Ipsy Bag: July 2014 Review.

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July2014IpsyBag1 I was worried my July Ipsy bag would arrive while I was away in California, leaving me to scramble upon my return to dive into the five samples I’d been anticipating and was eager to try. Luckily, it came in last week- giving me ample time to properly use and review everything. July’s bag, themed “Sensationally Sunkissed,” arrived in a Barbie pink waterproof pouch- perfect to store smaller necessities to bring along to the beach or the pool! What I Received:

bareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in “Barely Nude”

Pixi Beauty Mini Tinted Brilliance Balm in “Unique Pink”

Pur~lisse Pur~protect Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

Models Own Nail Polish in “Red Sea” (*Full Size!*)

Clear Clinic Laboratories Vanished Clear Spot Treatment

July2014IpsyBag2 July2014IpsyBag3 Product # 1: bareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15 in “Barely Nude” ($18)

Apart from the ridiculously long name of this product, all of it’s benefits- including SPF protection, the ability to brighten my eye area, and stay put for 12 hours, among others- intrigued me. I’m currently using a liquid bareMinerals foundation for the Summer that I’m absolutely head over heels in love with, and thought this tiny vile of cream shadow would be a nice way to figure out as to whether or not I wanted to branch out into some of their other cosmetics, too.

First things first- the color of this shadow was nearly identical to the natural shade of my lids, making it hard to determine longevity or changes in “brightness” around my eye. My lids didn’t look much different than they had prior to application. I suppose if I was going for a natural, “no makeup” look, then this would be a nice product to use since it’s lightweight, easy to apply, and dries quickly- but personally I like to have a subtle hint of color. I will say, the texture did feel nice- not heavy or uncomfortable, even hours after I’d first put it on- but I wasn’t necessarily “wow’d” by this product.

Would I Purchase? Maybe. I think I’d like to try this product in a different, more noticeable shade where I would be able to better determine whether or not it stands up to it’s multiple beneficial claims and it’s $18 price tag. The color “Barely Nude” just fell sort of flat for me, and the main reason being that it didn’t show up on me at all.

July2014IpsyBag4 July2014IpsyBag5 Product # 2: Pixi Beauty Mini Tinted Brilliance Balm in “Unique Pink” ($14)

Where the bareMinerals cream eye shadow had left me a little disappointed, I was pleasantly surprised with this Pixi balm- which admittedly didn’t look too impressive in it’s twist-up tube at first glance. The color, appearing not even pigmented enough to show up on my lips- actually changed after a few glides, transforming from a barely there baby peach-pink into a nice pop of hot pink without being too overpowering or washing me out. It was subtle, but not so much that it looked like I was wearing just everyday, run-of-the-mill chapstick or clear balm/gloss.

Of course, the hydrating benefits of this balm are worth raving about, too. My lips felt so soft and smooth (not sticky or tacky!) after applying this product, and stayed that way for a long time- even after the color had faded away. If you’re looking for a lightweight, mess-free, subtlety colored lip balm to get you through the remainder of the Summer- then this is it.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! Between the fun color-changing aspect, the softening, smoothing effects this had on my lips, and even it’s cute container with an easy twist-up bottom- this was a hit for me. I’d definitely purchase a full-sized tube of “Unique Pink” in the future, but I’d also love to try other shades, as well!

July2014IpsyBag6 Product # 3: Pur~lisse Pur~protect Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 ($55)

In my current everyday skincare regimen, I use Clinique’s “Super Defense” moisturizer in the morning for it’s impressive SPF protection and to combat damaging free radicals and pollution I encounter throughout my day. I love the results, especially because it keeps my skin hydrated for hours on end- but sometimes it can feel a little heavy, like I’m applying a nighttime repairing moisturizer instead of a protective daytime one.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Pur~lisse products, but haven’t had the chance to try them (their semi-steep price tags haven’t helped matters, either,) so I was excited to finally get a chance to get my hands on a sample size of their moisturizing sunscreen to see if I preferred it to my “Super Defense,” especially in these hotter, more humid months when the last thing I want is to feel like I’m wearing a mask.

It didn’t take long for me to become completely smitten with it. The texture of the cream is so wonderfully light compared to “Super Defense,” and it makes my skin feel just as nice- maybe even better. Not only that, but I’ve noticed that even after a few days of using this- my face seems to have a natural, healthy glow to it (NOT shiny!)

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I would absolutely splurge on a full-sized bottle of this. It’s creamy, it’s hydrating, it’s loaded with good, skin-saving ingredients, and it doesn’t feel heavy on my face at all. It also didn’t interfere with my makeup application or make it look caked or creased. I think I’d switch over to this product for the Summertime, and save the “Super Defense” for the colder, harsher months. Also? It smells lovely- like an unusual but still pleasant mix of sunscreen and flowers- if that makes sense. I just really enjoyed it.

July2014IpsyBag7 July2014IpsyBag8 Product # 4: Models Own Nail Polish in “Red Sea” (£5.00)

When it comes to nail polishes/lacquers, it’s really, really hard to go wrong for me. My weekly manicure is something I look forward to after a long week at the office, and I love experimenting with unconventional, sometimes daring colors on my digits. This full-sized bottle of coral/red polish from Models Own was the first product I grabbed when I opened my Ipsy bag- although I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, since it’s consistency seemed a little gelatinous. I figured it’d make an interesting top coat, but opted to wear it on it’s own, first- just to get an idea of the color by itself.

Sure enough, this polish was a pain to apply- requiring three, more than gloopy coats to get a somewhat even texture on my nail. The glitter chunks stuck up, giving my tips a thick, rough feeling after the polish dried. The only good thing about this product was that the color was true to how it appeared in the bottle. If it hadn’t been so heavy and tacky- it would have dried to a nice, smooth coral finish.

Would I Purchase?: No. This nail polish was a hassle, and I wouldn’t even bother using it as a top coat to another, smoother polish, either- considering how unfortunate the finish was. I was disappointed with this product, and am in no hurry to try anything similar to it.

July2014IpsyBag9 Product # 5: Clear Clinic Laboratories Vanished Clear Spot Treatment ($35)

Despite my best efforts at maintaining a clear complexion, I am sometimes prone to the occasional blemish or breakout. It sucks, but it happens- and thankfully I’m handy enough with a makeup brush or a cotton swap to be able to cover up most pesky and unwelcome pimples.

I’m always open to trying new products, as most of you can probably guess by now- so when I saw this small vile of spot treatment in July’s Ipsy bag, I was quick to apply it to a couple of pre-PMS flareup areas I had around my chin and cheeks. The clear formula tingled- but didn’t burn- and thankfully didn’t dry out my skin or cause irritation despite containing menthol, glycolic and salicylic acids. The redness around the problem areas did seem to calm down shortly after application, but it didn’t rid me of the breakouts completely. Even still- I was grateful they were less noticeable and therefore easier to cover until they gradually disappeared on their own (see: after I scrubbed the living hell out of my skin in the shower.)

Would I Purchase?: Maybe. This is a handy product to have around when unexpected pimples strike, since it seems to reduce redness and irritation- but don’t count on it being a miracle “zit-zapper.” In my case, it didn’t get rid of the blemishes entirely, so I still had to carefully maneuver my makeup brushes/sponges to cover them- but it made it a lot easier. I think the one thing keeping me from committing and buying a full-sized tube is the $35 price tag.

Out of the five products I received in July’s Ipsy bag- two I loved, two I’m still on the fence about, and one I didn’t like at all. This month’s bag wasn’t a home run the way other, recently received bags have been, but it wasn’t terrible! Now to bring on July’s GlossyBox…

4 thoughts on “Ipsy Bag: July 2014 Review.

  1. Nice post! I wasn’t too thrilled about the color bb cream I got either, but I love the idea of it. Loved the pixie lip balm too !=)

  2. I was actually quite pleased with July’s ipsy, compared to June’s! My fave was the Pixi balm, I’ve been eyeing it for quite a bit 🙂 Do you know Vain Pursuits as well? I heard they’re similar to Ipsy?

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