Prepare for Takeoff…

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Well, it’s finally here. The costumes are packed. The props are prepped. My suitcase is by the door, and all I have to do is throw in my toothbrush in the morning before I dash out to the airport- and from there I will be en route to my week-long vacation- and San Diego Comic-Con! I’m excited, and giddy, and nervous all at once. Despite the fact that I fly fairly frequently- I still get a little jittery prior to takeoff. Luckily, I’m flying with Virgin America (for the very first time!) and I hear they’re a lot of fun. It also helps that I’m fully prepared for my flight and have my carry-on ready to go.

There was a time, in the not too distant past, where I would be the woman in line at the airport at 6:30 a.m. waiting for my turn to step through the security checkpoint in my six inch heels, a full face of makeup, and carrying a bag that was so weighed down with stuff I didn’t even need to bring on board that by the time we took off- my shoulder was throbbing from holding it up for so long.

I always wanted to step off the plane looking like I’d just come off a runway at Fashion Week- but I consistently never took into consideration how the high altitudes, cabin pressure, what I ate/drank on the plane, or simply falling asleep and unconsciously touching my fully dolled-up face while I snoozed would affect my skin, my hair, and my overall feeling of comfort and wellness. My flight would touchdown in whatever location I was headed to- and I would start towards the baggage claim- typically looking disheveled, sleepy, and feeling very hungry and/or dehydrated.

Thankfully, over time I’ve tweaked and developed a pre-flight and “carry-on” system that works well for me. My bag is lighter, I’m more comfortable during the flight, and when I get off the plane- I don’t feel like a frazzled, exhausted, cranky mess.

For starters, I dress a little more casual. Don’t get me wrong- wear what you like and what you feel good in, and if you can rock stiletto heels at the airport and you feel fierce as hell doing it- I say all the more power to you. But for me? I opt for sneakers or flats, looser fitting denim or yoga pants, and cotton t-shirts that are just a couple of sizes too big on me so they aren’t clinging to me for hours. This is especially helpful if I nod off during the flight. I can sleep in peace.

Since I typically fly in the morning, I eat a big breakfast before I leave my place. This prevents me from grabbing something unhealthy (and usually overpriced,) while I wait at my gate. If I have a coffee, I make sure it’s well before I reach the airport so I can get my caffeine kick without amplifying the cabin pressure induced skin dryness as the plane ascends.

I keep my makeup simple: BB creams or tinted moisturizers- products that will give me a little coverage, maybe even a subtle glow, and ample hydration without making me feel oily or look shiny. A little mascara. A little lip balm- and I’m feeling fresh-faced enough to fly.

Of course, I do bring a few touch-up items in my carry-on, which is what this whole post was initially about- what’s in my carry-on?

The Necessities:

My wallet, of course. I double check no less than ten times to make sure I have my license, my debit card, my cash, and yes- my Starbucks card.

My phone. I don’t usually keep my phone on, or even in airplane mode during a flight- but when I have a layover- it’s nice to have on me so I can send desperate texts of airport boredom to friends.

My camera. I’m not a shutterbug on the plane by any means, but I rarely leave home without it and I always like to have it close by in case there’s something worth documenting.

In-Flight Entertainment:

I’ve had my little green iPod for six years, I believe. It’s been with me wherever I’ve go, be it on a plane, on a train, in my car, or when I go for a walk. I like to load it up with new albums and podcasts prior to traveling to ensure I have hours worth of material to listen to.

Books & magazines [ not pictured. ] Although I don’t like spending money at airports, if my airline doesn’t offer a movie or some form of distraction- I’ll usually pick up a couple of magazines or an interesting looking book at the gift shop prior to boarding to pass the time if and when my iPod battery eventually dies out on me.


So even though there’s a water bottle in the photo, TSA guidelines prohibit people from bringing drinks or other large amounts of liquids from outside the airport through security, but once you’ve passed the checkpoint- you can stock up prior to taking off. I used to sip a Venti coffee during flights, but I noticed my skin felt extremely dry by the time I landed. Now, I grab 1-2 large water bottles and drink those during my flight, instead, to keep myself hydrated and refreshed.

When it comes to snacking, airline peanuts are all well and good- but I prefer something that will hold me over so I don’t go craving-crazy once I land. Granola bars or dried fruit always seem to find their way into my carry-on bag.

I can’t fly without having chewing gum- not only because I like having minty fresh breath at all times, but because the chewing sensation keeps my ears from popping in high altitudes.


It doesn’t matter if you’re flying to/over/through the tropics- airplanes are cold. As someone who is completely opposed to frigid temperatures, I always bring a cardigan or a light jacket with me when I fly. I’m currently loving my Captain America cardigan, courtesy of the fine folks over at HER UNIVERSE. This one is making the journey to San Diego with me- especially for Comic-Con!

I never leave home without my sunglasses, and my sunglasses never seem to come in handy more than they do when I’m trying to catch a nap during travel. These cat-eye shades are perfect for when I want to rest my eyes and don’t want the sun to disturb me while I’m up in the air.

Beauty Touch-Ups:

When it’s approaching time to land, I usually bust out a light brown/taupe eyeliner and highlighter pencil to quickly give my eyes a little pop of color and/or a much needed “pick me up” (especially if there’s been turbulence- in which case my mascara will almost certainly end up running down my cheeks and I’ll need to fix my face- and fast.)

I also bring a moisturizing lip balm with me to keep the cabin pressure from drying out and cracking my pout. For tomorrow’s flight, I’ll be accompanied by this pink Pixi balm- which I reviewed in my most recent Ipsy Bag post!

Dryness is a reoccurring theme when I talk about flying- and it doesn’t just affect my face or my lips. My hands and elbows can also get a little patchy after a lot of time up in the sky- so I always pack a small, TSA-approved tube of lotion or tin of balm to occasionally apply to problem areas so my skin is moisturized and glowing when I land.

All of these products are lightweight, will fit comfortably in my bag, and won’t weigh me down when I’m making my way through security, to my gate, onto the plane, and then to the baggage claim after I land. I’ll be able to rest easy and enjoy my flight knowing I have the essentials and some helpful products with me (and that everything else is stored safely in my luggage!)

And that’s what will be in my carry-on tomorrow morning! I’m planning on updating from California as Comic-Con gets underway, and will most certainly be sharing my completed costumes on here. I’ll also be frequently updating my Instagram (HERE) and Twitter account (HERE) during my trip!

See you all on the West Coast!


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