Loot Crate: May 2014.

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May’s Loot Crate, after a minor delay, arrived yesterday afternoon, where it was feverishly opened before I even glanced at the rest of my mail. This month’s box, themed “Adventure,” a collaboration with various creative curators and gamers- might be one of my favorite crates to date. Oh, that rhymed. Look at that.

Instead of mailing out the traditional mini-magazine included in each box, Loot Crate opted to publish the pamphlet electronically, e-mailing it to subscribers days before their boxes arrived. In it was a a spotlight of some of the curators involved in this month’s box, as well as a brief history of the “Minecraft” phenomenon, a Q&A with the author of the “Peter’s Panels” web comic, and a nice nostalgic write-up about what makes “The Legend of Zelda” a timeless classic.


Of course, I received my “Adventure” themed monthly collector’s pin- but I also received this ‘Legend of Zelda’ inspired bottle opener key chain. My BFF4EVA, Sean, is one of the biggest ‘Legend of Zelda’ fans I know, and I’m having a crisis while I decide whether or not to give this to him as a gift- or keep it for myself because it’s just so damned adorable.


May’s crate included a soundtrack from the YouTube series, ‘The Friend Zone,’ which I’ve never watched but plan on checking out. Described as a “YouTube show centered around a bunch of friends and awesome guests talking about things going on today in geek culture,” the CD is apparently a collection of music from the show.

I also received two temporary tattoos inspired by YouTuber Markiplier, whose game-playing videos ALWAYS make me laugh- and while people outside the gaming/”Let’s Play” community may not recognize the pink mustache and glasses- these are actually really cute out of context and something I’d wear for fun.


In May’s crate, I definitely got my share of stickers, these two sheets featuring logos for the curators involved in putting together this month’s box. I’ll be giving these to my niece, who may not be old enough yet to understand YouTube- but definitely understands stickers and will surely find a place for these.


I don’t play ‘Minecraft.’ The temptation has been great, especially since a lot of my friends love it so much, but I haven’t given in (yet.) I received this cute, blocky hanging cow figurine in May’s crate, which will find a home with one of my aforementioned friends who collects little ‘Minecraft’ themed things like this.


I absolutely LOVE Funko figurines, and I fully admit I actually squealed a little when I saw this Adventure Time/Ice King tin in May’s box (with a little Gunter inside!) This is something I’m shamelessly keeping for myself, because I have about 10,000 uses for the tin, and the Gunter figurine will look rather cute alongside my collection of ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Winter Soldier’ Funko dolls I’ve been accumulating around my place.



And lastly, my favorite part of May’s Loot Crate: this exclusive typography-built Link t-shirt designed by Zen Monkey Studios! While I’m on the fence about handing over my ‘Legend of Zelda’ bottle opener to Sean- this shirt is absolutely and 100% mine (I’m wearing it right now!) It’s soft, comfortable, and fits perfectly. I love it!

I had so, so much fun un-boxing May’s crate, and I’m anxiously waiting for the announcement of June’s theme!

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