Ipsy Bag: February 2014 Review.

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How much did I love February’s Ipsy bag? Let me count the ways. This pink and pastel products filled pouch, with a Valentine’s Day-inspired theme, arrived just in the nick of time to lift my spirits in the midst of some serious snowy-slushy-frigid temperatures blues. The colors of each of the makeup and nail care items was like a little (and much needed) hint of Springtime, and with more than one full-sized product included- I definitely got my money’s worth.

What I Received:

Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Body Butter

POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini in ‘Peony Petal’

Eyetini Cordial Shadow + Base in ‘Ambrosia’ (*Full Size!*)

City Color Be Matte Blush in ‘Fresh Melon’ (*Full Size!*)

ZOYA Nail Lacquer in ‘Odette’ (*Full Size!*)


Product # 1: Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Body Butter ($15)

This body butter couldn’t have arrived at a better time. I’d recently run out of the little tube of hand lotion I kept in my purse for work/social events/etc., and quickly substituted this to soothe my dry, sore, winter-worn skin. Not only did this rich, non-greasy butter give my hands (and elbows!) immediate, long-lasting relief, thanks in part to the shea butter and almond oil it’s loaded with- but it smelled like Skittles/Smarties/insert-tangy-candy-here. I know that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoyed it. It was a very distinct, sweet fragrance.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! While I loved the scent of this particular body butter, I especially loved how soft and hydrated it made my skin feel. It absorbed quickly into my skin without leaving any kind of film or residue on the surface, and it lasted all day.



Product # 2: POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini in ‘Peony Petal’ ($16)

When I first opened my February Ipsy bag, my eyes were immediately drawn to the cute little tube of brightly colored lip gloss that is POP Beauty’s ‘Peony Petal’ Plump Pout. The gloss, a bright pink/coral, was highly pigmented, and the formula didn’t feel thick or sticky on my lips the way some other “pout-enhancing” glosses can. The only downside to such a nicely textured and colored gloss was the longevity. This is NOT an all-day wear product. I had to re-apply more than once, particularly after eating or drinking anything- but the finish was so nice that I didn’t really mind all that much.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! Although I would have liked this gloss to last a little longer, the overall quality of this product is really nice. I think it’d be perfect to wear for a quick, temporary pop of color- be it for a meeting, or a class, or just to have something on your lips for a couple of hours.



Product # 3: Eyetini Cordial Shadow + Base in ‘Ambrosia’ ($18)

Two things can happen when I use cream eye shadows. 1, the formula applies smoothly and evenly, is easy to blend, and lasts all day, or 2, the formula is thick, near impossible to blend, and creases or cracks in less than an hour. Luckily for me, this shadow fit into the first category. I applied this beautiful light purple (with a hint of pink and gold sheen) shadow all over my lids using the sponge wand applicator, and blended upwards into my crease using my fingertips. The color stayed put without fading or creasing all day and well into the evening, and it didn’t feel thick or heavy on my lids. It was lightweight and comfortable.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I’m confident enough in this cream shadow to say it’s something I would swear by. The color is beautiful (and a peek at the other available shades on the Eyetini website is tempting my inner shop-a-holic right now,) and the hassle-free application and staying power makes this a must-have product.



Product # 4: City Color Be Matte Blush in ‘Fresh Melon’ ($2.99)

At first glance, I was a little worried that this blush would make my pale cheeks look like they had more of a “radioactive flush” as opposed to a “natural flush.” The color doesn’t stray from it’s name. This is a pure watermelon pink with no shimmer or sparkle. I held my breath, swiped my blush brush over the compact, applied- and was pleasantly surprised with how easy this bright hue was to blend. By the time I was finishing contouring, my cheeks had a subtle, “just pinched” look to them- and the blush stayed in place all day. When I checked City Color’s website to see what other shades in this formula were available, I couldn’t believe the price point. $2.99 for the amount of product in the compact and the quality of the finish it gives is an absolute steal.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! I don’t know if I would purchase ‘Fresh Melon’ again, because although I did like it, it’s not a color I typically go to for a year-round look. I think I’d probably gravitate more towards  the ‘Papaya’ or ‘Guava’ tones I saw listed on City Color’s website since they appear to be a little more on the rosy/neutral side, which is more flattering for me. I loved the matte finish, however. It’s perfect for this time of year when I wear more makeup than I do in the Spring and Summer.



Product # 5: ZOYA Nail Lacquer in ‘Odette’ ($9)

I do declare that 2014 is the year of natural nails. It took what felt like forever for me to grow out my acrylic-damaged tips, but now that I have, the upkeep with my significantly shorter, rounded digits has been much easier and refreshingly pain-free. I actually look forward to painting my fingernails now, as opposed to before when it just seemed like such a chore- so when I saw this pretty purple polish (say that ten times fast,) in my Ipsy bag- I was really excited to apply it. ZOYA is quickly becoming one of my favorite nail polish brands, not only because of their incredible color selection and durability- but because their formulas of free of harmful chemicals.

Would I Purchase?: Yes! ‘Odette’ applied like a dream and dried quickly with a creamy finish. It’s such a lovely shade for Spring that I would gladly wear again and again.

I think the February 2014 Ipsy bag has been one of my favorites since I started subscribing to the service. I loved every product and would definitely purchase full-size/refills of them in the future. The makeup colors were bright, cheerful, and fun to play with- and the body butter and nail polish were great products to add for a little diversity instead of sticking with all makeup or all skincare samples, etc.

Well done, Ipsy!

2 thoughts on “Ipsy Bag: February 2014 Review.

  1. I love ipsy! For the March 2014 Glam Bag I received the bareminerals lipstick, the bora bora eyeshadow quad, the chella blue eye liner, and the vita liberata luxury tan. I absolutely love getting new makeup every month! The website itself is a lot of fun, and so is following ipsy on Facebook, there is a strong sense of community with other women that are also interested in makeup.
    Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Check it out here: http://www.ipsy.com/r/73vu

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