types of pens and therefore just take each other’s without malicious intent- but either way- it’s frustrating. I don’t see that being a problem now that I have this Sledgesaw Hammer pen inspired by Capcom’s “Dead Rising 3.” I highly doubt anyone in my office can use the “I thought it was mine” excuse should this one go missing.


Lastly, I was beyond thrilled to receive this alternate-covered copy of issue #132 of ‘The Walking Dead.’ The  cover art, drawn by Charlie Adlard, is really kick-ass. As much as I would love to tear this beauty out of it’s packaging and read away- I think I’m going to keep it in pristine condition. It’s just so cool to look at.

October’s Loot Crate also featured a digital bonus in the form of a gift card to obtain a “Jack the Reaper” skin for the game ‘Smite.’ I haven’t played (I’ve been obsessively battling it out in South Park’s ‘Stick of Truth’ as of late,) but I’ll be holding onto this for the future!

I cannot get over how great October’s box was. I do mean it, with all sincerity- that this one is by far my favorite (until November’s crate arrives, anyway!)

Can it be Halloween EVERY month?

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