GLOSSYBOX: March 2014 Review.

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This past weekend has been a strange one. On Saturday morning, while heading down the walkway towards my driveway and my car, I slipped on a patch of ice that had accumulated when the melting snow pooled and froze overnight. Now, I’m no stranger to taking a tumble. I’ve lost my footing enough times to know what a sprained tailbone or scraped knees feel like- but this time, I fell forward onto my face. Luckily, I had the mind to put my hands out in front of me to try and break my fall, if only a little, but I still managed to successfully smash my mouth and nose off of the back of my hands- resulting in quite the nosebleed and the slight shifting of my two front teeth from the force of the impact.

When the blood was rinsed away and the initial shock wore off, I noticed a small gap between my front teeth that hadn’t been there before. In fact, I hadn’t seen that gap since I was 13 (the year I got braces,) and it’s unexpected return resulted in a call to my dentist and the setting up of a couple of appointments within the next couple of weeks for x-rays and procedures to fix the damage. I was briefly on a precautionary diet of soft foods only (i.e.- soup, pudding, and instant breakfast mixes,) but have since gone back to eating regular food as the swelling goes down and the cuts on the inside of my mouth begin to heal.

Mind the gap! A few hours after my initial faceplant- sans-blood everywhere.

Mind the gap!
A few hours after my initial faceplant- sans-blood everywhere.

Despite some soreness and general nervousness at the possibility of having to have any kind of surgery, even if it’s minor, I’m not without humor about the situation. I’ve been embracing my temporary Georgia May Jagger/Vanessa Paradis’ tooth-gap while I have it, and my friends (and my mom!) have been so good at keeping my spirits up. I’d originally had a date on Saturday night with Troy to see the new Muppets movie and get ice cream- the Muppets being my idea, of course, and the ice cream being his- and obviously that was postponed- but he was a good sport about it and unbelievably compassionate. I’m hoping to re-schedule soon.

My March GlossyBox arrived last Friday, and with a few quiet days at home as I recovered from my accident, I decided to make the most of my unplanned time off and have some fun with the products I received.



This month’s GlossyBox came with an extra surprise in the form of a beautiful bangle bracelet from Alex and Ani. I own two A&A bracelets, the “Aunt” charm from my niece, brother, and sister-in-law- and a skeleton key charm from my aunt and uncle. I love them both, and this swan charm will be a nice addition to the collection.


Alex and Ani “Scent 7” Soap Bar (*Full Size!*)

Alterna Haircare’s Bamboo Volume “Plumping Strand Expand”

Nails, Inc. Nail Polish in “Brook Street”

Sisley: Paris’ Black Rose Cream Mask

Etre Belle Cosmetics Anti-Aging Liplift Peel (*Full Size!*)



Product # 1: Alex and Ani “Scent 7” Soap Bar ($14)

Alex and Ani really went all out in March’s GlossyBox, first with the charm bracelet, and then with this full-sized bar of soap from their new “Scent 7” collection. I’m a sucker for pretty soaps, and this one was particularly luxurious- not only because of how nice it smelled (like the perfect combination of spices and a hint of musk,) but also because of how nice it felt on my skin. The bar lathered up nicely, made my skin feel squeaky-clean and conditioned without drying it out or leaving behind any kind of residue. The fragrance also stayed on my skin for quite some time after I dried off, which was nice. I love it!

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I think this is a great soap, and definitely something I’d like to keep next to my tub in the future. I also think this would make a lovely gift for any bath product aficionado because of it’s quality and price-point. I’d like to try more products from this fragrance collection.


Product # 2: Alterna Haircare’s Bamboo Volume “Plumping Strand Expand” ($22)

I’ve used Alterna Bamboo products in the past (specifically their ‘BoHo Waves” spray,) and loved the results, so seeing another product from the line that I was otherwise unfamiliar with was a treat. My hair is naturally pretty thick, so I wasn’t sure if the results this “plumping” cream was supposed to give me would actually be noticeable. I applied as directed, pinned my hair up, and let it dry overnight. When I brushed out my hair the following morning, my hair felt soft, and smooth, but didn’t look or feel particularly thicker. Although the results weren’t necessarily bad, this isn’t something I think I would need in my hair styling regimen.

Would I Purchase?: No. I think this product might be better suited for those with finer hair, as it could possibly thicken their strands better than it did mine- but I’ll stick to my usual products. The texture of this cream felt nice, not heavy- and it’s perfectly suitable for those with color-treated hair- but it didn’t “wow” me.



Product # 3: Nails, Inc. Nail Polish in “Brook Street” ($9.50)

Ah, Nails, Inc. We meet again- and this time- you’re in the most irresistible of shades. I don’t care if it’s not going to be Summer for a few more months- one look at this tropical pink/coral color and I had to have it on my nails immediately. I’m a big fan of the Nails, Inc. polishes I’ve received in my beauty box subscriptions so far- from their wide array of shades, to their finishes, and to the longevity of their formulas. This lacquer was no exception. I’m absolutely smitten with the color. Really. The photo above doesn’t do it justice.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I would definitely purchase a full-sized bottle of “Brook Street.” It’s so bright, fun, and Summer-y. I have a feeling I’ll be sporting this non-stop from June through August when I spend the majority of my weekends cruising the coast or running around on the beach and the boardwalk.


Product # 4: Sisley: Paris’ Black Rose Cream Mask ($158)

Yes, you read that correctly. A 2.1 .oz tube of this mask goes for $158 a pop. When I discovered that tidbit of information, I was almost afraid to open the tiny sample I received for fear that I would somehow destroy it before I had the chance to try it. When I think of face masks, I think of heavy clays, or painful peels (R.I.P. eyebrows,) but the Black Rose Cream Mask is applied almost like a moisturizer, left on undisturbed for 10-15 minutes, and then any excess is gently wiped off. I used the sample as directed, taking in the light rose fragrance of the mask as I applied it- waited the appropriate amount of time- give or take a few minutes- and then lightly tissued my face.

The results? There were none. My skin looked, and felt, the exact same way it had before I applied the mask. There was no noticeable smoothness, or softness. My skin wasn’t particularly hydrated more than usual. Even when I attempted a little more of the mask a few days later, I still didn’t see a difference.

Would I Purchase?: No. Are you kidding? Absolutely not. $158 is entirely too much money to be spending on such a small amount of product that gives me no better result than if I had applied a lightweight moisturizer, instead. Save the money you would have wasted on this dud of a product and spend it on a mask that actually works, instead.


Product # 5: Etre Belle Cosmetics Anti-Aging Liplift Peel ($18)

As it turns out, when you fall and smash your face and have to go to the dentist to assess the damage- your lips tend to end up a little cracked and dry at the end of the day. Who would have thought? It should come as no surprise that I was beyond relieved to get a lip exfoliator- with a convenient angled tip for a mess-free application- just in time to relieve my pout. Even after just one use, my lips felt so much softer and looked a lot less chapped. I also noticed that when I used this product and applied lipstick shortly afterwards, the color went on a lot smoother and stayed in place a little longer than usual.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I thought this lip exfoliant was fantastic, and a little bit goes a long way. This is one of those products I plan on keeping in my makeup bag at all times should I need a pre-lipstick prep or just a quick refresher for my lips in case they get a little rough during the day. This stuff really works, and it only takes a minute to use it.

Three products I loved, two I didn’t- and a beautiful bracelet to make up for said two samples that didn’t blow me away? Overall, I’d say March’s GlossyBox was a hit. I loved the variety in what I received, as well as the value (which was pretty incredible this month!) Keep it up, GB.


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