Where the Wild Things Are

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Back in January, I had gone to Roger Williams Park Zoo at my cousin Paige’s insistence. Even though it had been snowing/freezing rain most of that day, we had seen quite a few animals, and I had mentioned coming back in the warmer weather so that we could check out the rest of the park- including a couple of new areas that, at the time- were under construction.

Last weekend, I had given Paige the option of choosing a daytime destination as a belated birthday present since our schedules didn’t permit my planning something for her actual birthday a few weeks ago, and ever a fan of looking at animals- Paige once again chose the zoo. Above are some of my favorite pictures I snapped while we spent the afternoon walking around in the sunshine. Not surprising, more of the animals were out and about- including the kangaroos which were too adorable for words.

And now, with a beautiful three-day weekend ahead of me, I’m off to enjoy this wonderful weather (and maybe get some work and errands done. I can’t make any promises on that, yet!)

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